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This is the sequel to 'Harry's Secret' and 'Telling Harriette' and 'Telling Severus'. Severus has to tell Harry something which he knows will upset him.

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Tobias walked into his parents quarters and saw his dad laying on the sofa with his head resting on his father's legs as he was reading a book. "Dad. Father?"

"Tobias what are you still doing out?"

"It's past curfew." Severus said, his eyes not leaving his book.

"He was alright. He was with me."

Harry tried to sit up when he heard the voice he hadn't heard in such a long time and failing to do so he slapped Severus on the leg. "Get your nose out that book and help me up Sev."

His husband sighed and placed his book down, helping Harry into a sitting position as Teddy walked over to them and sat on the sofa next to Harry who drew him into a tight hug. "Oh Teddy I have missed you so."

"Me too Harry. I have missed home so decided to come back and settle. I have brought a shop in Hogsmeade with the money I still have left from my parents."

"What kind of shop Teddy?"


"What kind of books Teddy?" Severus asked.

"First additions."


"Yes Sev. That's why I have been gone for so long. Whilst travelling the world and seeing the sights, I was researching and collecting and buying and trading for first additions."

"How many books do you have Teddy?"

Teddy looked at Tobias. "Enough to open a bookshop Toby."

The four sat talking until Severus noticed the time and told his son it was time for bed. Tobias said 'night' to all and left.

"Do you have somewhere to sleep Teddy?"

"No. I was going to see if the Three Broomsticks has a spare room."

"When we have a spare room here? I don't think so."

"Severus I'm tired."

Severus stood up and picked Harry up and looked at Teddy. "You can have our spare room for as long as you want."


"Well, no. Only until the baby is born."

Teddy laughed. "I will be settled into the flat above the shop by then Sev. Thank you." Teddy stood and watched as Severus handled and carried his godfather with such care and smiled. He was happy that his godfather was happy and well looked after, with his family around him. Well, nearly all of his family. He had to talk to Harriette in the morning. Despite how happy his godfather was in seeing him it was obviously shown something was getting him down, no matter how brave a face he put on.

The next morning Frank opened the portrait and frowned at the stranger standing there. "Who are you?"

"Harry Snape's godson."


Teddy walked around the lad who answered the portrait and saw a heavily pregnant Harriette trying to stand.

"Blimey. Just what have you been eating whilst I have been gone?" Teddy looked Frank up and down when he walked back into the living area and looked back at Harriette. "Actually don't answer that."

Harriette laughed and slapped Teddy on the arm. "You get worse. You'll never change."

"Well I don't want to get better and why would I want to change?"

"Why are you here?"

"I have come to see Harriette and see how she is doing, let's see. Harry is nearly seven months so that makes you nearly eight months."

"It does." she answered, hand on her stomach.

"I was In Hogsmeade yesterday checking out the shop I have just brought and saw Harry and went back up to the castle. He told me you are not speaking with him or Sev and told me the reason why."

"Well I don't want to talk to either of them. They hurt me Teddy."

Teddy put his arm around Harriette and comforted her as best he could. "I know. They told me everything. But believe me when I say that how much they hurt you is only little to how your parents look and feel right now. Especially Harry. Severus don't let it show as such, but you know how he is with hiding his feelings."

"I just needed time."

"And I don't blame you Harriette but don't you think you have gave them the silent treatment long enough now? I've grown up without parents and yours are the only ones you have got. Please don't dismiss them and lose them over something as trivial as a name. Even I must admit it. Xenophilius? Luna's dad still gets picked on with that name. He doesn't even like his name much."

Frank walked over and crouched down in front of Harriette. "Teddy is right love. Grandfather does hate his name."

"But even if we do change it we still need a name for our little boy Frank."

"Can I make a suggestion?"

"Of course Teddy. What name do you think?"


"Jacob." Harriette said quietly. "Jacob." she said again, testing the name on her lips. She turned and faced Frank. "You know, I quite like that."

Frank smiled. "So do I love."

"Harriette. Will you please go and talk to your parents and make it up with them? You have only got to look at your dad and you can see how sorry he is."

When Frank smiled and winked at her, Harriette smiled at Teddy. "Alright. Where will he be today? Do you know?"

"In the library from ten o'clock."

"I will go and see him shortly after then"

"And your father?"

"Him afterwards."

