"So, let me get this straight. You weren't killed by the accident, you were put into witness protection,, and nobody thought to tell me? Tell me that my own damn daughter wasn't dead? I spent years in pain over the loss of my wife and daughter? Only to be told, she was alive?" Gibbs asked in anger.

"I wanted to tell you Daddy. I really did. But, I'm here now." Kelly said grabbing the hand that wasn't clutching Abby's.

"I know. I know. So uh, are you...married? Kids?" Gibbs asked.

"Not married. No kids. However, I got asked out to a dinner about a week ago. His name is Tim. He seemed really angry about something when we first met. But, not we're...dating I guess, he's really nice." Kelly said smiling.

"One of my best friends name is Tim." Abby said beaming.

Kelly turned to Abby with a smile. "Not meaning to be rude, but, is the baby's my Dad's?" Kelly asked her.

Abby's eyes welled with tears and looked away. "Yeah. It is." Gibbs said squeezing Abby's hand. Kelly was confused but, didn't push any further.

"So, when can I meet the team?" Kelly asked with a huge smile.

"Now!" Abby said beaming, tears gone.

About an hour later, Tony and Ziva were pulled out of the warm bed they were sharing and headed to NCIS. "It's my birthday and I'm going to work." Tony whined from the driver's seat. They were almost to the building.

"Oh shush, you will be fine." Ziva said smiling as he turned into the parking lot.

They walked into the bullpen and saw Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Jimmy, and a brown headed girl laughing and smiling.

"Hey Jimmy, new girlfriend?" Tony said eyeing the girl.

"Hell no." Gibbs growled.

"Okay, not Jimmy's girlfriend." Tony said quickly.

Gibbs told them everything that had happened before saying "Guys, this is my daughter Kelly." McGee walked in just in time to hear the last part.

"Your Gibbs' daughter?" He asked with wide eyes.

"Your one of Abby's best friends?" Kelly asked with the same expression.

"So this is the 'Wonderful, Nice, Beautiful, Perfect' Girl McRomance was talking about." Tony said laughing and slipping an arm around Ziva's waist when he said perfect.

"Tim, thanks." Kelly said smiling.

"Oh great. Elf Lord is dating my daughter."

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"Will you marry?" He asked slipping to one knee.

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