Chapter 8

It's the bright sunlight that brings me out of my troubled sleep. I sit up hesitantly and glance around the room. It wasn't a dream. Regina is really a sadist… no sorry a Dominant who uses chains and whips. 'Great just great the one person I really like has a thing for kinky sex'. I clamber out of bed and move towards the window, I see Regina talking to a man dressed in an army's pilot uniform. Shit. She really does want me to go. I watch for a few minutes longer. They finish their conversation, the pilot walks towards the helipad and Regina walks back towards the house. She glances up at my window, my gaze catches hers. She stops and looks at me, trying to connect with my soul. Her brown eyes red and sunken, did she sleep at all last night? I tear my eyes away from hers and disappear from her view in order to grab a shower and get dressed. I'm thankful that my room has an en-suite. I strip out of my underwear and step under the stream of water letting in fall over my face and body.

Images of last night flash in my mind. The playroom, Regina's proposition, and the very arousing make out session that very nearly led to sex, the sensation of her lips on my chest sparks my nerves, I am utterly aroused by the memory of her lips on the top of my bra-restrained breast sucking and pinching. Oh snap out of Swan! It'll never be just vanilla sex it'll be with cuffs and blindfolds. My inner goddess was jumping at the thought of being bound and blinded whilst I was terrified. I stay in the shower for another fifteen minutes before I hear a knock on the bedroom door, I stiffen in fear. I know exactly who it is

"Breakfast will be served in five minutes Miss Swan" I flinch at the sound of my surname, oh boy is she pissed. "We have things to discuss so please be prompt" there was the control freak Regina, the dominant Regina, the Regina I was scared of. I hear her footsteps move away from the door and I can breathe again. I decide now would be the best time to finish my shower and get dressed. I grab my bra, shirt and jeans. I'm going commando. I look at my disorderly hair in the mirror and realise that's going to have to stay like that until I can get my hands on a brush and a hairdryer. I unlock my bedroom door to find a couple of bags leaning against the wall. I pick one up and look inside. More new clothes? I bring the bags inside and peer inside them both. I pull out a black sweater, new red underwear and a matching pair of black dress pants with heels out of one and a black blazer, purple strapless top, black dress pants and brown tipped black heels from the other and quickly decide to go for the black sweater combo. I quickly change feeling relieved I'm now wearing clean underwear and hasten myself down to breakfast. I enter the kitchen to find an older lady slaving away at the cooker.

"Ahh you much be Emma Swan, I'm Mrs Lucas the cook and housekeeper. Miss Mills has informed me that you're staying here for a while" I nearly crumble when I hear that I'm staying. She had changed her mind?

"Errr… yes I am it's a pleasure to meet you Mrs Lucas"

"And you too dear. Miss Mills is expecting you in the dining room" my eyebrows nearly shoot of my head before turning and walking through the door leading directly between the kitchen and the dining room

"I'm glad to see you've changed your clothes, I sent Mrs Lucas out to get some the moment she arrived" I glance up at her nervously, not risking looking in her eyes

"I got the impression I was set to leave this morning"

"We have unfinished business" I blush at the seductive tone of those words. We did have unfinished business and I really wanted to finish it with more than satisfactory results "We shall finish what we were discussing after breakfast I will not have you hungry" And so it begins… I think to myself; how was I gonna cope with being told what to do all the time. Maybe we could compromise and come to some understanding. Yes I think I'll try. Mrs Lucas comes from the kitchen carrying two plates. She sets one down in front of me then one down in front of Regina. It was my favourite breakfast. Pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries.

"Thank you Mrs Lucas" She smiles gently at me before heading back into the kitchen. She must know about her employer's playroom she can't not know. As I dig in to my breakfast I happen to sneak a glance at Regina, she was watching me with a mischievous glint in her eyes so I decide to play with her. I let a small amount of maple syrup linger on my bottom lip before slowly rolling my tongue across it to capture the wayward syrup. I hear a small growl come from Regina and I smirk inwardly; just the reaction I wanted.

