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"Chris." Alex said warningly.

"It's really too bad. I was starting to like Michael's company." Chris stated tapping the muzzle of his gun on Mike's temple. What did that mean? Was Mike going to die?!

"You don't have to do this." Chris rolled his eyes.

"I can not believe you just said that to me, Alexis. You do know that I want to get out of here alive, yes? And I am very sure that Michael will be able to help me."

"You're going to use me as a bargaining chip?" Mike asked his head spinning.

"Right you are but I will not hesitate to kill you if I do not get what I want." Silence smothered the lobby before an unexpected person spoke up.

"You're not going to get what you want." Harvey blatantly voiced with arms crossed. Chris spun towards him with Mike's head in his arm. The two agents stared at him with suspicion. "And you know that." Harvey started stepping closer towards Chris and Mike with a slow ease and as casually as he could. He was hoping Chris wouldn't notice much since Harvey wasn't an agent and acted like this was just another normal conversation.

"Maybe. But it wouldn't hurt to try, right?" Chris smiled as he waved his gun around.

"I don't know about that. It's gonna hurt somebody. It's just a matter of how many people." Harvey inched closer keeping eye contact with Chris.

"Clever. But you see, if they want everybody alive then they will give me what I want."

"Oh, please. They're not gonna care about that. Like Alexis said earlier a couple of casualties versus a hundred people. They'll take those odds." Chris' smile widened as he started to address Alex while keeping an eye on Harvey.

"My, Alexis, what a magnificent bluff."

"The CIA doesn't bluff, Chris." Alex responded.

"Sure they don't." Chris turned back to Harvey and adjusted Mike to stand in front of him. "I'm also sure that if Mike's life is in the most danger I am most likely to get out of here safely." Mike stared at Harvey with a scared expression. He breathed deeply trying to stay on his feet.

"What makes you think that?" Harvey asked still moving closer.

"You two are together right? You will most likely not want your boyfriend in danger. You're in a position to push the ethical button and stop them from screwing me over stopping me from killing Michael." Harvey smiled smugly.

"And you believed us?" The room seemed to grow cold. This silence weighed heavy on Harvey's chest and it only got worse when he caught the hurtful expression that passed on Mike's face before his associate looked away. When Chris' mouth turned into a frown from his wicked smile, Harvey might have been frightened for a second and made him question what exactly he was doing.

The plan was to get Chris so agitated that he becomes distracted enough for Harvey to make his move. Harvey was perfect since he was a lot more "under the radar" than two blown agents who couldn't make any kind of move whatsoever. But as the older lawyer progressed he began to get more worried about his associate's life but he didn't see any other way to get them both out of the bank alive.

That was what Harvey read from the man. The Aussie was always calm even when the job almost went to shit. That was a man with experience and a man who almost never loses. A man who everyone followed orders from and a man who set his sights on his goals and achieved them. Always so calculating that he rarely had a kink in his plans but men like that usually forget to have a backup plan if everything went bad because their egos were a bit too big and having a backup plan was a strike to their pride. So, agitate Chris by putting a flaw in his plan and catch him off guard before the moment he decides to pull the trigger.

"There is no true love that is beating out the traditional norms society seems to put on every person?" Chris looked deathly disappointed as his grip around Mike's chest tightened.

"No...love." Harvey slowly responded. "Mike is only an associate to me. He's replaceable which means I don't care about him which also means..."

"I am very screwed." Chris said his gun slowly lowering. Harvey stared at Mike, willing his associate to look up at him; to see that the older man was lying. Every single word he said was to throw the Aussie off his game. But Mike wouldn't. His eyes diverted to the side to avoid the older man's gaze. Which irritated the hell out of Harvey. Mike was being so obvious about his feelings for the older lawyer but he couldn't man up and confront Harvey about it. If the associate looked up he would see just how much Harvey was willing to retaliate those feelings.

Harvey couldn't get the right opening to get his shot in. The Aussie wasn't distracted enough. This better work...

"Mike..." Harvey called out quietly almost embarrassed to hear his voice sound so pleading. It did the job though. Mike's head shot up on reflex. He did that when he saw or heard something so outrageous. Harvey found it entertaining.

Mike's eyes widened as he examined his boss' eyes and body posture and suddenly he had a new found confidence. He couldn't tell what his boss was thinking exactly but he could tell that Harvey wasn't telling the truth. Mike then wondered why he even thought what Harvey said was believable. The associate watched Harvey's hand clench and unclench as if he couldn't hold his urge to punch somebody and that was when Mike connected the dots.

