Kickin It with Vampires!

Note: Since this chapter is the introduction, it will be super short.

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You know how you always wish to be immortal. Well stop wishing. Being immortal isn't a good thing. When all of your friends grow up, you won't grow up. When your friends and family die, you'll be left all by yourself for eternity. It all happened too soon. I didn't want it to happen. My best friend Jessie from Tennessee tried to warn me, but I didn't think it would happen. I didn't think it could happen. I thought it only happened in the books and the movies. But boy was I wrong. I should've listened to him. Now I'm stuck like this, at least I hope not! I wish there would be a cure for this curse my ex put on me. My family doesn't know, my friends don't know, not even Grace or the Warriors. No one knew. It's good my parents are always out of town. Since their never at home, they haven't found out about my new… diet. Rocks were being thrown near my open window. I hissed going over to my window. And outside my window on the grass was my boyfriend. Jackson Anderson, someone who didn't know my- secret. He's also one of the reasons I don't wish for immortality. I don't know what I do without Jack Anderson. But I hope he doesn't piece two and two together. That could be bad business, I love him but I don't want him to know.

Hi is the intro weird. Is the ending kind of corny. Tell me what you think. Hey guys I'm thinking of adding an OC or two in later on in the story, but I dont know what there names will be and what there personality will be, style, if its a girl or boy... Any help would be well appreciated just put in your ideas. Read and Review!