Chapter 15

After dinner we decided it would be a nice idea if we all sat down and talked for a while and that's what we did. Regina's mini breakdown in my bedroom after we made love was the first sign of her insecurity about us, herself and her lifestyle making me realise that she was so damaged and haunted by her tastes that scared her.

After a while I noticed Regina looking my way and I realised she wanted to go. I nod and head into my room to collect an overnight bag that I had packed earlier. Before I head back into the lounge I log on to Abigail's laptop that was still sitting on my desk. I bring up my emails and, there, sitting at the top of the list was an email from Regina with an attachment. I fill with apprehension as I open the attachment.

I read through the contract carefully taking in everything I see as necessary before printing it out and signing it. I was now officially Regina's submissive and wasn't scared of what that meant anymore. I place the contract, which is now hidden in a plastic documents holder, in the overnight bag. I shut the laptop down and exit my room closing the door behind me.

"Sorry had to check I have everything" Regina smiles and shakes her head. I look at her and think what more could I want then I silently answer the question in my head. Nothing because Regina is perfect the way she is. "I'll see you tomorrow Abs?"

"Yeah and good luck with your mother"

"Thanks I'm gonna need it" Regina and I leave the apartment knowing full well that Abigail and Frederick will make their most of the time they now have in bed having wild sex. I smile when I realise that's what I'll be doing to.

"Your mother is in town?"

"Yep she phoned earlier asking to meet me tomorrow afternoon I said yes"

"Want me to drop you off? I don't have to be at the office until the evening" We get in the car and I put my bag at my feet before putting my seatbelt on

"Thanks that would be great. Gourmet Country Café"

"I know where that is"

"I have to warn you she's a little… eccentric" Regina chuckles as she starts the car up. She looks at me with amusement in her eyes

"And I'm not?"

"Okay you have me there" Regina puts the car into drive and we set off for Boston. The night was crisp and refreshing. The night air is something I have always loved ever since I was a child. I used to spend my evenings with James sitting out in the garden of the house and just look up at the stars and dream of seeing them. Fanciful I know but it was a little girl's dream, one that always stayed with me as I grew up.

"Thank you by the way" I look over to Regina wondering what she was thanking me about. I can see something in her face, something that reminded me of her breakdown in my room

"For what"

"For being you. I didn't mean to breakdown before it's just what I feel for you is something I've never felt before and when you told me that you don't wanna change who I am… I just…" I hear the thick emotion in her voice. She was gonna start crying again. To see Regina show such emotion was something that reminded me that she was just a human being that had been through a lot in her life and that she wasn't made of stone as I originally thought she was.

"Hey listen to me. In my eyes you're the most perfect person I know even though you're imperfect. No one should have to go through what you've been through but nothing can change that now, it's made you who you are. I know that you're a control freak, perfectionist, guarded and, sometimes, a complete snob but that's who you are and I have no intention of shaping you into a completely different person because the person you are now is the person I wanna be with in any shape or form. Got that?"

She nods. I now I have just struck something deep down within her, something long dead I'd wagered and I'm happy about that because it's bringing her out of that shell she hides behind so much. I figured I was seeing the real Regina now, the Regina that knows just how damaged she truly is, the Regina who struggles with her feelings, the Regina I was quickly falling in love with.

We reach Regina's Boston penthouse apartment at the Ritz Carlton in good time. I was feeling a little scared and apprehensive but the excitement outweighed them both. I know that Regina will break me in as softly as she can before we go in the 'room' at least that's what I hope will happen.

Regina shows me into the master bedroom where I put my overnight bag. She was nervous I could tell. I know she's probably had people in the apartment before especially if she has a 'playroom' here but I know I'm not just another submissive I'm something more, something Regina has never had before, something that scares the living daylights out of her. A submissive who is also her lover and partner outside the 'playroom'

"Well this is it" the bedroom was beautifully furnished with all the finest modern furniture money could buy and all in hardwood, maple I think. The flooring was also hardwood. There were paintings, prints and other decorative objects dotted around the room. The room wasn't what I thought of when I thought of Regina.

"It's beautiful. Not really you though"

"I agree but I figured it was time for a change. Hardwood is the latest trend when it comes to homemaking"

I glance around the room one more time and take in the Boston skyline as I do so which was on display with the half-moon visible. It was a truly beautiful room that looked amazing in moon light.

"It's truly spectacular"

"Not as spectacular as you are" I blush fiercely. Regina always knew what to say, it was an art she had perfected. She comes up behind me and wraps her arms around me. Her teeth nip at my ear. I sigh into the embrace and put my hands on top of hers interlinking our fingers.

"I've signed the contract"

"You have?" her voice was soft like a lullaby


Her arms fall from around me and I hear her walk towards my bag. I turn around and see her open the bag and take out the plastic folder that I had put the contract in. I hear her sigh.

