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After a much needed break, I spent the last two hours catching up with my best friends Alice and Rosalie. We enjoyed a delicious meal. I even splurged and had a glass of margarita from the pitcher they ordered.

It seems like it has been months since I've seen them. In reality, we get together about once a month here of late, but they understand. I miss the heck out of them, but priorities shift with time. After hugging them goodbye, I climb into my minivan. Yes, I now drive one of them.

It's been a year since that terrible night. After all the legal drama we had to deal with we hope Jacob will be locked up for a long time. I will never forget him and all that he changed in our life, but I have moved on. We all have. We had to in order to cope with that night.

My pregnancy was amazing. Certainly no piece of cake, but the experience was incredible. Watching my body transform with a growing human being inside me was unbelievable. Edward kept calling me sexy and beautiful—even on days I know I wasn't. How could he call me that when morning sickness was not just in the morning?

He brought me flowers a couple of times throughout the pregnancy. And chocolates. He even did one of those midnight runs to get me a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and especially pickles—hold the ketchup. I couldn't handle the taste let alone idea of ketchup touching any of my food during the pregnancy. Which was odd, because I love it.

All those months leading up to the delivery, Edward joined me at several of the appointments. He was there when we did the ultrasound. We truly expected to find out the sex of our baby. But our child was having none of it—no angle would work for the technician. We left with grainy black and white images of our unborn child showing us arms and legs, but not the sex. It worked out, in the end.

During the next ultrasound, we told them we didn't want to know. After taking the necessary images, she handed us all but one. Retrieving an envelop, she sealed the answer inside allowing us the opportunity to open it if we so chose. But we never did. It was more fun that way—one last surprise to reveal itself during the delivery.

It was a day I would never forget. The forecast showed a mostly rainy day. That was the way it had been for the past week. I had felt a contraction—I didn't realize it at the time. But I knew something didn't feel quite right. Edward sat on the couch with me. After that strange feeling, I glanced up at him. When he looked at me, I just knew. I think we both did. It was time.

We rushed to the hospital and our beautiful daughter was born a few hours later. The labor was intense, but thankfully it was short. Edward was perfect, and so helpful during our hospital stay. And holding our baby was incredible. To be honored with the gift of creating life was such an amazing blessing.

Thinking back to that day always brings a smile to my face. Parking our van in the driveway, I glance up to see her bedroom. The light was on, which tells me she is most likely getting her bottle before bedtime. I quietly walk through the house and up to her bedroom. The door is open. Glancing in, I wish I had a camera. The picture perfect moment showcases my husband with Ellie Grace cradled securely in his arms as he sits in the rocking chair, unmoving. His eyes are shut. And so are hers.

Leaning against the door frame, I watch them for a few minutes. Her arm hangs out of the swaddle, something she does for some reason. Ellie never keeps it within the blanket, always maneuvering it out. And Edward, what he does for me, and our family, is incredible. The first time he held her, I could see his nervousness of holding a newborn–almost afraid to be left alone with her. But now, he cradles her like a father should, protectively yet lovingly, allowing me a much needed reprieve with my girlfriends.

Tiptoeing to the light, I click it off. Quickly looking at the two loves of my life, I see Edward is now awake. He rocks her back and forth for a moment before standing to prevent her from waking up. He walks towards her crib but before placing her on the mattress, he bends his head down and kisses her lightly on the forehead. He lifts her carefully in my direction. After I kiss her goodnight, he puts her into the bed. Edward places his arm across my back as we watch her settle into a peaceful sleep.

Once in our bedroom, he asks, "How are the girls?" He removes our fancy pillows and turns down the bed.

"They are doing great! It was so wonderful to see them and catch up." I grab my pajamas and motion to him that I am going to change in the bathroom. Glancing at the articles of clothing, I realize it is my same old comfortable t-shirt and shorts. On a whim, I rush back in the bedroom to my drawer and pull out something a little more lacy. Thankfully, Edward doesn't notice. He's gotten used to my more casual attire and I decide putting on my special lingerie should be a surprise.

