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It was the day of her transfer and T'Pel had very mixed feelings on it. She had sent in a few requests to join the crew of the T'Kumbra ages ago and never got a response. So right when she thought she had made a comfortable niche for herself, Captain Solok had accepted her transfer request. The USS Nevada and her crew had grown on her and she was hesitant to leave.

All this were thoughts as she looked out the window in the mess hall at the T'Kumbra. It was a beautiful ship that had a certain air of dignity to her. She had already memorized the schematics of the ship and knew every nook and cranny.

"So this is your last day, huh?" T'Pel heard from beside her. It was Ensign Emily Swiss, a short human with blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes T'Pel had ever seen.

"It would appear to be so, wouldn't it?" she responded, returning her gaze to the T'Kumbra.

Emily took the seat across from her and tilted her head."I bet you're happy. No more emotional people."

T'Pel's gaze returned to the Ensign and she sighed. She hadn't been all together nice to Emily, but the Ensign was probably the closest thing on the ship she could call a friend, "Not entirely. It will be a bittersweet parting. I have grown accustomed to working with everyone."

"I saw Captain Solok talking to Captain Taylor. I suppose for a Vulcan he looks nice enough." Emily smiled, attempting to ease T'Pel.

"Captain Solok is not known for his pleasant disposition. He is a Vulcan who demands the best from everyone." T'Pel said cocking a brow, "He is also known for looking down his nose at emotionally driven races. I have read a few of his papers."

"You think he will single you out for being half Betazoid?" Emily asked with a look of concern, pinning one of T'Pel's worries with uncanny accuracy.

"The thought had crossed my mind. However, I will endeavor to serve him well." T'Pel looked back at her raktajino. Her father would frown if he saw her drinking it, but she did so mainly for the taste. It was strong, as any Klingon beverage should be and it even helped her focus enough to drive out the constant echo of emotions from those around her.

At that moment, Solok had entered the mess hall and his icy stare scanned the room for her and he headed over, a PADD in hand, "Lieutenant T'Pel Kestra?" He said in as much of a greeting as he was going to manage.

T'Pel stood and faced him and nodded her head curtly, "Captain Solok," she said in return.

He held out the PADD. "This contains the correct information for the time of our departure, your quarters on the T'Kumbra, as well as any other essential information pertaining to your new posting. We will be beaming to the T'Kumbra at exactly 1700 hours in transporter room 2. I trust you will not keep me waiting," he said sternly, his ice blue eyes locked intimidatingly on hers.

She took the PADD and nodded again, trying to ignore the feeling of being surveyed with the slight hint of curiosity from the Captain. "I will be there on time, Sir."

He eyed Emily for a moment, who just smiled her sweetest smile that usually worked wonders on the men of the ship; however, there was no such reaction from Solok. T'Pel could even feel a flare of irritation when his eyes fell back on her. "I do not wish to toil aboard the Nevada for too long. You have sufficient time to gather your belongings and say your farewells before we leave."

"Of course, Captain," she said, looking him in the eyes sternly, giving the unspoken impression that she understood perfectly. He took one last glance at Emily who continued to stand there smiling politely, then he turned and left.

Emily eyed him on the way out, her hands clasping behind her back, a mannerism she had picked up from her Vulcan Betazoid friend. "Handsome for a Vulcan." She looked back to T'Pel, who had returned to her seat and was looking at her newly acquired PADD. "He also has to be the coldest Vulcan I have ever met," Emily continued.

T'Pel looked at Emily who also sat back down, then to the door the Captain had just left through, "He isn't cold. Just good at hiding the storm underneath." She gave a visible shiver and set the PADD down, clasping her hands in the usual steeple manner.

Emily frowned, "Are you sure you want to leave and work for him? I don't see you being very happy."

"My emotions are of no concern to you. It is also too late now to change my mind. Even if I could...I wouldn't want to. Working aboard the T'Kumbra and a crew entirely of Vulcans will be a relief that I have wanted all my life. No illogical emotional outbursts from everyone around me. Perhaps now I will be able to breathe," T'Pel responded, a little harsher then she intended.

Emily's frown deepened, "I'll miss you too, Kestra. I know it's difficult for you being who you are, but you can't change it. I hope that you do find the peace you are looking for on the T'Kumbra. I really am going to miss you, even though you have never much cared for me."

T'Pel sighed and looked at Emily, feeling the pain her words just caused the Ensign. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come out that way. I just don't do well with goodbyes. It's not something I enjoy, to add the feelings I get from others on top of it...it becomes a mess."

"You will write to me, won't you? I really want to know what a ship full of Vulcans do when they aren't working." Emily giggled, her way of telling T'Pel not to sweat it.

"I suppose. Having someone to write to would be nice. However I do have my terms for such an arrangement." She said to Emily, who cocked her head in question.

"That our correspondence be with paper and pen." T'Pel explained, watching Emily's expression change.

"With what? How would I get it to you? It would take forever to get a response from you. Why?" Emily was obviously a little irked by this request. T'Pel expected it. Her brother Kalen had the same response.

"It is relaxing and I believe it would add a...personal touch." She tilted her head slightly and her expression softened, "You have been a good friend to me, even if I do not always show my gratitude. Not to mention there is...just something about it that holds a deeper meaning for me to put my thoughts to another down on paper. It would also teach you patience."

Emily sat still a moment, her eyes wide in surprise, "O...Ok." She gave T'Pel a smile, "Friends. I'm happy you consider me a friend. I know I have considered you one since we met. So despite how annoying it will be to wait for your letter, I'll do it. Just don't send me just a page. You need to tell me everything about everyone and everything you do. You know I will be doing the same for you."

T'Pel gave her a nod in agreement, "I will attempt to make it as interesting as possible."