Chapter 9

I didn't know at what point I had fallen asleep after my mid-morning 'exercise' but I hope that Regina wasn't to upset by this. All my wishes had come this morning. The memories of Regina's fingers inside of me, probing me, penetrating me are still vivid; that woman was incredible and she knew it. I wanted to feel her inside of me again as soon as possible but right now I was just content in getting my energy back.

All of a sudden I feel something hot and wet on my thighs. Oh my god did I just come in my sleep? I creep one eye open to see Regina, now wearing her shirt, between my legs placing tender kisses on my inner thighs. What was she doing? I catch her looking at me, her lips curved in a sensual smile

"Just lie back and enjoy this okay baby" I watch her descend upon my sex and I feel her lips snatch at my clitoris sucking and biting. I never knew sex could feel this intimate, this personal. It was truly a revelation, one I wanted to continue to have for as long as possible.

"Oh Jesus!" I then feel her tongue begin to tease my clit. It was mind boggling the sensations I was feeling. Her hands are stationary on my hips keeping me in place. I begin to buck against her mouth as she continues to lick and suck at my sex. The feel of her mouth upon me is out of this world but I needed her inside of me, filling me. "I need you inside of me Regina I must feel you inside" I knew that she would not deny me the feeling of her fingers inside of me; she is a generous lover in that respect. I feel a finger tease my entrance. The tip runs the length of me adding pleasure on top of pleasure. She enters me with my two fingers and I bite back a moan "Regina… what are you doing to me"

Her thrusts are hard and fast, I keep up meeting each with the same vigour as I did the first time around. Her tongue alternating between flicking and licking on my clitoris, her lips sucking as if my juices were blood to a vampire.

"You taste amazing my darling" her breath tease the nerve endings as they begin to tingle; the familiar sensation begins to overtake my senses. A slick sheen of sweat once again settles over me as I continue to buck against her and meet her thrusts.

The thrusts and the sucking become more vigorous. She can obviously feel my orgasm building.

"Come for me my Swan, come in my mouth let me drink you" Her words are my undoing and I fall into orgasmic oblivion. I explode into her mouth; my body writhing and eyes bursting with colours as I leave the atmosphere.

"Regina!" my orgasm is intense, she allows me to ride it out on her fingers. Her lips leave my clitoris; she runs her tongue the length of me lapping up my juices. She slithers up my body placing soft kisses above my sex, on my stomach, breasts and neck before her lips meet mine. I taste myself on her lips, she's right I do taste amazing. "Oh god I… I have no word… words for what you just did to me"

My breathing was irregular and I could barely form a coherent sentence. I slowly come back down to Earth after being shot into Space by Regina's loving. Her chuckle is low and seductive. She runs a hand across my breasts and down my stomach in a repetitive movement

"Hmm I'm only as good as my partner, it's your responsiveness that lights the way for me" my hands are running across her back when suddenly she tenses up. She moves out of my embrace sliding away from me. She stands up and looks at me, she just shakes her head

"What did I do?"

"I don't like being touched" I scowl. She can make love to me but I can't make love to her? She had better be kidding! "It's not you; it's me it's one of my many issues"

"Does that mean that I can't… repay the favour?" the solemn, regretful look on her face tells me the whole story. I sigh and will back tears I fell gathering in my eyes. I so desperately want to touch her it's excruciating. I bring the duvet over my body hiding it from her view. She closes her eyes but doesn't turn away from me.

"Please don't. I want to look at you" I look up and find her eyes are once again open and trained on me. I feel dirty. I didn't want to feel this way, not after the most exhilarating experience of my life so far.

"But I can't look at you, I can never make love to you; do you know how used that makes me feel?"

"No Emma." She rushes over to me and takes one of my hands in hers, stroking the back of it with her thumb "We've just done something magical together; we made love no matter what you think. Just because I don't get it done to me doesn't mean that my feelings don't grow every time I make love to some… to you"

"I want to touch you; I want you to feel what I feel. I want to look into your eyes when you… I want to experience making love to someone. To you" Regina sighs. She doesn't remove her hand but the stroking ceases. How many walls am I going to have to get through to reach the real Regina Mills?

"I'm sorry Emma I just can't let you do that" She knows how selfish she sounds but she doesn't care. She extracts her hand. She bends over, picks up her underwear and pants before slipping them on. She looks at me, offering me a weak smile. She opens the door and leaves closing it behind her. I bring my knees up to my chest and I let the tears slip from my eyes. Oh come on Emma you knew that a control freak like Regina wouldn't let you touch her! I don't know what you're so damned upset about. It's probably a clause in that contract that she's gonna send you. Damn my fucking subconscious for being so damn pessimistic. I had to admit it to myself I really should have known that Regina would let me touch her, no matter how much I want to.

I stand from the bed and head for the shower. I want to get the smell of Regina off my skin. I notice she uses the same body wash and hair shampoo that was in 'my' room. Great I am never gonna get the smell of Regina off me. Then I think to myself: do I really want to wash her smell off me? Do I really want to?

I shower really quickly then get dressed. I don't particularly care that I'm wearing the same underwear. I find a spare brush in Regina's en-suite and just about manage to get my hair under control. I know that it will curl because I'm letting it dry naturally but I don't really care. I wander downstairs and head straight for Regina's study. I knock but get no reply. I open the door and find it empty. I sigh, closing the door. I look around me. The door leading to staircase that led the 'playroom' was open. Figures that where'd she disappear to.

I take a deep breath and head down there. The playroom door was open and the soft illumination of the lights is prominent. I peek my head around the doorframe and there sitting on the bed was Regina. She doesn't make any move to acknowledge my presence, she may not even be aware that I'm there.