Teddy hugged Harriette before standing. "Good girl. Well I best get to my shop and start getting things sorted in the flat if I plan on moving in." After saying his goodbyes, Teddy left.

Harriette walked into the library and looked for her dad. Not being able to spot him she went to the aisle where she thought he would go. Male and female pregnancy.

Sure enough, half way down the aisle was her dad in his chair. Her brothers had told her that he couldn't stand bed rest any more and came up with the idea of the chair. She watched as her dad slowly tried to stand, holding on to each bookshelf to support his weight as he tried to stand and reach for a book. As soon as he had it he quickly dropped back down into his chair, hand resting on his stomach, taking deep breaths.

"Be still baby girl your daddy was just reaching for a book." she heard her dad say. She was having a sister.

"A girl daddy?"

Harry's chair turned right round; he smiled when he saw his daughter standing in front of him. "Harriette darling."

"How have you been?"

"Missing my baby girl."

Harriette walked over to a nearby table and sat down, moving a chair to the side so Harry could have his chair there.

Harry smiled and his chair moved forward, stopping when he was in front of his daughter. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine dad. I have had a talk with Teddy and him explaining it the way he did we, that is, Frank and I come to realise that the name is, well, not right for a baby. Even Xenophilius said we shouldn't name the baby after him. So we have decided on another name."

"You have?"

"Yes. Teddy suggested it and we love it."

"What is the name of my first grandchild then?"


"Oh sweetheart I love it." Harry lifted his arms up and Harriette moved closer, both of them hugging each other as best they could with their pregnant bellies.

"You're sure this time?"

Harry laughed. "Yes darling."

"So I am going to have a baby sister."

"You are. But I haven't told your father yet. I will tell him later on today. But I talk to the baby everyday and I had to know if I was talking to a girl or boy. I will be naming this girl. Me and your father decided that if it was a girl then I would name her as he named you. Two girls and we name one each."

"Do you have a name Daddy?"

"I do."

"May I ask what?"

"Of course you may, but that doesn't mean I will tell."


"I'm sorry darling but I want your father to be the first to know."

"I understand. Shall we go there now?"

"Okay. Your father will be happy that you have decided to talk to us again and put it all behind us."

"He will be in his private labs. I will wait out here for you darling."

"I wonder if I can sneak up on him."

Harry laughed. "You know your father so I doubt it. Even I cannot sneak up on him."

"Never know until you try."

Harry smiled and went into the kitchen area to make a drink.

Harriette quietly crept through the door and just as quietly closed it behind her. Her father had his back to her as he was stirring with one hand whilst his other hand was on his papers that contained his own notes, mumbling under his breath.

"Something you need Harry?"

"Just a hug from my father."

Severus turned quickly and saw his daughter stood there with a smile on her face. "Well? Do I get a hug?"

"Of course darling." Severus put a statis charm on his potion and hurried over to his daughter, taking her in his arms and hugging her tightly.

"What made you come and see me and your dad?"

"Teddy had a talk with me and made me see both sides. Your grandson will not be called Xenophilius."

"What will he be called?"

"He will be called Jacob."

"Now that is a name I do like."

Harriette laughed as she pulled away from her father. "Well I am glad. Come on, Daddy has to tell you something and I want him to tell you because I want to know." she said and dragged her father from his private labs.

"Dad, Father is here now. Tell him."

Harry turned in his chair and laughed at the sight of his husband being dragged into the kitchen area. "Tell me what."

"I found out what we are having Severus and I have thought of a name."

"What are we having Harry?"

Harry waited until Severus was on one knee in front of him, his husband's hands on his legs. "A girl Severus."

"Well I named our first baby girl." Severus paused and looked at his daughter. "Who will always be my baby girl." Harriette smiled.

Severus gave his daughter one of his rare smiles he only uses in front of his family and turned back to his husband. "What will be her name?"

"Ar- ahh!" Harry looked at Severus, panicked. "Severus I'm early."

"Two months. Harry not to worry love I will get you there." Severus waved his wand over Harry casting a featherlight charm and picked the brunet. "Severus no."

"Yes Harry you are very light to carry."

"Father what can I do?"

"Go and get your brothers and tell them; you will all have to wait outside the hospital wing."

"But Father-"

"Harriette darling your father is right. With my age it will be complicated."

Harriette nodded. "Okay daddy. I will go and find Tobias and Albus."

