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It was supposed to be a normal day. Get some briefs done, finish up some pro bono cases, and tie up the joint employee suit against one of Harvey's clients. The day was so close to ending; so, so, so, so close. Mike was so deprived of time with himself and his alright apartment that his mouth watered at the idea of just lying on his couch until he couldn't care anymore. Meeting their client at this overly gigantic bank, because the asshole was so "hard pressed" for time that he couldn't just come into the damn office, just dampened his mood. But he was still determined to reach that light at the end of the tunnel where there was beer and maybe a good book in his lap.

Then, Mike can safely say, shit hit the fan. Not only did it hit the fan, it demolished the fan after being splattered around so now everyone was suffering the same problem. Besides that gross image being compared to what was happening now, Mike was beginning to get a headache. It was that headache he got after he had memorized every paper handed to him by his superiors. The headache was not because of the role he was currently playing in this unfortunate scenario.

There was a reason he avoided banks where crowds of people seemed to flash their cards around like they weren't important. His wondering eyes had a hard time averting away from the indented numbers and where there was a pin being punched in, his eyes did not discriminate. Right now, sitting on the cold, hard ceramic floor, up against the teller counter, this associate was sitting on riches beyond his wildest dreams. But, according to the Encyclopedia of His Conscience, that was wrong and he would only get caught. Though, he would argue with himself all the time that he would not, he assured himself, get caught.

The quick pace of his terrified heart did not help in the matter. When those shots were fired, adrenaline kick started his whole body…right into the speckled ground. Everyone in the bank seemed to have the same idea as they, too, had hit the floor. It might have been because "Get on the ground NOW!" was heard but Mike wasn't really paying much attention. He could tell you the model of the gun one of the robbers were carrying and if it was cleaned recently, though.

Harvey was spectacularly quiet next to him. As if he was just assessing the situation; waiting for something to happen. Mike could also tell that his boss was not pleased, at all. If Harvey had a gun, Mike was sure that he would be more afraid of his boss than the people who were in the process of robbing the place.

"My cellphone isn't working." Harvey stated. Mike glanced down at Harvey's side and watched him tap his phone aggressively. When Mike started to feel sorry for the technology, his hand shot out and was placed on Harvey's hand. He ignored the way his breath seemed to become nonexistent as the palm of his hand made contact with smooth skin. It wasn't the cell phone's fault for not doing its job, right?

"Alright, we don't need any phone causalities." Mike tried his phone but there was no signal. Didn't he have reception just a few minutes ago?

"No signal. That's weird." Mike muttered as he placed his phone back into his pocket. He also noticed that the group jumping over the teller's counters and calmly running to and fro didn't demand for their communication devices at all. Mike couldn't help but feel very uneasy about this whole thing. These obviously were not the normal "break and run" thieves. Because, seriously? Who would want to rob a bank whose security rivaled the Pentagon's? Everything about them was professional. Even their outfits, which consisted of a ski mask ironically, were neatly organized and matched each other as if it was a uniform. A normal person would be using a normal 9mm but, as Mike had deducted these people were not normal, the group all held M4s with laser scopes. The only bags the robbers were carrying were black laptop bags.

"How the hell do they think they're going to steal anything from this place? You can't even walk through the front door without being fondled by a security guard. Not even the most unintelligent being on earth would rob this place." Harvey looked over at Mike with an annoyed look. Mike had a sinking suspicion that Harvey was not all that worried about the chance of dying during this fiasco. Harvey was right, though. How was this all supposed to play out? If the security was tight out in the lobby then just imagine the artillery on the way to the vault. They weren't even carrying any bags to indicate that they were going to steal any money.

That was it.

The laptop bags.

"They're not stealing from the vault." Mike stated earning him raised eyebrows.

"Humor me." Harvey said. He would be one to strongly doubt that someone in this situation could stay calm enough to figure out what was going on but he decided that Mike deserved a chance to prove himself. Though, it didn't help Mike's argument as he nervously scooted closer to Harvey when one of the bigger robbers started to herd people closer to their position. Their shoulders touched as Mike leaned his head closer to Harvey's.

"See the laptop bags?" Mike nodded towards the smaller robber who was watching the whole lobby. Both men stared at the person as Mike continued.

"There are obviously laptops in those bags-"

"Insulting my intelligence by pointing out the obvious is not the right way to become my friend, Mike." The associate sent an incredulous look to his boss.

"Oh please. I became someone you cared about the instant I blew your mind with mine. You couldn't resist me."


"Anyway, they aren't going to steal any money from the vault because they're going to steal it electronically."

"And knowing the incredibly fortified defenses of this fortress they couldn't hack the place on the outside." Harvey finished as he looked away when the person he was looking at met his gaze. Mike smirked and patted Harvey's arm.

"I'm impressed. The old man can keep up." Harvey didn't have time to express how much he disliked that statement as the barrel of a M4 was waved in their faces. Mike's heart raced again as he remembered that this was not a TV show he was watching at home.

"C'mon, mates. Get with the other sheep." An Australian accent passed through the lips of this blue eyed man as he pointed with his gun towards the group of hostages sitting on the floor. Harvey stood up and Mike followed suit.

"Question: What are you going to do about the other nineteen floors above this one? I could imagine how difficult it would be to keep all this quiet." Harvey asked motioning towards the group. The man smirked and his eyes seemed to sparkle.

"What makes you think we only have this floor covered?"

Well, at least he had the decency to respond non-violently.

The Aussie led them over to the group and sat them down in the front along with a couple of other unfortunate customers.

