Chapter Ten

I don't know how much time had passed when I finally woke. I sat up, coughing dryly. My conception of time had… warped. It was an unfamiliar sensation, and I didn't like it one bit. Despite the discomfort of not knowing how much time I had spent here – days, months, years – I was determined to find a way out. I was defenseless and alone, and somewhere in this building, Adam was plotting. The thought made me squirm. He wanted to kill Train. I stood up, leaning against the hard metal wall beside me for support. Blood flowed through my legs, giving them life again, making me ready.

I almost laughed.

Silly Eve. Blood? Flowing through my legs? Yeah, right. I didn't even have a circulatory system, for crying out loud. Checking for guards or any sign of life, I cautiously stepped into the wavering circle of faint light that the hesitant light-bulb in front of me emitted. My head whipped to the right, where two guards chuckled. Judging from the intonation of their voices and faint sounds, I concluded these facts:

There were two of them.

They were about thirty to thirty-two years old.

They had semi-automatic pistols on them, one each.

They didn't suspect anything and hadn't heard me. Yet.

Because in approximately thirty-six seconds, they would hear me, all right. I rolled up my dress a little bit in order to give me more flexibility and area of movement. Also, I took off my shoes silently, holding them in my hand as I walked towards the voices. Stopping, I flattened myself against the wall most shrouded in shadow, so the men couldn't see me. Then, putting a seductive smile on my face, I started walking.

As expected, both of them had their guns in their hands, in position to shoot. I faked surprise, and, dropping my shoes, pushed myself flat up against the wall, my hands up by my head. The two men put their guns back in their holsters and walked up to me.

"What are you doin' here?" One of them leaned on the wall next to me and offered me a cigarette. I took it, spinning it with my fingers but not asking for a light. The ingredients of the cigarette would counteract many of my parts. And, let's just say, it wouldn't end well.

The other man nodded at me, uninterested. He asked if I wanted a light. Instead, I licked my lips and kicked the man hard, so that he was knocked down but not quite unconscious. The other one pounced on me, and managed to get me down to the floor. I rolled over so that I was on top and snatched his gun and belt. The belts I ripped off of them tied both of them together and I left them sitting in a corner, looking helpless and vulnerable.

I looked around to see if anyone had heard the commotion. Well, commotion to me, that is. To human ears, there would barely have been a sound. Just as I was about to leave, I heard something. A buzzing sound, and it was coming from both of the men. Cocking my head, I waited until I heard it again. It sounded almost like… voices... I shook myself. Voices coming from tied-up men? Hesitantly, I gave them another once-over. This time, I realized something that I had missed before. The men, I thought.

The men had walkie-talkies.

I felt my eyes widen. Thank goodness I had heard them in time. Or else the person on the other end would have realized that they weren't responding, they would come here, see them tied up, and definitely know exactly where I was heading. After all, the only hallway that I could have been heading for was the one right in front of me. Snatching both of the radios from the men, I stole away into the darkness.

The question haunted me. How would I dispose of them? I dismissed the thought; the answer would come to me soon, I just had to wait for it. Thankfully, mercifully, I encountered no more guards. The passage to my destination was smooth. This was exactly what I had feared. The only person that knows how I think is Adam. So he must have planned this. Well, he sure didn't plan my ambush on him, I say to myself, chuckling.

Ah, there it is! There, in the distance, that tiny pinprick of light in an ocean of darkness. I quickened my pace. The door to the outside world beckoned me. I was so close to its embrace, I could feel it. I was an arms-length away from everything I loved.

I was so close to Rinslet, I could smell her strong perfume and sweet, fruit-scented shampoo she always used. Picturing her holding me tight and whispering you're home in my ear, I jogged a little bit faster.

And then there was Sven. Oh, Sven. He had been the best part of my life for so long. We'd shared more moments in my memory than I could ever count. He would have been devastated without me, I knew. Well, Sven, I'm coming back to you, I think.

Lastly, Train. That rascal of a boy, I chuckle. I surprised myself when I realized I loved him. Who could, or ever would, love someone as violent and determined (and, sometimes, even heartless) as Train? Well, someone like me, I guess. And Saya. She loved him with everything she had, and he adored her with a love so fierce it took my breath away. I could never replace Saya, but I hoped to bring comfort and love to Train's life, because he deserved it.

I had spent took much time thinking of Train, and guards had filled the doorway. I had missed my window of opportunity, and I felt disappointment and self-hatred fill me up. Then, taking a last look at the door, I slipped back into the shadows. If I couldn't save myself, I could at least save Adam's army.