"Hey not so fast." Harriette yelled after her brothers who had hurried off in front of her. She had found them in the great hall and told them.

"We are not going fast Harriette, it's because you are waddling." Tobias said as he stopped when he reached the hospital wing door.

"Oh! I do not waddle." Harriette slapped Albus' arm when he stood there saying nothing. "Albus, tell him I don't waddle."

"You do kind of." he said quietly and hid behind Tobias who laughed. "I told you."

"You listen to me. I do not. Repeat. Do not- oh!"

Tobias and Albus' eyes widened as they both looked down and saw a puddle of water surrounding their sisters feet.

Harriette looked panicked at her brothers. "Hermione is with Dad so she can't come out here. I need one of you to get Frank whilst the other gets some help."

When the twins didn't seem to be moving Harriette lost her patience. "Well move then!"

Tobias and Albus jumped and hurried away and left Harriette to sit and take deep breaths.

Five minutes later Harriette looked up when she heard the sound of someone running and saw Tobias coming with Teddy. "He came to see Dad and I told him about you so he said he would come and help."

"Do you know anything about delivering a baby Teddy?"

"I have seen it done quite a few times on my travels."

"Then get over here and help me get this baby out."

"You don't mind that I will be seeing...you know."

"Teddy how I am right now I couldn't give a fuck if I have the baby with the whole school watching."

"You swore. You must be in pain."

"You think!"

Teddy hurried over and transfigured the small table outside the hospital wing doors into a bed and got Harriette on it just as Albus came running around the corner with Frank. "Harriette love."

"Where have you been?"

"I was in the great hall."

"So? Teddy was in the dungeons and he got here first."

"Erm, sis? Frank passed out when I told him."

"Passed out? Seriously."

Teddy looked up. "Frank just get over here and support Harriette as much as you can." he said, stopping the argument he knew was about to come as Frank opened his mouth to answer Harriette back.

"Okay Harriette I need you to push now. Frank give her all your support and strength now."

Frank nodded and had Harriette leaning back on him, letting her grip his hands. "Push Harriette."

"AH! You fucker!"

Teddy looked up. "Me? I am trying to help you."

"Not you him behind me." Harriette snapped back.

"Hey don't snap at me. I am not the one who got you like this. Least I'm trying to help."

"Harriette love any tighter and you are going to break my hands." Frank winced.

"Oh well bully for you. Obviously the pain I am in right now is nothing compared to your precious fingers."

"Frank mate just support her and tell her you love her." Albus said, stepping forwards and taking one of his sister's hands into his own, receiving a grateful look from Frank.

"He's out. He's here."

Tobias took off his jumper and Teddy transfigured it into a blanket and wrapped the newborn up in it, handing him to his mum. "Congratulations to you both. You have a healthy baby boy."

On the other side of the doors Hermione was handing over a small baby in a pink blanket over to Harry. "Congratulations Harry, Severus. To say she is two months early she is very healthy. I will just get you a potion to help you heal better."

When Hermione walked away Severus kissed Harry on his temple. "I am so proud of you and love you Harry."

"I love you too Severus."

"So. What is the name of our second daughter?"


"Perfect Harry."

"Oh my goodness!"

Harry and Severus looked up to see Hermione standing with the hospital wing doors open.

Hermione looked over her shoulder. "Harry, Severus. Your godson, two sons, daughter, Frank and grandson are out here."

"Grandson?" Harry and Severus said in unison.

Frank walked into the hospital wing carrying Harriette who was carrying their son in her arms. "My water broke when we were waiting. Teddy delivered the baby."

Frank sat Harriette down on the edge of Harry's bed. "Do you want to swap? My son for my sister?"

Harry laughed and they both swapped, Harry holding his grandson Jacob with him and his husband looking at him with smiles on their faces and Harriette holding her sister with Albus, Teddy, Tobias and Frank looking. "Oh daddy she's gorgeous."

"So is this little one. Your father and I are proud of you sweetheart."

"What's my sister's name then?"

"Arianna." Severus said, smiling from his grandson to his youngest daughter. Harry handed Jacob to Frank and Harriette handed her sister over to her father. Severus looked down at his daughter and then at the family around him before resting his eyes on his husband beside him. "Thank you for giving me what I never believed I would have." he whispered.

"And what's that?"

"Love, and family."

Harry smiled. "I love you Severus."

"I love you too Harry."

The end.

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