"Stop teasing me Emma" Oh so I'm back to Emma now am I? I smile innocently and peer at her with my puppy dog eyes

"I have no idea what you're referring to Regina, I was merely catching the syrup before it dripped on these new clothes" I can't believe how easily we fall into flirtatious banner after yesterday's events, it feels as if I'm a on a constant rollercoaster not knowing what's going to happen next. We spend the rest of breakfast in silence sharing teasing, heated looks. I knew that we needed to talk badly but I can't help the feeling of want that possesses me whenever I'm around her and after last night I can't blame myself.

"I think it's time we had that talk" I look up at Regina gone was the playfulness in her eyes and back was the seriousness. This was going one hell of a draining morning.

We move into her study. She goes straight to her desk and picks up a folder. She walks over to the loveseat and seating opposite me placing the folder down on the table and opening in it

"This is the list of rules that I told you about. Read through them and then we'll talk about them. They are subject to change" she hands me the list and I begin to read it through with profound interest.



The Submissive will obey any directives given by the Dominant without reluctance or reservation as well as in a prompt manner. The Submissive will agree to any sexual activity deemed acceptable and satisfying by the Dominant with the exception of the activities that are defined in hard limits (Appendix 2). She/He will do so readily and without indecision.


The Submissive must ensure she/he will achieve a minimum of eight hours sleep a night when she/he is not with the Dominant.


The Submissive will ensure that she/he will eat regularly in order to maintain excellent health and welfare from a prearranged list of foods (Appendix 4). The Submissive must not snack between meals, with the exception of fruit

"Okay you can scratch the food one right now, I eat what I want and when I want and certainly not from a list" Regina nods, I can tell she's pissed but I will not change my eating habits to just to please her.


During the term of arrangement, the Submissive will be required to wear clothing only approved by the Dominant. The Dominant will provide a generous clothing budget for the Submissive, which the Submissive must make use of. The Dominant shall escort the Submissive to purchase clothing on an impromptu basis. If the Dominant so requires, the Submissive must wear during the term any adornments in the presence of the Dominant and at any other the Dominant sees as appropriate


The Dominant will provide the Submissive with a personal trainer three times a week in hour long sessions at times that are mutually agreed upon between the trainer and the Submissive. The personal is required to report to the Dominant in order to update them of the Submissive's progress

"I don't need a personal trainer I go the gym two days a week and work out for at least two hours" I can see Regina wanting to argue and brace myself for the barrage

"Make it three days and for ninety minutes each day and we won't have a problem" Going to the gym one of my favourite things to do. Sounds sad I know but it takes a lot of hard work to look as fit and toned as I am

"Deal but I may need to cut it back down to two days if I get a job, working in the criminal justice usually means business schedule"

"I see no problem with that, I know how much you wanting to get on the career ladder means to you" I look at her and give her a small smile. I know she's a control freak and probably the most messed up person I have ever met but she does have her moments of understanding.

Personal Hygiene/ Beauty

The Submissive will be required to keep her/himself clean and either shaved or waxed at all times this must include genitals, legs and armpits. The Submissive will visit a beauty salon of the Dominant's choosing at times to be decided by the Dominant and undergo whatever treatments the Dominant finds acceptable

Personal Safety

The Submissive must not drink to excess, smoke, take any form of recreational drug (cannabis, LSD etcetera) or put themselves in unnecessary danger.

Personal Qualities

The Submissive must not enter into any sexual relations with any person other than their Dominant. The Submissive is required to conduct her/himself in a courteous and acceptable manner at all times. She/he must recognize that their behaviour is a direct reflection upon the Dominant. She/he shall be held liable for any transgressions, offenses and misconduct committed when not in the presence of the Dominant. The Submissive must also keep a diary detailing any thoughts and feelings she/he may have over the term and are required to show the Dominant in interest to see how the Submissive is developing.


"Hard limits?"

