Chapter 10

The spell of that fleeting moment in the 'playroom' is quickly broken when Regina is pulled away to her study for an unexpected conference call. My mind goes into overdrive as I bask in the feeling of Regina giving herself to me. The way she responded to my touch, her throaty moans that put me into sexual overdrive, everything about Regina Mills oozed raw sexuality. Maybe that was why I was feeling slightly out of my depth.

I find myself wandering around the gardens taking in as much fresh air as possible. I think about how Regina has turned my world upside down and the freedom that I now feel thanks to her. But the whole issue, if I could now call it an issue, of being Regina's submissive makes me feel trapped. I yearn to use the freedom that has been granted to me; not to sleep around and betray Regina but to allow myself to ooze sexuality the same way Regina does but without the whips and chains. Her actions in the playroom turned me on beyond all reason but that aspect of her still scared me. Could I truly handle being punished using whatever she chooses to use?

I stop and put my hands on the railings looking out at the gardens I had just walked around and I sigh. I feel so conflicted. I don't want to lose Regina but then again I don't want to lose myself in the process. Becoming Regina's submissive, keeping it a secret, following all the rules I could easily lose who I am. Lying to Abigail, to all my friends is not something I want to do, it would be like poison.

"Emma" I turn myself to look at the source of the voice, the source of my confliction. I know she can tell that I am somewhat thoughtful at the moment "Are you alright?"

"I've been better"

"What's wrong?"

"I just feel a little overwhelmed" How easy it is for me to lie to her. I want to talk to her about what I'm feeling I really do it's just I need to read this contract before I make any decisions including that of talking to Regina about my feelings

"I can understand that"

"You've turned my world upside down how else am I supposed to feel" I can hear my irritation over the situation begin to slip into my voice. I quickly lock it away again to protect myself from her probing. I grip her hand and stroke the back of it gently with my thumb.

"You're not the only one whose world has been turned on its head Emma. I have never giving myself to someone the way I gave myself to you." I lace my fingers through hers pulling her to me. Her breasts pressed against mine arouse me; I would never tire of feeling her against her it is a feeling that I long to savour.

"I know" I feel a sudden wave of tiredness hit me. The past few days have finally caught up with me. "You look tired you should go and rest"

"I've had trouble sleeping"

"Yes I would imagine you have after everything that has been dropped on you these past few days" her voice was soft and caring. Yet another side to Regina; although this is a side I have encountered before. "Come" she pulls me towards the house. I know that we will need to get back to Albany tonight but for now I just want to rest and Regina seems content on dragging me to bed for me to rest.

I allow myself to be pulled up the stairs and am pleasantly surprised when Regina leads me to her bedroom instead of my allotted room down the corridor. She thrusts back the duvet and then gently pushes me onto the bed I kick off my shoes lie down. As soon as my head hits the pillow I am spark out. I feel Regina pull the duvet over me before placing a small kiss on my forehead. The emotional and physical aspects of the last few days have finally gotten the better of me.

When I wake it's now dark. I have no clue as to how long I've slept. I stretch out under the duvet. My hand unconsciously sweeps over the other side of the bed to find it empty. Regina wasn't there, not that I was expecting her to be. I sit up, staring out of the bedroom window, the garden was illuminated it was rather beautiful. The sound of music reaches my ear, it was coming from downstairs. I remember the piano in the living room, must be Regina. Beethoven- I think.

I look down at myself and find I'm still fully clothed. I stand from the bed, my cell phone has suddenly reappeared sitting on the bedside table. I wonder if Regina or Mrs Lucas found it? I pick it up and switch it on. I have a dozen text messages and 4 missed calls from Abigail. I smile, only Abigail would be so protective, well her and Regina I put it in my trouser pocket. I quietly make my way downstairs to the living room. The door is open. Regina is at the piano, lost in the music she's playing. Her expression is lost. Her playing is exceptional. Leaning against the wall by the entrance I listen. I've never heard such beautiful playing before. The room is in darkness with the exception of the freestanding lamp beside the piano.

I steal quietly towards her, immersed in the music and by the movement of her fingers across the keys, drifting back to how those very fingers caressed my body and brought me to my peak. I flush bright red at the memory, the effects of which pool between my legs. She must have heard me because she glances up at me, her brown eyes shining with in the light.

