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Harriette was sitting, talking to her father, in the sitting room of the dungeons. People were soon going to find out that she was pregnant and she was scared and worried at how everyone would react. "What if they call me names and have a problem with me being pregnant at seventeen?"

"Then they answer to me."

"Father, you cannot threaten everyone who says one wrong word against me."

"Watch me."

Harriette chuckled at her father, smiling when the potions master smiled at the sight of her laughing. "Where is Dad, Father?"

"He is with Hermione. He said he hasn't had a good talk with her in a while so he has gone for a much needed chat. I am more than happy to stay away, as I have no intention to listen to idle chit chat and gossip."

Harriette looked at the seriousness on her father's face and couldn't help but laugh. "Even when you try and be mean and insult someone you are funny. I am going to make a drink. Do you want one Father?"

"Please. Thank you darling."

"Severus Snape you fucker!"

Severus stood up and quickly glanced from the kitchen, where his daughter was making a drink, to Harry, who came storming up to him. "I blame you for this."


"After all, if you hadn't gone off on one, which caused us to then make up and and have hot shower sex-"


"Then this wouldn't be happening right now."

Severus kept trying to interrupt Harry as their daughter was only just feet away in the kitchen and he didn't want her to hear them yelling...well, Harry yelling anyway.

"Harry shut up, take a breath and tell me what I am supposed to have done."

"Supposed to have? You have already done it."

"Done what Harry?"

"Got me pregnant. Again. Hermione said that with my age and especially being male I have to be extra careful which means the slightest thing can have me on bed rest."

"Daddy you're pregnant?"

Harry turned towards the kitchen. "Sweetheart. I didn't know you were here."

"I came to talk to father. How can you blame father when it takes two to get you pregnant Dad."

"Ha! Yes Harry, answer that."

"Because Severus you know as well as I do that, as I am the bottom in the relationship, you have always, always made sure for us to not get caught."

"You invited me to shower with you and heavily hinted that it would lead to sex. Was I going to say no after not having touch you for a week?" Clearly both parents forgot that their daughter was stood watching and listening to their exchange.

"Firstly it was your own fault you went a week without my touch and, secondly, you don't say no, but you do cast the right charms first."

Severus opened his mouth to answer when Harriette cleared her throat. "Um, do you want me to leave?"

"No sweetheart...I'm sorry. This is not exactly how I wanted you to find out. I am just angry as I have to be extremely careful and teaching Defence Against The Dark Arts is now going to prove even more difficult."

"I know you will be fine dad." Harriette said and hugged Harry and then Severus. "Congratulations to you both. I am so happy for you."

"Harriette sweetheart, doesn't it bother you that you and I are pregnant at the same time?"

"No I love it...it's going to be fun! Well I must get back; Frank starts to worry if I am from his sight for too long." she said and left the once again expecting parents alone.

"Harry, despite the worries and having to be careful, are you happy with the news?"

Harry looked up at his husband and smiled. "Yeah, I am."

Severus held Harry close and buried his face in the Gryffindor's neck. "Me too."

The students had returned to start another year and Harriette moved into the new rooms with Frank. Albus and Tobias were warned to not say anything about their sister being pregnant as she would let people know when she was ready. Only close family and friends knew of Harriette being pregnant.

Harriette loved how much Frank fussed over her, not letting her do anything. It even went as far as him running a bath for her and laying out everything she needed. She told him there was no need but he always gave her the same answer.

"Harriette, darling, you have gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever hope to get. For that, whatever you need I will do; whatever you want I will get."

At the end of the first week Harriette walked into the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom to see how her dad was coping, only to see her parents arguing...well, her father arguing and her dad trying to calm and reassure him.

"You promised that you would sit at your desk and teach Harry."

"And I did Severus but when the students left everything needed to be cleared up."

"Then use your magic."

"Why use your magic to do something that you can do without? Besides, I need to get so much exercise."

"Walking from here back to the dungeons is enough."

"Ha! I can't even do that...you make me floo here and back. Look Severus, it was just a couple of books I lifted that's all. I assure you I am fine." Harry said as he wrapped his arms around Severus and held him close.

Harriette smiled when she saw her father relax once her dad pulled him in his arms. "Hello."

Severus looked towards the door along with Harry who smiled at the sight of their daughter. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Since Father said that you promised to sit at your desk. Father is really protective isn't he?"

"That I am. Your dad has to be extra careful with being male and his age. The slightest thing will have him on bed rest and your dad can't just sit and relax. he always has to be doing something."

"As do you Severus." Harry said, kissing Severus on his chin as Harriette nodded in agreement.

"This is great. How quick you calm Father down, Dad; I can do that with Frank."

"You will not! You will let that boy be protective."

