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A few things you need to know: This is not completely AU. There are witches and vampires in this story. It is set in the 1400's. Caroline is a human.

Caroline sat up straight, her hands in her lap, and her closed mouth smiling. All things her mother had told her to do when she was in the presence of royalty. She had tried not to look too scared, when her family had received a letter from the king himself, requesting that Caroline Forbes be brought to the castle immediately. Her father had given her the 'what have you done' look, while her mother insisted that she bathe and brush her hair, before she even stepped a foot in the royal palace. She didn't have a clue as to why she was being summoned; always kept a low profile; she hardly had any friends. She was always too busy working around the house, which kept her in solitude. Which was why, when the king had requested to see her, the reason behind it was a mystery.

A carriage had come for her a few hours later; her mother had combed her hair and forced her into one of her nicest dresses. It was a cream dress with a light yellow bodice; her mother said it brought out her eyes. Although the last thing Caroline wanted to do was impress or show kindness to the royal family. After all, their entire kingdom was starving. There was never enough food in the towns markets, and money was getting scarce in her family, so whenever there was food, it was so expensive that only the governors could afford to buy what was offered. The rest of the food lay with the king and queen, while their kingdom starved their way to death.

One of the kings advisors came to Caroline, picking her up in one of the royal carriages. Caroline's mother kissed her on both cheeks so hard, Caroline almost believed her mother thought she would never see her again, but then she whispered softly in her daughters ear, "I will see you soon my dear."

Caroline then turned to her father, who brought her in for a hard hug, but didn't say anything.

Caroline kissed both of her sisters on the forehead, promising she would return, and then carefully climbed in the carriage. After watching her two sisters gawked at the carriage as she rode off, Caroline turned to the advisor, and watched him pull out a cigar from his pocket, light a match, and begin to smoke it. Caroline wanted to say something, but knew that when it came to the upper class, you had to wait until a question was given for you to answer.

After a few moments of traveling, the man finally spoke up, a great cloud of smoke following after his words.

"Miss Caroline Forbes is it?" He asked, looking down at her bodice.

Caroline cleared her throat, hearing her own fear even before she answered.

"It is," She said, pausing. She then decided to take a bold risk. "What is this all about…sir?" She said, her voice trailing off at the end.

The older man looked up at her, his eyes dancing across Caroline's face. He smiled then, as if he were repeating some kind of joke in his head. Caroline didn't feel comfortable under his eyes, it was as if he were analyzing her, or undressing her.

"You will find out soon enough," He said, his accent thick.

Caroline breathed out, her nervousness taking a hold of her.

Now though, she had been brought into what could be considered a waiting room, although it was the most extravagant room she had ever laid eyes on. The décor was phenomenal, like nothing she had ever seen before. The ceiling was painted with shades of gold and red, which made Caroline want to reach up and touch it. The couch that she sat on was covered in red velvet, and outlined with gold colored yarn. Although this was just the waiting room, Caroline was beyond impressed, and she couldn't help but rub her hands over the material.

Caroline sat for another five minutes, taking in the beauty of the room, waiting to be summoned again, when she heard a loud bang, in the room next to her. She could see the door cracked slightly, so any conversation could waver into the room she was in.

"Logan," The queen said, her voice low and angry. "She's not a princess."

"I know she's not a princess," The king said, moving a chair. "But they don't know that."

"This is absolutely ridiculous," The queen said, her voice high. "She's just a peasant girl." Caroline felt her throat tighten as she realized she was the girl they were talking about.

"I wouldn't have had to resort to a peasant if you were able to produce children." The king boomed, his voice displaying annoyance, and impatience. "You're lucky you aren't dead yet."

There was a moment of silence, as Caroline assumed, the queen was recovering from this blow, because her voice was small the next time she spoke.

"And how are we supposed to make this girl into a princess?" The queen asked, her voice like fire. "Hmm?"

"We will train her," He said, although his attention seemed to be elsewhere.

"We don't have time to train her," She said, a little more desperate. "You promised Mikael that we would have her to the Mikaelson's palace by-"

"Tomorrow," The king finished for her. "I know."

"It was a quick offer," He said, as Caroline heard him open up a drawer. "But I'm trying to prevent a war here Victoria. It was the only thing I could think of that would settle this feud."

"And what did Mikael say to this?" The queen asked, her voice shaking.