"Sorry I heard you playing and well I couldn't resist" A frown graces her face. She's upset about something.

"Surely it should be me who is sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you" she murmurs. She goes back to the music and finishes her playing, resting her hands on her legs. She's wearing the same clothes she was when she put me to bed.

She stands and runs a perfectly manicured hand through her perfect hair. She walks toward me and stops a couple of inches from me

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes thank you. Beethoven?"

"Piano Sonata Number 8 in Flat A"

"I thought so, it's a beautiful piece sodespondent, so regretful" I see her lips quirk up in what can only be described as a half-smile.

"Yes it is"

"I woke to find myself alone"

"You know I don't sleep well especially with someone else" I can't tell what mood she is in, it's difficult to read her face in the dark but judging by the music she was just playing, I'd fathom a guess she's a little blue. "Let's sit" she grabs my hand and pulls me towards the love seat, pulling me down with her. We sit a few inches apart, her hand still gripping mine.

"How long have you been playing?"

"Since I was five my mother was insisted on me being the best at everything including music" the image of a five year old Regina comes to mind. A little girl with flowing brown locks and deep brown eyes. My heart softens at the thought.

"Is she still alive?"

"Yes but she's doesn't acknowledge us. She and my father divorced when I was ten she was a hard woman to live with" my heart goes out to Regina. I know that she was adopted and had most likely gone through emotional trauma before her adoption then to have a parent stripped away again must have been heart-breaking for her.

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be it was a long time ago"

"Yeah but still" I can see it was probably not wise for me to push her too hard. I have no doubt she's pull away from me and lock herself back in that glided cage she had made for herself so I say no more on the subject. I can see something is troubling her. "You okay?"

"I'm afraid that we have to cut our weekend short there is something I have to attend to in Boston that cannot wait"

"It's fine Abigail is probably doing her ends" a small, throaty chuckle escapes Regina's lips "Thank you for these past couple of days it's been… out of this world"

"It's been my pleasure"

"Mine as well" we chuckle at each other before Regina pecks my lips. I blush and she smiles suggestively. "I had better phone Abby she'll be thinking you've killed me or something"

"I assure you I will never lay a hand on you unless you want me to"

"I love it when you put your hands on me" I know where this conversation is heading; I don't want to stop it. I want her hands on me, kissing my body, inside of me. She's an addiction, an addiction I don't want to kick.

"Do you know?"

Her free hand begins to wander across my stomach up to the valley between my breasts. The top three buttons were undone on my shirt, the swell of my breasts were visible on display. She drips her head, her tongue begin to draw patterns on my skin. Her actions send me into a frenzy.

"I love how you taste"

My free hand winds its way through her brown locks massaging her scalp gently. Her tongue works it down from the swell of my breasts to the valley between them, her lips close around her tongue closing it over and she begins to suck and bite at the skin. She was going to leave marks but I didn't care. Suddenly a sudden vibration can be felt on my leg. We both feel it but Regina doesn't stop her attack. I hurriedly dig my phone it of my pocket and answer it.


"Where the hell have you been! I've been worried sick about you! You said you'd phone!" I bite my lip to stop the moan that was building in the back of my throat from escaping. Abigail has the worst timing in the world. Regina's fingers free another button and another. I know where this is going. I just about manage to put the phone on loud speaker and put it down on the arm of the loveseat in order to free up a hand

"Sorry Abby it's been a bus… busy weekend" my shirt is now completely unbuttoned and Regina now kneeling on the floor, her lips kissing my abdomen and tongue teasing my navel when it got the chance. She was going to make love to me right here in the living room when I was on the phone to my best friend.

"I bet it has, are you okay?"

"I'm great" I feel Regina's lips curl up into a smirk on my skin. She's enjoying this and so I am. "I'm… so… sorry I didn't phone you" my eyes widen as I hear the zipper on my trousers being pulled down. Oh shit! I don't think I can hold back that moan for much longer if Regina puts her tongue on my sex. I glance down, my trousers and panties are at my ankles and one heel was being removed.

