The trickster priest smiled his usual grin at the crimson haired woman laying on the bed, the sheets covered with her splattered blood. "Now Miss Lina, this will only take me a moment. It is a good thing we discussed everything ahead of time, I fear you would not have enough life left in you to state all your terms..."

Lina Inverse glared through her weak eyes. "... Just... Shut the hell up... And get on with it." she coughed, a bit more of the red liquid escaped from her mouth.

Xelloss waved his forefinger, leaning his head close as he placed the finger upon her lips. "I will not allow L-sama to claim your soul, Lina-chan." his Mazoku eyes slowly opening, piercing through her as death was creeping closer. "... For it belongs to me." he placed a violet jewel into her hand, and the world exploded in black sparks of magic. "Now, let's go save your sister shall we?"

******** Two Days Earlier ********

One of the great temple shrines of Cepheid was crumbling down by a deep crimson haired woman standing, watching as it came down. "... Still running out of time..." Luna Inverse hissed.

"My, my, my... What happened here looks like somebody's having fun." The voice loomed from a black shadow above.

"Get lost, Xelloss." growled the Knight of Cepheid.

A black tornado came from the shadow and touched down to the ground, it slowly took the known form of the priest Xelloss standing before her. "I'm afraid I'm here on orders. Your recent actions are stirring up some questions in the monster realm."

"Tell Beastmaster to mind her damn business." Luna spat.

"Well I'll tell her you said that, but that doesn't satisfy my curiosity." Xelloss spoke, slowly opening a single violet eye. "Since when did you turn on Cepheid?"

"You really want to know, priest?" she grinned a bit, then reached out and grabbed his hand.

The burning sensation of holy magic pierced through his Astral Form. He quickly jerked out of her grasp, black smoke escaping from where she had grabbed, turning part of his arm black like the color of his true form. "... If you were cross with me, you merely had to say." he said in a mocking tone.

"Are you really that stupid or a glutton for punishment?" Luna growled, her eye twitching under the hair that covered them.

"That, would be a secret!" Xelloss waved a finger with a chuckle, then his face hardened. "... I knew this day would come, I had wondered why you turned Filia down... How long until...?"

"... I don't know." she merely answered.

"Does Lina...?" the priest began, and immediately was silenced by the powerful had at his throat, her fingers burning through.

"Bring her into this, and I will kill you myself, priest." Luna growled, tightening her grip as her magic flowed and continued to damage his form. "I know the Mazoku already have her on their radar, this is my problem." she slowly let go and turned around. "Just remember our bargain."

"Oh I have not forgotten, but I must say some things have changed since I met your darling little sister." Xelloss mused, opening both eyes with a smirk. "And I know Lord Beastmaster will be ordering me to see her again soon."

Luna turned to face him. "... If it is anything like what Hellmaster wanted tell her I-"

Xelloss raised a hand to silence her. "No. My mistress has no intention of summoning the Golden Lord. She only wishes to help balance the scales of power back to normal, as the monster race has taken a dive with losing 2 lords already." he shrugged. "Though the Demon Dragon King and Hellmaster got too greedy I'd say."

"What is she planning then?" Luna asked quietly.


"Is a secert." Luna had cut him off, which made the priest pout just a bit. "It can't be good if she's keeping it from you."

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time." Xelloss rubbed the back of his neck. "But I have my theories."

"Will she threaten Lina's life in anyway?" the Knight of Cehpeid pressed.

"No, she wouldn't dare." Xelloss said this a little too darkly. "... But I think Dynast and Dolphin might."

"I wouldn't put it past those two." Luna shook her head. "... Do you need me to come with?"

Xelloss waved his staff as he shook his head. "You are quite busy on your own, Miss Luna. But if I may, where are you headed next?"

"... Seyruun."

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