"Strip, get on the bed and lie back" I smile slyly. I strip and do as she asks. The sheets were soft as I push myself back against the pillows. This was going to be fun. I watch Regina retrieve something from the drawer nearest to her. Handcuffs, it was a pair of handcuffs. 'Oh my! At least she's breaking me in slowly'. Regina turns and looks at me with lust and want in her eyes. She slinks over to the bed but doesn't make any move to join me instead she grabs my hands and thrusts them back against the headboard, which I notice is slatted, and she cuffs me to it. "You're going to enjoy this I can assure you" Regina walks away from the bed and towards the walk in wardrobe which is she opens and walks into. She is in there for a few minutes before emerging wearing a black leather dress, leather gloves and leather knee high boats complete with riding crop. My mouth goes dry at the mere sight of her. I have never seen such a sexier sight before. I'm sure my mouth is open and my eyes are the size of saucers but I cannot believe the vision that is in front of me.

"Mmm… what I'm going to do to you my pet" I close my mouth and swallow the fairly large lump that had formed in my throat. Regina slinks towards me in all her leathered glory and stops when she's standing directly next to me. I feel the tongue of the crop moving up my right leg, the cool feel of the leather gives me goose bumps. There is a sudden sharp yet pleasurable pain on my upper thigh. I look down and there was a red mark where Regina had struck me. She does it again and again. "You know I don't want to hurt you so if this gets too much please say apples okay?"

"Yes mistress" I see a smile appear on that beautiful face. I feel the tongue of the whip trail up my thigh before it is settled between my legs pressed against my clit. "Regina…"

"Did I say you could talk?" I shake my head and let out of the breath I had been holding. My breath is ragged and uneven as Regina mounts me her legs either side of my hips. I notice that Regina has gone commando as the heat from her core is very much present on my own "Did I say you could talk?" She hits the top of the thigh hard; I wince but am not put off by the punishment

"No mistress"

"Good girl" the tongue of the crop is, once again, pressed against my clit but now Regina is moving it up and down between my folds. The feeling is beyond erotic. My head falls back against the pillows giving Regina full access to my neck. My eyes slide shut allowing my other senses to heighten adding to my immense pleasure "Are you enjoying this sweetheart?"

"Like you wouldn't believe"

"Splendid" Regina bows her head; her mouth begins assaulting my neck, her teeth nipping at my skin as she continues to use the crop to stroke me. I tug at the cuffs desperate to touch the woman who had changed my life so dramatically. The range of different sensations running through my body is eye opening and I let them happen. Regina straightens up and admires the number of red marks she has left on my neck. I was going to have so many hickies tomorrow and I didn't care. The hunger in Regina's eyes was raw and unparalleled as they bore into them. She begins to use the crop to lightly tap my clit sending small twinges of pain and pleasure through my body. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes I do… mistress"

"Then that is what I shall do" Regina discards the crop on the floor, slips her hand between my legs and enters me swiftly with two fingers. She begins gyrating against me, pumping her fingers in and out of me hard and swift. She uses her thumb to caress my clit hard. She adds at a third finger and continues to fuck me hard, very hard. I move my hips in sync with her fingers and thumb. The pain was only adding to the pleasure I was feeling. I glimpse Regina snaking her free hand under her dress "I'm so wet Emma. How much do you want fuck me?"

"Desperately. I'm aching to fuck you Regina"

"Did I say you could call me by my name?"

"I mean mistress" I can feel my climax building the image of me fucking Regina is aiding that

"I can feel your fingers pumping in and out of me, your tongue stroking my clit tasting me" Listening to Regina describe how I want to fuck her brings me closer and closer to my climax. I hear her throaty moan as she slips her fingers inside of herself "The overwhelming feeling of being filled by you drives me insane. Your fingers working their magic as your tongue continues to flick me; you close your lips around my jewel and you begin to suck, drinking in my taste"

She begins to gyrate harder against me as she fucks me and herself harder. I can see an array of colours beginning to cloud my vision as my orgasm begins to flow down my body

"I buck hard against your fingers as my orgasm begins to overtake my senses" I scream out as I explode into an earth-shattering orgasm. I feel Regina shudder on top of me as she comes hard, her body falls on top of mine and she clings to me slowly withdrawing her fingers from me and from herself. Our breathing is ragged and uneven. I think we just climaxed simultaneously. "Emma…"

"Regina… I have no words for what you've just done to me" Regina slumps beside me burying her head into my shoulder placing small, feathery kisses on it

"Call it a taster for events yet to come" I place a small kiss in her hair. Our breathing is slowly returning to normal. I realise that I'm still handcuffed to the bed.

"Regina I was wondering if you would be so kind as to un-cuff me?"

"Oh I forget I'm sorry" She reaches over to her bedside table, opens the top drawer and retrieves the key. She reaches up and unlocks the cuffs. I bring my hands down and look at my wrists, there are bright red marks circling my wrists. I look at Regina who is staring at the marks that the cuffs have left "I'm sorry"

"Hey look at me" I bring my hand to her cheek and force her to look at me "Don't be sorry for what you've just done to me. Did I once complain about the cuffs? No I didn't so don't do this, don't regret what you've just done. Please?"

She presses her lips against mine giving me a tender, loving kiss.

"Thank you for giving yourself to me in this way"

"If I didn't want this I wouldn't have signed that contract"

"I know" I kiss her with a passion I didn't know I had inside of me and bring her into my arms "As long I can hold you like this after every time we make love or play then I will always want this"