"Indeed. What you will not do and what I will not do; they need to be specified in our agreement" I nod. Just reading what being a Submissive entails has pushed my further to the edge of the cliff and I'm now tittering on the edge unsure of whether I will be able to keep my balance.

"The clothes thing I'm not sure whether or not I'd accept the money. It just feels wrong to me" the word 'prostitute' is knocking around in my head

"I want to lavish you with money; I have no one else to spend my millions on. I may need you to accompany me to certain soirées that require you to dress elegantly. I know that jobs, when you do find a job, in criminal justice pay well but not well enough for the clothes I wish for you to wear"

"But I don't have to wear them when I'm with you?"


"Okay good" I don't think I could ever truly give up my tank-tops, skinny jeans and leather jackets; although I would need a couple of suits when I get a job. I look back down at the rules. I've never shaven my… my… ladybits but my arms and legs are a given. Perhaps I should wax.

"About those hard limits these are mine" she hands me another list


No acts involving fire play

No acts involving needles, knives, piercings or blood

No acts involving urination or excretion

No acts involving gynaecological medical instruments

No acts involving animals or children

No acts will leave permanent markings such as scars on the skin

No acts involving breath control

No acts involving electrical currents whether they be direct or alternating, fire or flames to the body

These limits seem very sensible and necessary but why did she have to write them down? Any sane person wouldn't want to be involved in acts such as these especially with children and animals; the thought of such things makes me ill.

"Any questions or anything you'd like to add?"

I shake my head. Until I figure out what my hard limits are than I have no idea what to say.

"Last night you told me something that shocked me" I look down at the floor embarrassed. A faint blush floods my cheeks. I knew this would come up especially if Regina's reaction was anything to go by "Why didn't you just tell me?"

"It didn't exactly crop up in any of our conversations, I'm not in the habit of discussing my sexual life with strangers and we hardly know each other" I'm staring down at the carpet. Why am I suddenly feeling guilty? I am glad she's not angry with me though

"You know a lot more about me now" I flinch at her hard tone, okay so maybe she was angry at me "I knew that you were inexperienced but still a virgin it doesn't make any sense to me I mean you're earth shatteringly beautiful Emma" Regina Mills thinks I'm earth shatteringly beautiful? Maybe she's farsighted and needs glasses. I attempt to hide the silly grin that graces my facial features "How come you haven't been swept off your feet by a handsome young man or good looking woman?" I shrug. Maybe because I was waiting for you Regina, you're the one I know you are. "Have you deliberately avoided sex?"

"No it's no one has ever really… you know"

"Until me" I flush at her words, she was right she is the only one that has ever truly… turned me on

"Do you want me to go?" her head snaps up to look at me, her eyes wide with surprise. She shakes her head

"Of course I don't, I like having you here" She looks at me, a seductive smile gracing her lips "You're biting your lip"


"Don't be it's just I really want to bite it too, hard" I gasp, how can she say something like to me during a serious conversation and expect me not be affected by her words

"You cannot say something like to me in the middle of a fairly serious conversation" I watch her stand from her seat and move toward me with a grace in her step and holds out her hand to me. I take it with caution. She pulls me to my feet and guides me out of the study and to the foot of the stairs "Where we going?"

"I am taking you to my bedroom where I am going to make love to you" my heart stops in my chest and the world falls away leaving only myself and Regina in a bubble. "Only if that's what you want of course, I don't want to force into anything you don't want to do"

"I thought you didn't make love, I thought you only fucked… hard" My mouth is dry as I stumble over the words.

She throws me a fiendish grin that sends a wave of arousal through me.

"I can make an exception for you Emma; perhaps I'll fuse the two together we'll see. However I really want to make love to you so please come to bed with me. I want our arrangement to work but you need an idea of what you're letting yourself in for. We can start your training now with the basics but this doesn't mean I've suddenly gone all hearts and flowers" Wishes really do come true after all

"What about the list?"

