His eyes were what got her. They were crystal blue. They never showed any emotion unless he was looking at her. She knew it would never be anymore than a pure friend relationship. But a girl could dream right?

His silver hair is another aspect of him that she loved. He was to young for it yet, he looked so damn good with it. She just couldn't picture him any other way. He was her silver haired fox. He just didn't know how she took those words to heart.

The kisses on the cheek. She knew it was purely friendship. She just couldn't help herself from thinking what if it was more? His touch sent tremors throughout her body. Just his smell did.

His perfectly toned body. What more could a girl ask for? His long nights spent sanding a boat had paid off. She just wished she was the woman running her hands down that well built back.

She wished a lot of things.

The thing that her love him, was just him. How he rewarded her more than the others. Not that she asked for it. She would be fine with same treatment. As long as she saw him. His smell, sawdust, bourbon and old spice. That had become her drug. It used to be Caf-Pow! Now it was his smell. Would he ever know?

Abby pondered this thought as she looked at her picture of the man on her nightstand. She put it face down. She rolled over and squirmed into the thin body next to her. She didn't even know this guys' name. She just he would get her mind off of him.

The one and only, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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