If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them! I just wanted to get this up before midnight. It's pretty short for that reason. :)


1: Where's the soundtrack? ;_;

I didn't listen to music, and I think it shows. This was one of my first times writing a full work in silence… It's pretty lonely. I don't really like it, either. Gill Gray was a huge experiment for me in many aspects, especially in this area. But I feel that without music, my writing gets pretty lifeless. Good lesson not to do it again?

2: So… WTF with Julius?

Yeah, this was last minute. But it was my big twist on the story. It's definitely nowhere near as good as the original, but I thought it was an interesting development. Though I never say it outright, I think it's pretty obvious he's the Devil in disguise. Collects souls, forked tail, still alive in the end… Yeah, he's pretty strange. But it was fun – also rather scary – to manipulate such a character. I made him an all around bad influence, so it was pretty irritating to write, too. What a… grr! Words.

3: Why did Samson go to the barn?

I was going to add in that he had staked out the house, and only saw Harry, so he went to search the outbuildings, but… Eh. It got too wordy. So it just kind of happened.

4: Why Harry? Isn't the main character's name Toy or Tony?

Honestly, I can't see it. Toy? Seriously? I mean, I've heard of people putting their names on their clothes, but bold on the brim of their hat is a bit ridiculous. And I thought it was strange he should be named after his grand-father and everyone still call him 'Tony's Grandson.' And would that make him a Junior of some sort? Eh. I just took the easy route and used my generic boy's name. Playing as a boy? Harry. Playing as a girl? Mary. Case closed. :)

5: Why Katie?

Easy; she was the most like Luna. I already betrayed that character, and I felt sad. So I wanted to give Gill some false hope and then rip it away like the jerk writer I am. Katie fit the role well enough. She's naïve, trusting, persistent, flirty, and bossy. Rather like Luna, but not as in control as she is. Though I made all the Save the Homeland characters four years older than they are in the game, it didn't help to mature her very much. She's still a girl acting much more mature than she is – or she can handle.

6: Who was the little girl?

I was in a rush when I first wrote this, so I understand if you were confused. Yup, that's Vivian! Luna and Gill's rival child – or in the circumstances of the story; his illegitimate child. It was the straw that broke the metaphorical camel's back when all of his sins were simultaneously thrown back in his face. I like to think that Vivian was the deal breaker because not only did Gill maul the life of a little girl by abandoning her before her birth, but she is a part of him. And her eyes are a mirror image of his own that he hates more than anything. You know, because of that terribly creepy portrait. Heebie jeebies.

7: Where was the hidden classic title?

Huzzah, it was hidden in the chapter 'Unspoiled Forever.' Not exactly hidden. Blatantly read off titles. You make up your mind which one you think I'm doing next~

8: …What?

I don't know how many times I typed 'hgte,' but it's been a rough writing spree. I wrote thousands of words today. I feel like 'hgte.'

9: Is that it?!

Yeah, actually. Pretty short FAQ, right? Well, there's not much more to say except thank you! If you have any questions, I'll answer them here later, and if I think of anything I missed, I'll definitely add it in as well. Thanks so much, everybody! See you next time!:D