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My name is Katniss Mellark; I am married to the love of my life Peeta Mellark. We survived two hunger games together. And I live in district 12, at victor's village. And for the very first time in my life, I feel happy.

I walk into Peeta's newly rebuilt bakery and breathe in the smell of all the yummy breads he's making. Seeing that I'm his wife, I have the right to walk in the back of the bakery whenever I please, so as always, I help myself to make a beeline for Peeta, no matter where he is in the bakery. Here recently I have wanted nothing more than to eat his entire stock of bread, so as I pass my favorite rack of breads, I grab a cheesy bun, I smile at the heat coming from this small piece of pleasure. Before I can raise the treat to my mouth I feel somebody's hands wrap around my wrists, I am being pulled back and I can smell the comforting scent of dill and, every other bread dough under the sun. Peeta has his arms wrapped around my waist and I lean my head back, and under his neck. I laugh and a smile brighter than the sun crosses my face, I can feel and hear Peeta's melodic laugh in my ears, and I completely melt in his arms. I turn around and stand on my tip-toes to kiss him. "So Katniss, you're stealing my inventory again hmm?" Peeta smirks and kisses me on the cheek, "It's your fault for making them so yummy. And let's just say…I'm testing them for you." He shoots me a look of pleasure that I'm so eager to be eating his food. I interlock my hand with his and he pulls me back to the baking table; "Peeta! I thought we both understood that you're the baker in this marriage. I'll do nothing but destroy your work." After a little bit of begging for Peeta to let me watch for today, he gives in with a smile. "You can't watch forever, soon you'll have to try it." As a response I pop the last bite of cheesy bun into my mouth and chew it cheerfully as I sit by the window watching my wonderful husband roll out various beads.

After all of the pain and suffering I have experienced in my life, it feels weird to sit here without a worry in the world. My life feels perfect.

When Peeta approaches me with his hands covered in flour, I try to make a run for the door, he grabs me by the arm and rests his hand on my cheek, it leaves his large handprint on my cheek; he tries leaning in for a kiss, and I can't stop myself when I start laughing so I sink my hands into the giant flour bag sitting by my feet. When I spot Peeta's black shirt that has been protected by his apron and I push both of my hands onto it. Peeta locks me in an embrace and runs his flour filled hands through my braid and I run my hands all over his face. "I've got to get going Peeta, see you at home." I kiss him on his flour covered cheek which leaves my lips white. I blush and wave goodbye as I walk out of the shop.

I decide to stop by the convenience store and pick up a few things. I grab a large jar of pickles and I ponder what else I want to eat. I almost run when I think of the idea of ice-cream. I pick out their largest tub and figure I can spilt it with Peeta when he gets home tonight. I grab some other food on my way through every aisle. I walk up to the checkout and set all of my items down. "Congratulations Mockingjay." "Excuse me?" "You are expecting aren't you?"

The clerk looks down at all the food I bought she lingers a moment longer when her eyes reach the pickles and ice-cream. I shake my head vigorously. I'm not pregnant. Am I? I look down at my flat abdomen, it is a little bigger I suppose, but only because of all the bread I've helped myself to recently. Of course you're not pregnant. You haven't gained that much weight from the bread, besides you get your period today. I take one small glance at the small rack in front of me, it has a few pregnancy tests, they all sit there mocking me and making me question myself. There's no way you're pregnant, are you? The clerk catches my hesitance and reaches over to the rack and pulls off a single pregnancy test and places it in my bag. She blinks widely at me, and gives me a half smile. I know she's right. Better safe than sorry. I grab my bag and walk out of the door, holding the bag close to me and when I see that I'm almost back home I start to run. You can't be pregnant. You and Peeta have always used precautions. Peeta knows you don't want a baby. As I walk inside of our empty house I throw all of the food onto the counter, and hastily pull out the small box that holds the test that could change everything. I unsteadily walk back to me and Peeta's bathroom and read the directions. My hand is trembling as I hold it under my body. I pace around the bathroom and wait for the results. "Please don't be a plus sign." My legs feel like jelly as I wait for the stick to show rather it's just an unnecessary scare, or a nightmare coming to life. My head is pounding, the world is spinning, and I just barely manage to look at my underwear…There isn't a single spot of blood. I pull my underwear back on along with some pants and I walk back over to where I laid the test down.

Slowly but surely, there is a faint blue plus sign, persisting to make its appearance. In one hour my perfect world has been invaded by my nightmare….. I am pregnant.

I drop to my knees and the cold hard floor does nothing but send even more pain through me. I want to curl up and die, I have never wanted children. "Sweetheart? By any chance do you have some liquor I could borrow?" His footsteps aren't as unsteady as Peeta's are and seeing that the conversation is about liquor, I know it must be Haymitch. His footsteps are approaching me. I haven't realized until now all the tears I have already shed and that I have been screaming my lungs out. "Sweetheart?" The bathroom door swings open and my suspicions were correct, it's Haymitch. "What happened to you?" He walks over and picks me up; he seems to be much more sober than normal so I trust him. He carries me out to the living room and lays me down on the couch. He quickly turns back to find the cause of my meltdown. He comes out seconds later holding the pregnancy test and he gives me a confused look. The plus sign is much bolder than when I had first looked, the sight of it makes me feel dizzy all over again.

"It's going to be okay, Sweetheart. You love Peeta don't you?" "Of course I do!" I slur this at poor Haymitch, with more anger than I've ever used towards him. I know he's just trying to help but something inside of me just wants to tear his face off! He sits down on the opposite end of the couch and awkwardly pats the bottom part of my legs. "I don't want to talk about it!" "So, is that a no, to the liquor?" I scowl at him and he takes the hint to get out of my house, because right now I could bite anybody's head off, even Peeta's, and Haymitch absolutely gets the picture crisp and clear. "If you need to talk I—" "Shut up Haymitch! No! I don't want to talk about it! And if you breathe a word of this to anybody, even Peeta, you won't wake up from your next hangover!" I cross my arms and watch as he walks out of my house he lets out a half drunk laugh. When his footsteps and laughter vanishes I sink down into the couch and pull a blanket over my body.

I just lay there for a while and try to cope with all that has been laid on my shoulders. After a couple hours of taking a nap I hear the door open. "Katniss, honey, where are you?" Peeta's unbalanced footsteps fill our quiet house, and they are approaching me and the positive pregnancy test that is lying on the table in front of me…..

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