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It was a little after 11 at night and Jane and Lisbon were on her couch watching TV. Lisbon was sitting with her feet on the coffee table in front of her and Jane was lying down with his head in her lap and his feet on the opposite armrest. They were watching various late night television talk shows, but neither of them were really paying attention. They were each just enjoying the other's company.

Jane could not help but think about how incredibly happy he was. What was even more remarkable was how often he'd been feeling like this over the past few months. Without guilt and without fear.

He was free now. He was free to love. He could love Lisbon, well, Teresa now, without the fear of Red John taking her away from him. It was liberating.

Technically, he'd been able to do that long before she showed up in Aspen. Jane could not thank Stacy enough for pushing him to follow her back.

Jane closed his eyes as Teresa started playing with his hair absentmindedly. It was nice. He sighed.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Teresa.

Jane smiled without opening his eyes. "I'm thinking I need to send Stacy a huge box of chocolates as a thank you."

"Oh! That reminds me." Teresa slid out from under him and his head fell back on the couch cushions. Somehow it was not as comfortable.

"Get back here, woman!"

"Bite me. Shut up." She added, sensing Jane's reply.

Jane chuckled and sat up as Teresa came back from the kitchen with a small package and some scissors.

"It's from Stacy." She told him as she sat down next to him.

Jane took the package and scissors form her then opened the box. After pulling the bubble wrap off the top he found his teacup and saucer, which he had left in Colorado in his rush back to California. He grinned.

"I was wondering about that," said Teresa. "Look, there's a note between the cup and saucer."

She turned her attention back to the TV as Jane pulled out the note and began to read.

Dear Blondie,

I sent this to Teresa's house because I couldn't find an address for you, hope she didn't mind.

Your apartment is up for rent. Good.

I was browsing the internet the other day and I saw a picture of you and Teresa in front of the California State Capitol building (well, you were kind of in the background, but you were there). Article talked mostly about the case, but I didn't really read it. I just looked at the picture.

I'm assuming that means you got your job back. I don't know how you winged that, I thought there were rules against dating co-workers. And you two better be together by now. If not I will fly out there and smack you both.

I found your teacup the other day. I actually meant to send it to you months ago, but we got a case and I completely forgot. Anyway, I thought you might like it back.

If it's possible, Jim and I would love to have you and Teresa over for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I know how demanding your jobs can be but it would great to see you again. Let me know either way. I'll understand if you can't.

I hope you found your happiness, Patrick. You deserve it (and so does Teresa). Never let it go.

Tell Teresa "hello" from me. And ask her to call me from time to time when she's not too busy keeping you in line, I liked talking to her.

Let me know about Thanksgiving! It would be great to see you two again.

Best Wishes,

Stacy Anderson

Jane smiled and folded the latter back up and put it in his pocket. Teresa turned off the TV.

"So what did she say?"

"Well, she invited us to Aspen for Thanksgiving."


"Yep. I think she liked you. She also asked me to tell you to call her sometime when you're not too busy keeping me in line. Her words."

"I'm never going to have time to call her then." Jane laughed. Teresa yawned.

"You should go get some rest," he told her, "It's been a long week."

"Mmm kay. What about you? You had a long week too."

"I have a letter to write. I'll be up in a minute." He brought his hand to her cheek and kissed her softly. "I love you."

Teresa smiled. "I love you too."

He kissed her once more before she got up and started for the stairs. "Why don't you just call her?" She called over her shoulder.

"When someone writes you a letter, you write a letter back."

"You're gonna have to go buy some stamps then."

Jane chuckled as she disappeared from sight. He'd get the stamps tomorrow. He also decided he'd order Stacy some flowers to go along with the letter. Maybe even some chocolates as well. She deserved them.

He found a pen and some paper and began to write.

Dear Stacy,

Thank you so much for sending me my teacup. I missed it.

Yes, Teresa and I are together. I can't thank you enough for metaphorically hitting me in the head. The gun was a particularly nice touch. And yes, I am definitely happy. Happier than I've been in 10 years.

I "winged" getting my job back because I am not an agent. I am a consultant. It doesn't count.

Teresa and I would love to go visit you on Thanksgiving, but like you said our jobs are unpredictable. We will try our best.

I hope you and the rest of the team are doing well. I know I never really said but I truly appreciated you all taking me in the way you did. I had nowhere to go and you gave me a place to be (even if it was only temporary).

I'll make sure to get Teresa to call you sometime. She's upstairs sleeping right now. It's been a long week and she deserves a nice long rest. Maybe I'll turn her alarm clock off to so she'll sleep in. On second thought, if I did she might shoot me.

Anyway, it's getting late now. I think I'm going to head upstairs and turn in for the night as well.

Thanks again, Stacy. For everything.


Patrick Jane

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