Nabalungi Hatimbi fired her first gun when she was ten years old. It was an old weapon, a remnant built decades before the Millennium, but so had everything else within the Third Wall. Importantly, it worked well and she liked it. The gun was a solid, square firearm and her father had been skeptical when she had first brought it home, but after a demonstration using Ghali's baskets as targets he had consented to let her keep it. Her father was nothing if not practical and he knew that no girl could be expected to survive long if she didn't know how to shoot a gun as well as any of the soldiers.

That same gun would be clenched in her hands, nine years later, as she ran haphazardly through the chaotic marketplace, bullets whizzing about her head. The severity of the attack had come as a surprise; this market lay flush against the Wall, the only place where Terrestrials crossed to actively sell to Telestials and was thus well guarded. Most knew that attacking the white vendors was a definite death sentence. Even if you managed to kill a few, the higher ups in Salt Lake City could write it off as provocation and send sentinels of heavily armed police to demolish your entire camp. Whatever advantage the Telestials had in guerilla tactics, the Celestials and Terrestrials could overcome with superior technology and organization. Then who was risking such an attack and why, Nabalungi wondered as she fired a series of shots behind her and skittered around an overturned stall. Suddenly, a dark body stumbled out of the brown dust haze, capturing her attention. It was the body of a young man, blood flowing from the gaping wound in his neck; his mouth hung open, spluttering incoherencies as his red stained hands grasped at the hem of her dress. Arms straight, bang, one shot to the chest and he relinquished his grasp. The body fell, the new wound already seeping red across his shirt.

Nabalungi ran on. She cried. She always cried, but there was no time to save the already dead. She had what she had come for.


FORM #19


DATE: 3/24

Division 9

Mission Title: UGANDA


James McKinley (Division Captain)

Christopher Thomas (Lieutenant, Assistant to Captain McKinley)

Brian Church (Field Agent)

Michael Davis (Pilot)

Nicholas Zelder (Weapons Expert)

Clark Michaels (Scout)

Kevin Neeley (Medic and Bioforensics)

Simon Schrader (Communications and Technology)

In the space below please describe reasons for request:

Division 9 currently hosts a talented team of agents all trained in disciplines essential to thorough completion of its missions. All have had adequate experience working in the field, but, despite the efforts of Agent Zelder, the division lacks agents with advanced combat training. This greatly impedes the division's ability to carry out successful assignments. Furthermore, the current designated field agent, Agent Church, has been wounded attempting to recover artifacts of the state. For these reasons, Division 9 humbly requests an addition of two new agents specifically trained for field work. Receiving such individuals would prevent morale lowering measures of splitting companions and allows agents more suited to home base operations to better utilize their talents resulting in a more efficient team dynamic.


James McKinley