"Severus, there is being protective and helping and, then, there is pushing it too far as to mollycoddling. And Harriette is like me; too much of that will piss her off."

"It will, Father."

Severus just mumbled and let go of Harry, picking up the abandoned books and placing them where they had to go so Harry wouldn't be lifting.

The students more or less guessed that Harriette was pregnant before she could tell anyone as they knew that she no longer lived in her dormitory; gossip soon got 'round and people knew the baby was Frank's, as he no longer slept in his dormitory.

Frank, who was very much like his dad when he was at school, surprised everyone one morning at breakfast when he got sick of the whispering and stood up. "Yes Harriette is pregnant and I am the father...yes we are keeping it...no we we have not picked out names as we don't even know the sex yet; and if I hear you whispering about Harriette behind your hands once more, I will not be able to stop myself from acting up. Get on with your own pathetic lives and leave me and my girlfriend alone."

"Yeah!" Albus and Tobias yelled, clapping at Frank who did a mock bow and sat down next to Harriette who smiled and gave him a kiss in thanks before continuing with her usual breakfast. Marmite spread on toast topped with egg.

"Well I never thought that Frank had it in him." Severus said up at the professors table.

"You didn't? I am his dad and I didn't."

"You will be surprised at what breaks you out of your shell to fight back and protect those you love if you have been shy all your life. Just look at you, Neville, when we were at school and I came back to fight."

"Oh I know. In one night I fought, killed, protected those I loved, argued back to Voldemort and told Luna I loved her. I did more in that night than I did in my all seven years at school."

When Harry reached his three month mark he told told his family and friends that he was again pregnant. "What are you having?" Albus asked when Harry and Severus sat down to tell everyone.

"Not twins again I do hope." Severus said. "You were not so bad Albus; it was that little shhh...short arse sitting next to you." Severus said, changing his mind at what to call Tobias at the last second.

Tobias laughed. "You have to admit father I am not as bad now."

"Only because you know what is coming."

It was a couple of weeks later, when Harriette and Frank went for the eighteenth week check up, they found out that they found out that they were having a boy. That night, happy with the news, Harry wanted to have dinner with his husband, daughter, sons, Frank, Neville and Luna to celebrate. They were all sitting, waiting for Albus and Tobias, when Albus walked in apologising for his lateness.

"Albus where is Tobias?" Albus bit his lip and looked at his sister before looking at his father.


"Detention? I told him this morning to behave as tonight is important; can't he keep out of trouble for one day?"

"Um Dad...before you start, I am on his side. He only got detention because..."

"Because?" Harry asked.

"Someone called Harriette a whore, for being pregnant at seventeen, and Tobias heard and went mad. He punched Simmons, knocking him out just as Filch came and saw him; he gave him detention."

"Simmons, as in the sixth year? A third year knocked out a sixth year."

"My brother stood up for me? Albus where is Tobias serving detention?"

"Trophy room, he is to clean them all."

Severus turned in a swirl of robes. "Excuse me everyone." he said and left the room.

Harry sat down and smiled. "Severus will be back shortly with Tobias, then we can eat."

Severus marched into the trophy room and saw his son, cleaning away; he didn't look happy.

"Professor Snape."

Tobias looked up at Filch's voice and saw his father standing there. "Father, I am sorry I can exp-"

Tobias stopped when Severus held a hand up. "Filch why is my son cleaning and serving detention when he acted in self defense?"

"Self defence? He knocked that boy out!"

"He was sticking up for his family. I have told you time and time again Filch, if you have problems with my son, you come to me. Tobias, stop cleaning and get to your feet." Tobias quickly stood up and walked over to his father.

"These trophies need cleaning Professor."

Severus waved his wand and Tobias watched as all the trophies shone. "Done." Severus placed his arm around his son shoulders. "Come on son, we are late." he said and guided his son from the room.

Severus walked into his and Harry's quarters with his son following him; Harriette hugging Tobias as he sat down. "So Harriette you are eighteen weeks along and Dad you are fourteen weeks along?" Tobias asked.

"Yes son, another four weeks and we will be able to know what I am having. But tonight is about Harriette and Frank, who are to have a son. Congratulations to you both." Harry announced, everyone cheering and agreeing.

It was later that week when Harriette walked into the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom and saw her dad clearing everything away by hand. She shook her head; if her father saw this, he would hit the roof.

Harry paused and held his back, taking deep breaths before walking back out of his office.

"Harriette darling what are you doing here?"

"My son is kicking dad." she replied with a smile on her face.

Harry beamed and hurried down the few steps from his office but, before he reached the bottom, everything went blurry and he stumbled. Failing to hold on to something, Harry fell down the last three steps; Harriette screaming 'Daddy!' was the last thing Harry heard before all went black.

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