The reason why Harvey was so close, why he was stepping closer as if he wanted to have a friendly conversation with Chris, and why he said everything that he did. Harvey was messing with the Aussie for a reason and if Mike went over what had been happening and focused on how Chris was acting towards Harvey's words he could see that Chris was slowly losing it. Chris was about to be permanently cornered and his trademark calmness was deteriorating leaving the man vulnerable to aberration caused by an unexpected source but also left him very unpredictable at the same time.

Mike needed to help Harvey. He was sure no one else was going to act so he needed to. At that moment, what he was going to do was the most logical thing to do and few people would have agreed. After smirking at Harvey and nodding, happy that his boss responded with narrow eyes, worry laced through the dark pools, Mike initiated the next chain of events.

The associate threw his head back. Upon impact, something cracked and both men stumbled. Mike fell forward onto his knees while Chris stepped backward dizzily; gun at his side. Immediately, Harvey ran the short distance forward the second the back of Mike's head connected with Chris' face. Mike had just landed on his knees when Harvey punched Chris' jaw. The Aussie's head almost rotated at an impossible angle as the man crashed into the floor but the gun was still glued to his hand. Harvey quickly turned around, his sights set on Mike who was holding his head. He grabbed Mike's arm and hoisted him up just as Alex ran in yelling at the man on the ground moaning in pain. Mike and Harvey ran a few feet before turning around and watching the scene.

Alex kicked Chris' gun away as Chris grunted and glared at her. Tom limped towards his agent and pulled out handcuffs. Sirens sounded and brakes screeched as police cars raced to the bank. The feeling of relief rolled over the crowd and everyone bursted out in a talkative roar and sobbing was heard as people hugged and began to stand.

Mike smiled as his heart slowed in his chest finally. He felt so exhausted after all of that, that he could probably sleep for a decade. The high off the adrenaline had begun to fade and pain crashed into Mike's head. His vision blurred for a second and his knees almost gave out. Harvey must have been paying attention because the man hugged the associate; full blown, arms around Mike's body, hug. Mike couldn't help but feel that the hug was a "I almost lost you" hug rather than a way to keep Mike standing. Which Mike wouldn't be doing if Harvey let go of him.

The younger brunette's heart increased in speed again. He felt sorry for his heart going through the torture that it did and hoped that it would forgive him and not explode. His chin rested on his boss' shoulder and his arms stayed at his sides; shocked. His mind was blank but his head was tingling and Mike couldn't figure out if it was because of the headbutt or his boss' touch. He didn't know what to do.

Should Mike just stay stiff as a board? Or should he embrace his boss in the same hug that his boss placed upon him?

Really, he should be happy and relieved. The man should be thankful that he wasn't killed. He should be thankful to Harvey. Mike was jumped out of his thoughts as Harvey pulled away. The boss smiled down at him.

"Are you okay?" He asked concerned about the fact that Mike looked like he was going to faint. Mike beamed before throwing his arms around his boss' neck and kissing him.

Today was an interesting day, wasn't it? Sketchy client sends Mike and Harvey to a bank planned to be robbed. Mike was the main element in that robbery. Old acquaintance. CIA. Being screwed. His boss saving him, pretty much.

And now, Harvey was showing as much enthusiasm in kissing Mike back as Mike was clinging to him. It just felt right. Lips so soft and experienced but also uncharacteristically needy which caught Mike off guard. The associate couldn't help but run his fingers up the back of his boss' head and through the man's hair. Harvey's fingers dug into Mike's hips as Mike felt his unbuttoned shirt move up. They probably would have thrown each other down and had awesome, animalistic sex if it weren't for the clear of a throat and a giggle making them separate.

Alex and Donna stood watching them. Donna had an eyebrow raised with a smirk and Alex had her arms crossed.

"Not even out the door and you already have Mike undressing." Donna retorted. Mike looked down at himself and his cheeks pinked.

"Uh, this...uh...I was already like this." Mike tried defending.

"You should have seen them downstairs. Mr. Specter had his clothes off, too." Alex said.

"It was hot." Harvey stated.

"Mmmm, I bet it was." Donna voiced in a teasing voice. Harvey rolled his eyes and Mike stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Alex!" Tom called and Alex turned to run towards her boss. Donna continued to stare at Mike and Harvey. Harvey stared back as Mike looked around surveying his surroundings. Wow, how long had they been kissing? The lobby was empty from any hostages, several local police officers wandered and people with CIA jackets crawled the place. Yelling here; ordering there. It was chaotic but Mike was relieved that it was over. That was some scary shit but Mike would be lying if he said that Harvey wasn't a badass or the whole hacking the server scene wasn't the most exciting thing he had done.

"Okay, I'm only going to do this once but this will never reach the surface." Donna said stepping closer. Mike was about to question her when the redhead jumped at them and embraced them both. Both men were squished together as Donna buried her head in between them. She pulled back quickly and fixed herself before smiling up at them.