"Forget about the rules, forget about all that right now; I just want you. I've wanted you since you tumbled into my office and I know you want me. You wouldn't have sat down last night and just now to discuss punishment and hard limits if you didn't. I'm asking you Emma please come to bed with me" I nod nervously. She smiles as she sweeps me up into a bridal style lift. She carries me up the stairs placing tender kisses on my forehead. "You're one brave woman Emma Swan" she gently kicks the door to her bedroom open. Her bedroom is as I expected. The walls are white and the furnishings are all burgundy and black. The bed is a modern king size with white satin sheets and black pillows.

I am shaking worse than a sinner in church, not that I'm religious or anything. Finally after all this time, the waiting is finally over and with no other than Regina Mills. My breathing is heavy as she places me down gentle on top of the bed. She removes her watch, earrings and bracelet and places them on the bedside table; she removes her jacket and throws it across the back of a chair. She's dressed in a black turtleneck and black casual trousers. She is too gorgeous for words. Her black hair perfectly styled, not a single strand out of place; well not yet anyway. She steps out of her high heels and gazes at me softy as she sits down on the edge of the bed, willing me to sit up. Emphatic, suggestive eyes gaze into mine, my heart pounding at what seems to be a hundred times a minute. My blood is already pumping through my body and a desire, which is copious and searing, pools in my stomach.

"Let's get this sweater off you shall we?" she says gently; her fingers take the edge of the sweater and smoothly brings it over my body, her hands brushing my sides as she does so finally lifting it over my arms and tossing it across the room joining her jacket on that chair. She runs her hands across my ribs and back as she takes me in, her eyes raking my body greedily and her tongue darting from her mouth wetting her lips. "Do you have any idea how much I want you Emma Swan? What I'm going to do to you?" she runs a hand up my stomach, between the valley of my breasts, up my throat to my chin which she takes between her thumb and forefinger, her thumb gently caressing it "You have such perfect, flawless skin, I want to kiss every inch of it"

The muscles deep down inside the darkest part of my being clench with excitement. I am utterly aroused by this woman. Her eyes bear into mine as she brings my lips to hers. Her lips are exacting, firm and gentle shaping mine. She pulls me to my feet and begins to sink to her knees, her lips trailing a path of hot, teasing kisses on my skin. Her hands grip my hips and she traces her tongue across my navel then places gentle kisses on my hip bone then across my stomach to the other hipbone


Seeing her on her knees before me, feeling her mouth on my body is so expected but very hot. My hands wind their way into her hair pulling at it gently, coaxing her. She looks at me through her long lashes, her eyes dark. Her hands reach up and undo the button on my trousers and she coolly pulls down the zipper. Without taking her eyes off me, her hands move below the waistband, caressing my hips and moving to my behind. Her hands softly squeeze my buttocks before they slide down my thighs removing my trousers as they go. I am mesmerised. She stops and licks her lips. She brings her head forward and runs her nose up the apex between my thighs. I bite my lip to suppress the moan I feel building in my throat

"Emma you smell heavenly" she croons, she closes her eyes and a look of pure pleasure overtakes her face. She reaches up and tugs at the duvet cover pulling in over the bed then she gently pushes me back so I fall on the mattress.

Still kneeling she clasps my foot and takes off my heel. I raise myself up onto my elbows to see what she's doing. She lifts my foot and places soft kisses on the top of it, running her tongue across my ankle before replacing it with her lips. Jesus! I let out the moan I had been trying to hold back and fall back onto the bed. I hear her soft chuckle.

"Oh Em, what I could do to you in this very moment"

I bite my lip as she uses my nickname, how sexy it sounds rolling off her tongue. She removes my other heel and then stands removing my trousers completely. I'm lying on her bed in only my bra and panties and she is staring down at me with unadulterated lust.

"You are so very beautiful, my swan, I cannot wait to be inside you"

Oh my god! Her words are so seductive. She takes my breath away. She leans down over me and I unknowingly move my legs apart, she smiles and slinks onto the bed between them. She hovers over me. I am writhing with need, a need that she could take care of.

