Hey, So here's the smut you guys asked for! Enjoy Zaill Love!

Zayn and Niall had come to an agreement that they would at least try sex, and tonight was the night; the boys left them alone. Right now they were in Zayn's private library taking things to an extreme level.

Everything went crashing onto the floor from off the desk as Zayn bent Niall over it, pulling off his remaining clothes as he aligned himself up with Niall's entrance, pushing in slowly and gently. Niall cried out his body rejecting the new found pain, desperately trying to stay still.

In a way of comforting him, Zayn bent over and whispered in his ear sweet nothings. Niall began to relax his body, letting Zayn also move a bit; pulling out only to thrust all the way back in. Niall's finger nails dug into the wood surface of the desk, chipping the paint, his body moving with Zayn's thrust each time. Finally the pleasure began to replace the excruciating pain, a pleasure so good that it made Niall's knees wobble against the desk and he began pushing back to meet Zayn's thrust, increasing the friction.

A moan bubbling to the surface, satisfying his boyfriend and also giving him permission to take speed, his thrust becoming desperate and faster. Their sweaty bodies in sync with each other, complete bliss was taking over again as Niall switched the position in something more comfortable for the both of them and also giving Zayn more access. He thrusted in harder, hitting Niall's prostate causing the Irishman to pull forward as far as possible. His moan turning into something like a whine, Zayn automatically stopped pulling away to check if Niall was okay. The younger boy had hit his climax, it blinding his vision of a complete orgasm high, but coming down almost instantly a new sensation took over his body a numbing vibration. He seen that he had landed on the floor near the desk and was sitting completely bare, he wanted to laugh it off but the look on Zayn's face wasn't something of happiness.

"Niall, are you okay?" Zayn's voice anxious and loud in the quiet room, echoing through out the closed off space, but all Niall could do was sit there with a dopey look on his face. He brought his hands up, taking Zayn's face into his hands, pulling him down onto the floor also.

"Never better, I love you."

"Love you too." Zayn smiled and leaned down to kiss the boy's forehead then lying next to the boy to regain breath. Their bodies so approximately close that it was hard to cool down, but it was comfortable. Niall surprised the older boy hadn't yet made a smart remark about what had happened. But yet again Niall thought to soon, Zayn looking over at him with a beyond crooked smile.


"So, how was I?"