The Jack Bristow Manifesto continued..

Brief recap of the JBM: Agent Jack Bristow has a chance lunch meeting in 2002 with a young, female temp, named Brooke, working at the CIA office in Southeast Washington. They end up developing a romantic relationship, despite the age difference, and have some incredibly interesting experiences along the way. The first story ends with Jack recruiting Brooke into the CIA. She's been working as an agent for a little over a year and by now Jack has become Director of their CIA division in Northern Virginia.

This story picks up from there. I do not own any of the characters, other than myself.

Chapter 1: The mission continues

Brooke's POV

April 2004 – CIA offices, Washington, DC

The CIA is still in the hunt to recover more Rambaldi artifacts. They receive intelligence that a manuscript has been discovered in an old factory building in Manassas, Virginia of all places.

The team sat in the conference room to get instructions from Jack, who was now Director of the Operations Center. He explained that he would be the point person and that Vaughn, Sydney and Brooke would all go into the building, make sure it was secure, find the manuscript and get out. To everyone involved, it was low risk and hopefully successful. The Covenant had been using that building, but there had been no activity there for months. Easy in, easy out.

The team arrived at the checkpoint about 500 yards away from the building. As expected, it was deserted.

Jack turned us, "I will be monitoring everything from here on coms and Marshall will be monitoring from the Ops Center. This should be very easy, we're sure the manuscript is in one of three rooms, but we have no idea how easy it will be to locate it so take your time."

Jack nodded to both Sydney and myself, "Good luck."

I started to leave when Jack said, "Agent Davis, hang back for just a second, the rest of you go ahead."

When the team was gone, Jack faced me, turned off his com, and took my tiny hands in his. "You okay?"

I smiled, "Of course, it's like any other mission. Piece of cake."

He hugged me, "Be careful, okay? I love you."

I pulled away and looked up at him, "I love you, too."

Jack leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips and nodded me to catch up to the team. This had become routine for us before every mission since the risks were high and if something were to happen to either of us, we wanted to make sure the other knew how important they were.

I ran to catch up to the team and we entered the entrance to the building. There were a few rooms on either side of the foyer.

Vaughn put his hand on his ear, "Jack, we're in."

"Copy that"

The team split up and searched the building. After an hour, we had searched the entire building, top to bottom and met back in the lobby.

"There's NOTHING in here, this must have been a trap." Sydney stated, clearly frustrated.

"Jack, what do you want us to do?" Vaughn asked.

Just then, Sydney yelled from another room, "Brooke, Vaughn, come here!"

Both of us ran to where Sydney was. We found her looking stone faced, pointing at the desk.

"What? Sydney, what is it?"

"There's a timer taped to the bottom of the desk" She pointed, "Look"

Vaughn and I looked underneath. She wasn't kidding, "Holy shit. Dad, this place is going to blow in two minutes. We have to get out of here."

Jack broke in, "Can you disarm it?"

I shook my head, "Jack, we don't have equipment here since we didn't know the building was rigged. Didn't they sweep this place?"

Jack sighed, "Yes, clearly somebody missed it. Okay, well if the manuscript isn't there, you all better get out, now."

The three of us replied, "Got it!" and started out of the building. As I ran behind Sydney and Vaughn, something in the room at the front of the lobby caught my eye.

I stopped to get a better look. It was the manuscript, sitting right there on the table.

"Jack, I found it, it's in one of these offices. I'm just going see if I can grab it really quick."

"Agent Davis, I said to get out of the building. That's an order."

"Jack, it'll take two seconds, I can get it"

"Brooke! Don't argue with me! I am ordering you to get OUT of the building, right now!"

In that split second, I made a decision that would change everything. If that manuscript got destroyed, thousands of lives would be at stake and countless work would all be undone. It contained encrypted codes. Codes that could disarm nuclear weapons, weapons the Covenant, Sark, Sloane or Irina would set off in a heartbeat if they wanted to. Yes, I knew I was disobeying a direct order. Yes, I knew I was taking an unnecessary risk with my life. But in that second, I also knew I had a chance to beat the bad guys, to save lives. Isn't that what I got into this job for, to make a difference? It wasn't only because of Jack. I was good at this and I loved the work. I had to stand on my own and take a risk for my country. Besides, I was pretty confident I could get the book and get out before the building went.

I ran to the table, I saw it wasn't locked, all I needed to do was grab it and run. It was big and heavy and I needed two hands.

Outside, I heard Sydney and Vaughn pleading with me to get out. I ran out of the building and towards them. Sydney started screaming at me, "Brooke, what were you thinking? Do you have any idea how scared my father is?"

That was the last thing I heard. All of a sudden I heard the building explode behind me and I went flying through the air, the book left my hands and I saw it land on the ground about 5 feet from where I ended up. Thinking I was going to land on my face, I put my hands down to try to break my fall but the force had flipped me over and I landed hard on my back. I felt pieces of debris land on my face and I closed my eyes, waiting for it all to end.

The pain was unbearable and I couldn't move. I heard voices, but I wasn't sure whose they were. I heard people running towards me telling me not to move. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Even though I couldn't move, I could feel my legs and knew I wasn't paralyzed. I tried to asses where the pain was coming from and it was mostly my back where I landed. Nothing felt broken but I couldn't be sure because it hurt everywhere.

Within a few minutes (which felt like hours), the entire team surrounded me. I could hear Vaughn calling for a medical transport. I don't remember much after that other than Jack leaning down over me saying "Oh my god, Brooke, what did you do?" The last thing I remember before I lost consciousness was his face. It was pale and his brown eyes were darker than I'd ever seen them. I couldn't tell if he was angry or terrified, or a combination of both.

"Jack" I whispered before everything went dark.