She breathed shallowly as she turned right. Her fear slowly rising every minute, she looked back to see if it was still following her. Slowing her heart rate as she came to a gate. Hearing someone breathing behind her she turned around, as she was suddenly picked up by her chin. Before she could scream he quickly covered her mouth signaling her to be quiet.
She looked him in the eyes they were filled with nothing but evil, malice, and insanity; hers filled fear, dread, and hope. He whispered in her ear "There is nothing to fear. I'm not going to hurt you, don't worry you'll be set free." chuckling to her. She said to him "I would never want to fear someone who's a coward. Also wouldn't dare show respect towards people like you, but there was always Shadow I completely respected." as she finished her sentence once again she was held up by her chin. He slowly smiled at her and said "The only reason why your not dead right now is because you actually have the smell of fear on you right now. As you've heard I love the smell of fear whether hidden or shown. You on the other hand don't show fear isn't that right?" She responded "Yes, I don't show fear but it's when I'm not being pursued by a monster like you." she was quickly grabbed by the neck with her back against the wall. He said "I will only let you go if you promise me you'll never runaway again or speak of his name in my prescence, also if I decide to let you go you never return. Got it!" she strained out the words "Yes, Mephiles I Sandy Cheeks vow to never leave unless told to do so." "Good girl, now back to your cell." He said calmly.
As she went in her cell and closed it he said "Remember, no matter where you go as long as you're still loyal to me. I will always find you." she responded quietly "Yes, Lord Mephiles. I shall never stray again." as she say him leave out of hearing range she said "Yea right, as if I'd ever remain 'loyal' to Mr. I got turn into a puddle then sucked in a scepter."
Sticking her head out of the bars she looked left and right to see if any guards were coming. She turned around and lifted up a slab of fallen concrete revealing an escape tunnel, climbing down the finished tunnel. She saw the sun beam through the dirt as she reached the surface. She was pulled up by Shadow himself and had given him a small peck on the cheek.
"Hey, I've decided to make you my-" he suddenly stopped talking when he saw the slab of concrete and he screamed "That ungrateful little wench once I find her she's DEAD!" he then exited with his quills scorching blue flames.