"I'm glad my boys are okay. Jessica was a little worried, also. Should I say our boys then?" Donna asked.

"Please, no." Harvey responded as he started to head for the door. Mike and Donna followed but Mike was still hesitant to leave. Shouldn't they have given a statement? And he needed to talk to Alex. There were still some questions.

"Uh, I'll meet you guys outside." Mike said turning away. He ignored the steps that stopped behind him as he made his way to Alex. The agent looked up and excused herself from Tom and met Mike halfway with a smile.

"Hi." Mike said.

"Mike. The CIA thanks you for your help and you will be compensated accordingly."

"First, it was pretty much my fault that we got caught and second, do I get to choose how I get compensated because there are very few things that I want at the moment and money isn't so much of a problem." The associate almost put his hands on his hips and then remembered that his shirt was still open so he started buttoning it up.

"Don't blame yourself. If they weren't suspicious of me in the first place I'm sure they would have been dumb enough to believe any excuse you pulled out of your ass. As for compensation since money won't do..." Alex reached into a pocket and pulled out a card with just a number.

"This is the best thing you can get. My number. If you need any help, just call me. Just not for stupid things, alright?" Alex handed the card to Mike and the man observed it; the numbers automatically being stamped into his mind.

"This doesn't seem like a lot." Alex raised an eyebrow and frowned.

"Assistance from a government trained killer is not a lot?" The warning in her voice made Mike chuckle.

"It was a joke."

"Very funny." Alex said with a smirk. Mike smiled back.


"Mr. Specter was the one who really got you out of that."

"No, I know. I was thanking you for back then. When you sent Grammy money."

"She deserved it and somebody had to do it. Now, can you please go home or something? Your real boyfriend won't stop glaring at me." Mike looked back and caught Harvey as he looked away quickly. He was trying to look like he was talking to Donna who just rolled her eyes at him and walked off. Mike beamed and couldn't make his smile go away. He felt so light that floating away would have been a problem. Mike looked back to an extended hand and he took it.

"Hopefully, when you require my brain, you ask me first?"

"Only because you asked. I'll see ya." Mike watched Alex walk away and got grabbed by another person who seemed to be very angry with the agent. Mike turned and walked back to his boss who was giving a small smile.

"What were you two talking about?"

"She gave me her number." Mike received a very entertaining, confused frown and his teeth showed when he smiled at his boss. The associate's arm made it around Harvey's back and his hand grasped the man's shoulder. He lead Harvey out the front doors where the EMTs rushed to them and pushed them towards the ambulance. Mike was sat down but Harvey preferred to be standing as he watched the female paramedic tend to Mike's head wound. The woman asked a series of rehearsed questions before finally being satisfied and told Mike he should probably rest for a couple days and take some painkillers. She left and the two men stared at each other.

"So, why did she give you her number?" Harvey asked. Mike's eyebrow rose and an amused smile appeared on his face.

"Being the jealous boyfriend, Harvey?" Mike slowly got up, careful to not pass out.

"I wasn't aware that I was a boyfriend." Harvey stated with his arms crossed. A smile graced his handsome features as Mike stepped closer.

"When you kiss me like that, you better bet that you're my boyfriend. As you have experienced, I'm not a one time deal." The associate's gaze blatantly landed on the older man's lips and his smirk got bigger. He just wanted to nibble on them but he restrained himself being conscious of the part of the public who had a problem with PDA and two men.

"You have no shame." Harvey commented after watching his associate daydream in front of him. Mike just shrugged as his eyes averted back up. "And I don't do the girlfriend...or boyfriend thing." Mike almost lost his smirk for a weak second but then he remembered that Harvey was all talk when it came to emotional subjects.

"Have you ever wondered why you don't? Maybe you just couldn't find the right one, until now." Mike stated with his hands on his hips.

"And you think you are, god forbid, the 'right one'?"

"Oh, Harvey." Mike said dramatically. "I've been the right one since the day I walked into your interview."

"Sure, Mike. I still don't do relationships." Harvey stated, still smirking at his associate's egotistical trip. Sure, relationships were complicated but maybe he would want to change his stance on them if it was Mike.

"Harvey, we've been in one ever since I first stepped into your office."

"Funny, I didn't get the memo."

"Aw, I know you wouldn't want to break up with this." Mike said showcasing himself with his hands. He might have been looking fine but he was really wanting his boss to not suddenly reject him after experiencing a really addictive make out session. A hand snaked up the back of his neck and he got goosebumps when it tightened. The associate's smirk immediately dropped as his heart sped up in anticipation. He might faint if the older man kissed him again.

But, no, Harvey just smiled at him, almost teasingly.

And he walked away with his puppy in tow.

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