"Regina? Are you okay?" her gaze snaps up to look at me. I'm now standing just inside the door. Her gaze is intense and albeit a little scary. This was dominant Regina.

"Come here" her tone was commanding and stern. This was definitely dominant Regina. The Regina I had to get used to as soon as possible. I do as I'm told and walk over to her. "Kneel" I kneel down on my knees and sit back on my heels in front of her. I'm not exactly at eye level with her. "Good girl. Your obedience deserves award" I watch with keen eyes as she stands from the bed. She seems to tower over me, it's unnerving. "Do not look at me" I turn my gaze to the floor. I rely on my ears in order to know what she is doing. I hear the sound of a zipper. My breathing quickly becomes erratic. My heart is in my mouth. Is she going to let me touch her? "Stand but do not look at me do you understand?"


"Yes what!" I try not to flinch at the domineering tone of Regina's voice. God knows that this was turning me on beyond all reason but she still instils fear when she's in dominant mode.

"Yes… Mistress"

"Good girl now stand" I does as she tells me, my eyes still trained on the floor. I can feel my desire pool between my thighs "Take off your jacket" I slip of my jacket and hold it in my hands until I am told what to do with it "Place it on the wooden stand behind you" I do as I'm asked. Who knew that being told what to do was such a fucking turn on? "Kneel on the end of the bed facing me"

I walk over to the bed and do as I am told. My eyes are trained on the heeled feet in front of me. I can see that she had removed her trousers. I rake my eyes over them, they're beautiful.

"Put your hands on my legs" I gently place my hands on her legs. They're soft and flawless. They're all Regina. "Run them slowly up to my hips but keep your eyes trained on me"

I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat and begin my exploration of Regina's legs, my eyes never leaving my hands. I feel the muscles ripple under my hands I move my hands slowly up. I memorize every detail of them in my mind, the muscles, and the skin, how they feel under my hands. They're so muscular, so perfect. I stop as I reach her hips, nervous yet excited as to what she'll have me do nice. I watch as she parts her legs, her sex glistering in arousal. Oh god I want her so badly.

"Eat me out" My heart skips at least two beats as her words reach my ears. My hands clamp her down as I lean down and take in her scent. She almost smells of apples it's intoxicating. I close my eyes and bring the memories of her doing the same to me to the forefront of my mind. I then banish them as I close my mouth over her clitoris. I hear her moan in response to my actions and her words come to me 'it's your responsiveness that lights the way for me'. I catch her clitoris in my teeth, biting and sucking hard. "Emma…"

I can't describe all the sensations that travel through me as I taste her for the first time. Excitement, relief, anxiety, happiness and god knows how many other emotions rush through me. I flick my tongue against her clitoris allowing her to feel what I felt. I alternate between flicking and licking her clit with my tongue giving her a range of sensations to process. "Gods Emma…"

Hearing my name fall from her lips in pleasure sends me to new heights, allowing me that extra bit of courage. I grasp her hips tighter as she begins to buck against my face. I withdraw my mouth from her clit and nuzzle it with my nose as I run my tongue up and down her length teasing her clit with sly flicks and quick licks. I can sense that her orgasm is near but can't help tease her a little bit more. With one more slow lick of her length I return my mouth to her clitoris.

"Emma! Oh god! What are you doing to me!" She's losing control. Then it clicks in my mind. This room is her environment, her safe haven where control is something of a necessity for her but somewhere she can also lose control, where she can let go just as she is doing now.

I suck hard eliciting moans of pleasure from Regina. They're like music to my ears; I would never get tired of hearing such sweet sounds. I swipe my tongue across her and she explodes in my mouth. Her orgasm is hard and intense. I drink her in and use my tongue to lap up her overflowing juices not wanting to waste a single drop.

"Emma…" her breathing is ragged and heavy as I pull my face away from her sex. My heart feels as if it's about to jump out of my chest. "Look at me" I look up at her. Her face is flushed, her cheeks red and there are un-ushered tears in her eyes "Kiss me"

I crawl between her legs and lean over her pressing my lips against hers in a tender, loving kiss allowing her to taste herself on me. She moans in appreciation. We break the kiss and just stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. I know nothing she will say in just a moment will sound nice or loving but I know she'll get to that after we leave this room.

"Stand from the bed and put your jacket on" I climb off her and do as she commands. I don't care that I am left unsatisfied I'm just happy that she let her defences down even if it was just for a brief moment. "Walk to the door and kneel. You will do this every time you enter and leave this room. This is how you will greet me every time I walk through that door and every time I leave this room. " I hear her stand from the bed. I hear the zipper of her trousers then her heels walking toward me. "This will all be specified in the contract that you are required to sign" She leaves the room and I just kneel there waiting to be told when I can stand and follow. "Come. Close the door behind you"

I get up off my knees and follow her, closing the door behind me. I watch back upstairs and am pleased to find her waiting at the top for me. I just manage to put a foot inside the foyer before Regina closes and locks the outer door behind me.

Suddenly she pulls me against her and my lips are crashing against her for a breath-taking, passionate kiss. I wrap my arms around her back pulling her closer. Her hands are roaming my back and butt. When air becomes an issue we break touching our fore heads together.

"Thank you" I look at her with such devotion and pride. I shake my head before touching my forehead to hers again

"No. Thank you for giving up control and letting me make love to you" I place a soft kiss in the tip of her nose. I am so proud of her; my pride cannot be measured in words.

"For a first timer you were out of this world."

I chuckle.

"I had a great teacher"

We just stand there in each other's embrace. We both know that tomorrow we have to go back to the real world where there is more than just her and I that we have to think about. Right now I just want this moment to last forever.