Their fingers laced together, the cool wet grass seeping through the blanket but they didn't mind as long as they had this moment together. The breezy night wind blew causing the trees behind them to rustle in the quiet night, the moonlight being the only light casting shadows off their faces. This was a complete bliss moment; to beautiful to be true but here they were laying next to each other staring up at the pitch black skies.

His words spoken so low that they were barely audible but Niall heard them and knew he wasn't just dreaming, but every time he hears them he can't help but think he lived in a fairy tale of some sort just in a sick twisted way, where things were backwards and both the princes ditch the castle and live happily ever after together.

"I love you too Zayn." Niall said turning over to press a small but loving kiss to the older boy's forehead, succeeding in aim but not satisfied with the little show of affection; Niall moved his lips down to Zayn's, His eyes analyzing every aspect of Zayn, he took one last moment to look over his perfect boyfriend. His hair down and relaxed unlike when he preps it up for public appearances, his eyes half closed in a sleepy haze, his moist lips parted slightly, and his body turned to the side also waiting for Niall to make the first move.

"Kiss me." Zayn practically purred moving forward, pressing their lips together in an impatient matter. He bit down softly on the Niall's bottom lip asking for entrance, which Niall hesitated at first but graciously granted. Zayn always took advantage of what he could have to fill in things he couldn't have, not that he wants to rush. It was just him being a teenage boy. His tongue exploring Niall's mouth, soon finding Niall's weak spots. Once he even made the younger boy moan, but Niall was better at controlling himself in vulnerable moments like now. Their lips moved together in a heated passion only to be dimmed down by Niall not wanting to go any further than an opened mouth kiss. Him being the first to pull away to regain breath, Zayn didn't mind the break but was quite disappointed at the lost of touch.

"You tired?" Niall asked so this bliss moment was completely over, gone, lost like every other moment of theirs. Zayn only ignored Niall's way of changing the subject and moved their heads back together, for a small kiss goodnight.

"Goodnight, see you in the morning."

Again Niall hesitated as Zayn stood up to leave, being caught off guard as Niall grabbed his hand in a way of stopping him.

"Well I was hoping that you crashed in my room tonight."

"Is that an invitation Nialler?" Zayn asked still standing up, with a smug look on his face as Niall rolled his eyes and nodded standing up with the help of Zayn's hand which laced his fingers in Niall's once again.

"Keep talking like that and I'll take it back." Niall laughed nudging Zayn in the side, but quickly apologized hoping he didn't hurt his fragile boyfriend. That night bliss happened… Complete bliss when two teenage boys are in the same bed, you could imagine exactly what happened, and could happen again.

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