"Mommy? Why is this happening?" A small girl's voice was heard behind them. Mike gulped down the tension in his throat as he shot a look at Harvey.

"Sh. Sh. Sh. I don't know, Honey. I don't know. We just need to stay quiet." The mother answered through a sob as she squeezed her daughter against her chest.

"Here are the rules: You will not move from this spot. If you want to use the dunny then you will do it in that corner." The Aussie pointed then he froze for a second as if reconsidering something.

"Well, as Americans call it, 'the bathroom'. Do not worry. We shouldn't be taking too long here.

"We prefer you to not speak at all because that results in a hero being shot multiple times and we do not want that. We are only looking after your well being." The Aussie continued to walk around the group of thirty people as he spoke. Mike's gaze landed back on the smaller thief who was standing in front of the whole group. After seeing the front of this person, Mike could tell that she was a woman.

"Lastly, and most obviously, if everyone cooperates without a problem then you all will continue to live your rich lives and we will be out of your hair in no time." Mike's eyes widened as his gaze met this woman's eyes. Her green eyes did more than trigger a familiarity in the associate's genius mind as it all came back to him after reassessing the woman's posture. Mike had seen her before but not just seen. He knew her on a more intimate level.

The woman seemed to smile as she moved to a different position. Mike scooted closer to his boss and placed a hand on his thigh to grab the older man's attention. Harvey stared at the hand and Mike became more nervous about his hand placement than his current realization.

"Harvey. That woman subbed for my 5th grade teacher." Harvey's eyes met his as he said this neither one noticing how close they were. Even if they did, one or the other would just say they were trying to keep quiet. For a moment, Harvey was surprised and then rose an eyebrow indicating his associate should continue on to dispel the noticeable skepticism on Harvey's handsome face. Mike sighed and looked forward to make it seem like he wasn't talking.

"I remembered her eyes. Her eyes shouldn't be different but coupled with how she carries herself; it sparked some kind of memory."

"Really." Harvey said disbelieving.

"What? I can't control this power." Harvey snorted as his associate continued with his story.

"She was there for two weeks and then suddenly she disappeared. My teacher was gone for a month so I thought Ms. Marks disappearance was weird."

"Maybe she didn't like her job anymore and left. I'm sure 5th graders are more than…difficult to deal with for so long."

"I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that because 5th graders are adorable creatures."

"Then it must have just been you." Mike glared at his boss' proud smirk as his grip on Harvey's leg tightened as a warning. Why Harvey didn't make a move to remove his hand was seriously beyond the young associate's realistic reasoning.

"Haha. As a matter of fact, I was her favorite. She found out about my Grammy and me being parent-less then started to 'mother' me, like she couldn't help it. Or she was just being nice to study my eidetic genius."

"If that's who you think it is-"

"I know it's her, Harvey."

"-then the latter would be more likely." Harvey shifted in his criss-crossed position. Knowing that dust was gathering on his suit pants made him anxious. Mike rubbed his face. He was way too tired to even respond the right way in a situation like this. The fact that he felt like a bank being robbed was a nuisance to him and a complete waste of his time was very concerning. He was acting like Harvey. Maybe the whole hero worship thing and the fantasies constantly running through the associate's mind were changing him into a Harvey clone which, he guessed, was a good thing in another person's perspective.

"I think you're wrong." Mike stated as he leaned on his elbow which was propped up on his knee.

"Of course you do." Harvey sighed. He planted his palm behind him so he could lean back. This was not good for his back or his ass for that matter.

"Hey." The Aussie crouched in front of them with a mild glare present in his eyes. Mike's eyes slightly widened and he felt Harvey tense next to him as the man looked at them both with suppressed anger.

"What is so important that it got you both blatantly disobeying the rules? Hmm?" Both men stayed silent. Mike felt a tremble underneath the skin of his hands as he tried to keep his composure. Freaking out in front of his boss always did not end well. The Aussie stood up and loomed over them.

"That wasn't rhetorical, gentlemen."

"My boss was just saying that if we get out of this in one piece he would take me out for dinner." Mike couldn't stop the snark from barreling out of his mouth. He would've shot himself so that he didn't need to live through what he envisioned would have happened right after.

"Platonic or..?" The Aussie asked. Mike was astonished. These people were far, FAR from normal thieves. The man wanted to know if the associate and his boss were a thing! Mike turned as his gaze shifted up onto Harvey. Harvey was glaring at him making the associate smirk. He turned back to the man and leaned in causing the man to crouch back down. Mike still played along as a way to keep his panic attack in check but he didn't realize what he had done to increase the chance of a more deadly situation to occur.

"Our job frowns upon workplace relationships." Mike said in a low voice. The Aussie smirked and his eyes brightened. Mike hoped that any anger directed towards them would have dissipated. The man stood up and put a hand on his hip.

"Ay, gotcha. I'll keep it a secret since I like you." Mike could feel Harvey's intense glare melting holes in the side of his head. He felt hot under his boss' gaze.

"Now then, Michael Ross, if you would stand up and follow this young woman. We are in need of your…skills." The Aussie cut in.

"What?" Mike looked bewildered as he stayed unmoving in his seat. How the hell did that guy know his name? The Aussie narrowed his eyes.

"Get up." He ordered as he bent down to grasp Mike's arm. The man pulled him up and pushed him towards his 5th grade substitute teacher. Harvey must have done something as the associate was lead passed the group of terrified people because Mike heard,

"Oh, don't look at me like that, Mr. Specter. I'll have your boyfriend back to you in one piece…if he cooperates."

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