A/N – just a small drabble because I was bored. Inspired by the song Barlights by fun.

"Mr. Cutler," Hal says in his silky tones, addressing the man. "You are late." He takes in the smaller, younger man's chipmunk aspects, as he drinks another glass of blood at this awful vampire bar. Obviously, the man is drunk, Hal thinks, and sighs inwardly. Never again will I convert a man like this.

"What can I say?" Cutler says, putting both hands on the bench after placing his glass there roughly. "I'm not one for the stupid watches you seem to give me regularly." Hal squints, and frowns. Cutler raises his hand to the bartender, beckoning for another drink. The bartender passes the couple - no, business partners, the bartender passes the business partners a glass each. While Cutler downs his in one gulp, Hal restrains himself and occasionally sips it throughout the conversation.

Many people are quick to guess that in situations involving bars like these that Hal is always the drunk one, and Cutler is the one restraining himself. Obviously, it's the other way around tonight.

(They're unknowing that other vampire business partners do not do this, and they are being awfully intimate.)

When Nick is drunk on blood, and with adrenaline running through their veins after killing a passing-by girl, Hal sneaks in a few kisses by the end of the night. Oh, how glad he is that he made him.

{I don't need to be reminded that this is how it was; I moved on}

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