"Keep perfectly still" she purrs, she then slinks down my body and kisses the inside of my thigh, trailing soft, feathery kisses up and over my thin, delicate panties kissing there.

How can I not move when she is doing this to me? It's impossible. I fidget behind her

"We're going to have work on keeping you still aren't we babe"

She traces hot kisses over my stomach, her tongue teases my navel. Her path continues laying more hot kisses across my torso. My skin feels as if it is on fire. I'm grabbing at the sheets beneath me. She sinks down beside me moving her hand across my hip, to my waist then to my breast. She gazes down at me with an inscrutable expression and softly cups my breast. Her free hand snakes around my shoulders and she gently pulls me up. She unclasps my bra with one hand and casts it on to the floor before pushing me back down on the mattress.

"You are perfect" I feel my nipples harden under her cool gaze.

She blows gently on one as her hand moves to my other breast, kneading it as she rolls the other nipple with her thumb, teasing and tugging at it. I groan feeling the pure enjoyment of the act in my groin. I am so wet. My fingers clasp the sheet tighter as her lips lock around my other nipple, nipping and tugging at it. Her slow, voluptuous assault sets ever nerve ending in my body ablaze so that my whole body hums in pure sweet torment. She doesn't stop.

"Oh please Regina" I plead. I pull my head back and I groan.

I feel the hand that was kneading my breast fall across my stomach and trail across my waist. She cups me intimately. Her fingers slip into the fine lace and begin slowly drawing circles around me-there. She closes her eyes and revels in the feeling of my arousal.

"You are so wet baby"

She pushes a finger inside of me and I cry out as she does it again and again. Her thumb massages my clitoris as I feel her push another finger inside of me. I begin to move against her fingers as she pushes into me harder and harder. Her lips are suddenly on mine capturing me in a searing kiss, her teeth pulling at my bottom lip. She picks up the pace of her thrusts and I keep up meeting them. Her thumb is working all kinds of magic on my clitoris, the nerve ends tingling with this new sensation. I feel her fingers curl inside of my hitting my sweet spot. I moan in delight.

"Regina… oh god Regina"

I begin to stiffen as she thrusts on and on. My body spasms, a slick sheen of sweat settles over me. I had no idea it would feel like this… no idea it would feel this good. My thoughts dispersing… there is only sensation… only she and me… I stiffen

"Come for me Emma" she utters in breathless anticipation. I come undone at her words, shattering around her as I climax and fragment into millions of piece beneath her. Her fingers slow prolonging my orgasm. Slowly she pulls out of me and I wince at the unfamiliarity. "Did I hurt you?" she leans down and places soft kiss on my sweating forehead before she lies down beside me.

"God no" her eyes are intense, inquisitive and even challenging.

I stretch out beside her, feeling supple. My bones feel as if they have turned to jelly but I'm tranquil, deeply tranquil. I grin at her and I can't stop grinning her. Now I know what all the damn fuss is about. That was an earth-shattering orgasm. I had no idea what was body was capable of. Like a spring too tight wound and then released so violently. The pleasure was beyond description.

"That was amazing beyond words Regina, thank you" She smiles at me as she leans down kisses me with a tenderness that I didn't know she possessed "Can I enquire as to why you're still in your clothes and I'm practically naked" she chuckles as she slides off the bed and stands. I watch as she slips out of her shirt, trousers and underwear. Her body is utterly flawless. Her olive skin unblemished. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

She picks up the duvet cover and drapes it across my almost naked form before gliding under it and lying down beside me facing me, a calm smile gracing her lips.

"You were so responsive Emma, so perfect"

"If anyone was perfect it was you"

She brings her hand to the back of my head and brings my forehead to hers pressing them together. This is a first for both of us. For me, having sex but for Regina it was the entire idea of having someone in her bed, someone to cuddle up to, someone to be intimate with. And I hope that she will change her mind about me sleeping in a completely different room to her because I don't think I could cope not feeling her against me now.