"Come on, Mio," RItsu was pulling her towards the Host Club's massive room. "Look how big this school is!"

"I'm sure it'll be fun," Mugi smiled.

"What's so good about them? They just make the girls fall for them for no absolute reason. I bet they're even arrogant and snotty," Mio negatively pointed out.

"Oh don't be such a killjoy," Ritsu scoffed.

"Azusa?" Mio looked for support but Azusa was the one to open the door. "Oh, good lord. Let's just get on with it."

"Whoooo!" Ritsu exclaimed.

"Host-o. Host-o," Yui chanted nonstop.

"Welcome Sakuragaoka High School!" the host club members said in such a cool, breezy way. Mugi squealed as Ritsu tried to get a closer look.

"We are the Hitachiin brothers!" Kaoru and Hikaru bowed.

"Kaoru, are you nervous?" Hikaru leaned over to Kaoru, their faces could almost touch one another.

Kaoru slightly shook his head, caressing Hikaru's hair. "Are you?"

Mugi sighed, totally captivated by them. "They're the famous twins everyone's talking about!"

"Oh boy," Mio sighed.

"My name is Kyoya, I'm the 'mother' of this club," Kyoya was forced to say his line. Damn that Tamaki.

The girls laughed a bit.

"I'm Hunny! And this is Bunbun!" Hunny senpai presented his bunny to them.

"Mori," was all Mori-senpai said but it had a positive effect on the Yui as she wanted to present herself that well as well.

"And finally! I'm the King around here," Tamaki stood up, exaggeratedly presenting himself. "And this! This is my wife! Haruhi!"

Haruhi blushed as Yui and Azusa giggled with the other girls. Haruhi sighed in defeat and tried to smile.

"There…can't be only five of you in Sakuragaoka High School, right?" Kyoya asked nervously.

"Ah, no, we sneaked up early so we can meet you guys properly," Ritsu explained.

"Ah, no wonder," the Hitachiin brothers said.

"Well, come sit!" Tamaki exclaimed and the five girls made their way to the sofa and sat.

"I brought some tea as well," Mugi said preparing tea for the Host Club and for the girls.

"Ah! She's a PRO!" Tamaki said.

"Of course she is, she is the daughter of the Kotobuki Clan," Kyoya blurted out.

"I'm pleased to finally meet you," Mugi smiled at him.

"So, so! How does this usually work?" Ritsu was on the edge of her seat.

"Uh…well," Tamaki laughed nervously.

"We charm girls like you," Hikaru smiled flirtatiously.

"Ah," Ritsu said, having no expression whatsoever on Hikaru's smile.

"That's right!" Tamaki cried out.

"Stop being so loud," Haruhi said. "I'm Haruhi by the way. What are your names?"

"Yui!" Yui saluted.


"Tsumugi, but you can call me Mugi."

"And this goody-goody two shoes is Mio," Ritsu poked Mio on the shoulder.

"Ritsu!" Mio cried, slapping Ritsu's finger away.

"We heard so much about the Host Club," Ritsu changed the subject.

"But don't you guys look rather plain?" Mio asked.

The Host Club members' jaws dropped.

"Pl-plain?" Kaoru asked. Haruhi giggled and burst out laughing. Mio blushed and kept her mouth shut.

"Nice going," Ritsu sighed. "She really has no idea what handsome and erm gorgeous really means."

"Ah," Tamaki nodded, still hurt by what Mio said.

"So what now?" Ritsu's eyes gleamed but the members of the Host Club still couldn't believe what Mio had said.