At 8:00 the next morning Roy assumed the name of Curtis Mayfair. Mr. Mayfair had been suffering from severe pain due to a broken leg and was brought to the hospital by Chris, who was playing the part of his niece. Carol was there to meet him at the emergency room and take care of the medical part of the scheme. Mr. Mayfair was admitted and assigned to the floor where Amos, Grace, and Oscar had been. After he was settled into the hospital bed, Carol made sure that he had everything necessary. Matt, having worked undercover as a patient before, had a good idea of what Uncle Roy would need. He paid a visit to his uncle as soon as he was admitted and placed cameras and microphones to capture what ever happened. As he was getting ready to leave, he looked at his uncle.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He knew what the answer was going to be, but felt that he should ask.

"Never been more sure of anything in my life." Roy looked up at his nephew. "I'll be okay. I've got the best detective in town working for me." He smiled at Matt. "I know I tease you a lot boy, but you really are the best I've ever seen. But if you tell anybody I said that I'll deny every word of it."

Matt leaned over and gave his uncle a hug. "Too late, the cameras and microphones are already activated. Have fun!" He turned and walked out.

"Damn." Roy shook his head.

Carol had arranged for them to be able to use a storage room up the hall for their surveillance equipment. There was a sign on the locked door directing personnel to use the room at the other end of the hall. CJ was already there keeping a watch on the monitors. Matt unlocked the door and slipped in undetected.

"That was a good one, Matt." She smiled up at him.

"What else would you expect from the best detective in town?" He sat down next to her, then looked around the room. Most of the inventory had been removed and the shelves were empty except for a few spare pillows and sheets. "Hmmm."

CJ looked at him, then looked around the room. "Nope, don't even think it. This is not our walk-in closet at home." She smiled sweetly at him. "We've got to keep watch on Uncle Roy."

"Can't blame a fella for trying can you?" He gave her a grin.

There was very little activity for the next hour. Then a nurse came in to check Roy's vital signs and give him his medication. She spoke to him and asked if he had any family.

"Well, I've got a niece and nephew. She dropped me off here and he came by for about two minutes." Roy sounded disgusted. "They could care less."

"Do you have anyone else at home, a wife perhaps?" The nurse straightened the sheets and blanket and fluffed Roy's pillows.

"No, I've been a widower for 23 years." He looked very sad. "It's been a lonely 23 years."

The nurse patted him on the arm. "Well, don't worry. My name's Melinda and I'll be taking care of you, okay? If you need anything, just push the button." She left the room.

Matt and CJ double checked their suspect list: Melinda was on there. "Better keep a good eye on her. She seemed awful nosy." Matt shifted in his chair.

A little while later, while Roy pretended to doze, Melinda came back into the room. She checked to see if Roy was asleep, then pulled a syringe from her pocket. Matt hit the door running and got into the room just as she was about to push the plunger. "Hold it right there!" He had his pistol trained on her. As she turned to see who was there, Roy reached up and grabbed the syringe away from her and removed it from the IV tubing. CJ and Carol rushed in the door.

"This man has already received all of the medications that I ordered." Carol looked at the nurse. "What do you think you're doing?"

Melinda just stood there, speechless. CJ put on a latex glove and walked over to Roy and collected the syringe. Carol searched the nurse's pockets and found a vial of Dobutamine. "I think we found the guilty party."

Suddenly Melinda made a dash for the door only to be tackled by CJ, who rolled her over and hit her with a right cross, knocking her out. Matt walked over and helped her up while Carol called security. "You could play for the Cowboy's CJ. That was a great tackle, not to mention a great punch." He hugged her as he pulled out his cell phone to call Lt. Hoyt.

Later on at the police station, Matt and CJ were listening in on Hoyt's interrogation of Melinda. "I was doing them a favor. They were old and in pain, with no one to take care of them."

"Really? Oscar Ramirez was married. His wife is now a grieving widow." Hoyt was completely disgusted.

"I didn't know. I never saw anyone there with him." The nurse looked down at her cuffed hands.

Later that afternoon, Matt and CJ were sitting by the pool enjoying the sunshine and a couple of margaritas. "You really did a great job today, babe." Matt looked over at his wife who was wearing a new bikini that he liked.

"Thanks. It was fun getting to collar somebody like that. It's been a while." She reached over and took her husband's hand. Matt stood up and leaned over her, giving her a scorching hot kiss. Just then Bo and Lamar were headed up the hill to ask the boss a question.

"Oh, hell, we better hurry up! They're smooching again." Bo hurried on up the hill, just as Matt picked his wife up out of her lounge chair. "Dang it, we're too late." Matt walked over to the pool and jumped in with CJ in his arms.