"I just wanted to know you were okay"

"I'm… I'm fine" I try to keep my voice as steady as possible but it is so hard. I glance down again, my legs have been moved apart, my trousers and panties hanging off one ankle, and Regina is kneeling between them with a predatory grin on her face. I look at her with a warning etched on to my features but she doesn't heed it.

"So did you finally get your cherry popped?" I have to bring my free hand up to my mouth and bite down hard on my forefinger to stop myself from crying out. Regina's mouth was on my clitoris sucking and nibbling hard. Oh god! "Em? You there?"


Regina's tongue was working its magic on me. I bring my free hand down and thread it back through her hair, coaxing her to keep going which is exactly what she does. Her free hand wanders across my hipbone and over my thigh before she brings it down to my entrance, one finger teasing entry

"Hey Abs I can't talk about this over the phone"

"Oh you did! How was it!" Oh god I feel her finger slip inside of me. She thrusts hard and fast adding a second finger. I gasp hard, my eyes slam closed.

"Abs! Can we please talk about this tonight!" I can no longer hold back my irritation at Abigail's really bad timing. Regina keeps up her assault with her fingers and lips. Our joined hands show the true intimacy of the situation. This wasn't just her playing games it was her showing me how she felt, how much she wanted me. I meet her thrusts with my hips and the overwhelming sensation of my growing orgasm begins to overtake me

"Oh shit! You're doing it now!? I am so sorry" She hangs up, thoroughly embarrassed over the situation no doubt. Well that's what she gets for phoning at a really, really bad time. I let out the moan that had been lingering.

"Oh god Regina please" she picks up on my plea and adds a third finger increasing the pace of her thrusts. I buck hard against her face and fingers, my entire body was on fire, my nerve ends tingling wildly. My world suddenly becomes black and stars cloud my darkened vision. My orgasm comes crashing through me hard. "Regina!" It was more powerful than my previous ones. I had no idea my body was capable of such intense, powerful pleasure. Her tongue lapping my juices up and her fingers work on prolonged it "Stop" I couldn't take it anymore. She pulls away and looks up at me, her lips coated in my juices. She gingerly removes her fingers, I moan as she does so the feeling encouraging the last remnants of pleasure to tease me. "Oh Regina" she stands, throwing her legs over my hips, straggling me. She presses her lips firmly against mine. I taste myself on them, I would never tire of this. Not with Regina anyway.

"I couldn't resist"

"Nor would I ever want you to" I find I'm struggling to form a coherent sentence, my body and mind still recovering from the intense pleasure I have just experienced. "However I… I think Abigail has learnt her lesson"



"I'm willing to try"

"Try what?"

"Vanilla sex" my heart soars with pride and admiration. I blink back the tears that have begun to form. Can I really be the only person with the ability to change Regina Mills? Did I really want to change her?

"Are you… are you serious?"

"I am. I have never known pleasure the way I have known it with you. When you made love to me I… I couldn't believe how amazing it was. How much I wanted you to do it again"

"All you have to do is ask I could never say no to you Regina" I knew the implications of those words to both myself and Regina. Our gaze is intense. Her eyes bear into mine I can see the joy within them and I know she can see the apprehension within mine but she doesn't say anything. Suddenly our gaze is broken by the sound of voices in the hall way

"Believe me sir, you really don't want to go into that living room"

"If there is something wrong with my daughter Mrs Lucas then I want to know what"

Regina's eyes nearly pop out of her head. She blink rapidly.

"It's not that sir, it's just she isn't alone"

"What in heaven's name do you mean?"

"She has someone with her"

I cringe at the thought of Mrs Lucas hearing everything that has just happened in this room including me screaming Regina's name in ecstasy.

"Do you mean to tell me that my daughter has just had sex in the living room?!"

We look at each other and realise that we're in a very compromising position if her father were to bust in here. She jumps off me like a scolded cat and straightens herself up. I stand quickly trying not to trip up over my trousers. I bend over and pull my panties and trousers back on, tucking my shirt into them in an attempt to look half decent. I just about manage to pull button up my shirt before a short man with a receding hairline dressed in a pair of black casual cargos, a crisp white shirt and a pair of black casual dress shoes bursts into the room

"Daddy what a pleasant surprise"

I can tell by the look on his face that Regina was in for it and I was going to be buried six feet under. This was going to be awkward, not the way I pictured myself meeting Regina's father.