Gone are the days of crazy and wild sex. We don't need it. It was never truly us. I certainly won't lie and say I didn't have fun. Because we totally did. But it was wild, crazy, and very reckless at times. Perhaps becoming parents changed us. Or it could have been that dreadful night. Regardless, we rather enjoy the company of each other as we snuggle on the couch with our child. And after she is tucked in bed, we have our own fun in the calming atmosphere of our bedroom. Sure, we keep the nights of sex fun, but in our own personal way in the comfort of our own home.

Tonight, for instance, I realize I haven't worn this sexy outfit in several weeks. I'm sure he wishes he could see it more often. And I would rather enjoying wearing it more, but raising a child, working full-time, being a wife, cook, housekeeper—the list goes on and on—also comes with pure exhaustion. But sometimes, you just know when you need to have sex—when you need to feel connected on a much deeper level with your mate. And tonight I plan to create the best fantasy—spontaneous sex—he has no idea its even in the equation for tonight.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I rush into bed. He must have gone to check the door locks and turn out the lights in the rest of the house. Snuggled deep within the covers I lie in wait. He returns a few minutes later.

"So, did you have fun?" Edward asks.

"I certainly did. Thanks for letting me go out tonight."

He stops to look at me. "You should know by now, that I realize we each need a few minutes to regroup and unwind. Besides, you spent most of the day with her while I played golf with the boys. I wanted to have a little one-on-one time with Ellie. And by the way, she totally said 'Daddy is awesome' tonight." His smirk gives him away.

"I know our sixth month old daughter did not say that because she can barely say momma. There's no way she even knows how to say the word awesome." If he were near me, I would total caress his arm as we continue the flirting banter.

"You're right. She didn't say I was awesome, but she did say I fix a damn good bottle."

"A damn good bottle?" I smile.

"Yes, she said it with her eyes as she gulped it down in record time."

"I'll remember that next time I give her one." I pretend to yawn, hoping to move this show on the road. I certainly enjoy talking about our daughter, but right now, I really want one thing.

As if on queue, he takes the bait. "I'm going to finish getting ready for bed. I'll be in shortly."

"Good night," I say, hoping he thinks I'm going to bed. Then I add, "Can you turn off the light?"

He does as he heads into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Minutes go by allowing me to plan my attack. Do I just stay covered and wait for him to join me in bed? Should I remove all covers so he sees me ready for him? Should my hands rub my breasts as he enters the room for instant excitement? Before he opens the door, I know exactly what I will do.

Joining me in bed, he whispers, "Goodnight, Bella."

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, too."



Then movement.

Slowly, I position myself so my mouth hovers near his ear. Moving closer, I intend to lick and suck a place I know he craves. But little did I know, Edward had plans of his own. The moment I expect to make contact, he moves his head so swiftly he latches his mouth onto mine. Before I realize it, he's on top of me, our mouths moving against each other, with each other, finding that special pace allowing us to pulse together.

Breaking for a hastened breath, he says, "Do you honestly think I didn't see what you wore to bed?"


"Does it matter when we are moving toward the same end result?" I say while rolling off him. He follows my lead.

"It does when I don't get to enjoy seeing you in it."


I should have known that was coming.

It was pitch dark, but Edward loves this sheer dark blue babydoll lingerie. I even wore the matching thong panties. And he should get to see it on me. He turns on the lamp nearest him. Looking into his eyes, I watch as they roam over my body. His hand caresses my face as he takes me in. Once he's done looking me over, he returns to my eyes. We stare at each other both knowing. Both remembering. But overcoming. It's been a year, but this is ok. This is our life.

And in the end, this is exactly what we need. Sweet sensual sex. Nothing fancy. Not too hot. Needs are satisfied. Tame beyond comparison. But for us, this is enough. It's our fantasy—and it's turned into our reality.

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