"He agreed eagerly," The king said enthusiastically. "He thought it was a great idea in regards to bringing this country closer together."

"This country?" The queen asked, Caroline strained her ears, wanting to hear more.

"Mikael was planning on having each of his children marry one prince or princess from each of the three other kingdoms." The king said, to this Caroline's eyes grew wide. "And I agree with him, maybe all of our families binding together like this will finally end all of this fighting."

Caroline listened, but the queen didn't say anything.

"It'll be better for everyone," The king said, after some silence. Then he shouted, his voice almost shaking the room. "Bring her in!"

Not a second later, the advisor who had taken her to the palace, entered the room she was in.

"Come," he said, gesturing that she should follow. Caroline got up in a hurry, her hands shaking, as she unsteadily walked into the room from which the king and queen were talking. Caroline suddenly felt like she wanted to cry, she was confused and nervous, and it vibrated through her as she walked into the fully lit room.

"Miss.." The king started to say, but trailed off for a moment. "Caroline Forbes is it?" He finished, as she moved into the center of the room.

Caroline, momentarily, took in her surroundings. The king was sitting in his chair, behind his desk. His wife, the queen, was standing behind him, one arm resting on the back of his chair, as her eyes scanned Caroline's body. They were both dressed exceptionally well; their attire laced with bright colors. For that's what the Fell kingdom was known for, their bright colors and personalities.

"Yes, your majesty." Caroline said, curtseying.

"Mmhm." The king hummed to himself as he began to look through some papers.

After a moment, he looked up at Caroline as if he decided something, he then stood; and walked over to her slowly.

Caroline felt her breath catch, as he placed one hand on her shoulder, while his other grasped a part of her hair.

"You have hair like the queen," he said, rubbing it between his thumb and index finger. "And you also have her beauty."

Caroline looked up at the queen. He was right though, she had long blond hair, it came down to her butt, and it looked perfectly combed. She was beautiful also, although she carried that stern look, that made you fear her rather than love her.

"You will carry my personality traits," he said, circling her now, so that he came face to face with her. "Strong and full of light."

He put out a finger, pointing at Caroline as if it were important she remember this. "You will smile, and be lovable. You will make them like you, do you hear me?"

Caroline felt like she didn't hear anything that was coming out of the king's mouth, none of this made sense to her. Why her? Why now? She didn't want this, she wanted to go home, back to her real family.

The king must have seen the confusion play across Caroline's face because a moment later he laughed, stepping away from her.

"Oh my dear," he said with a chuckle, walking back to his desk. "It is normal for you not to understand what is happening."

"I understand what is happening," Caroline said, more stern than she wanted. "You want to make me into a princess."

Caroline knew she was wrong to be saying such a thing when she was supposed to know nothing about it. This was confirmed when the queen gave her an angry glance.

The king looked surprised at first, but then he began to laugh again. "I see you're also feisty and smart." He said, looking up at the queen, who didn't take her eyes from Caroline. "You must have been listening in on the queen and I's conversation." Caroline swallowed hard at this accusation.

"I heard bits and pieces," Caroline said, her voice small.

"You will serve us well then," the king said, leaning back in his chair. He seemed to feel as if he were done with Caroline, as if she knew all she needed to know. Caroline wasn't satisfied though.

"Why me?" She interjected, catching everyone in the room by surprise. She was stepping far out of line.

"How dare you-" The advisor began to say, stepping toward Caroline, but the king held up a hand, signaling for him to stop.

"It's fine Stark," the king said, leaning forward to meet Caroline's scared gaze.

"You think you go by unnoticed in this kingdom Caroline?" He asked, in a low voice. "You are not one to miss, and it helps that your physical traits match ours, it was easy to seek you out."

Caroline wanted to say something, to protest, to tell him she didn't want this.

"As far as what we should tell the kingdom; you are our long lost daughter," the king said, threading his own story. "We wanted to keep you safe from foreigners who wanted to harm you, so we stashed you with a peasant family, until you were of age."

Caroline heard this and tried to imagine this as her life; as her tale that she would have to repeat over and over again until her sisters weren't really her sister's and her parents were just care takers.

The king laughed at his own story, as if he were proud of himself for coming up with it.

"You said I am to be going to the Mikaelson's." Caroline asked, her voice small, as she tried to hide her anger. "Why? What is the purpose?"

"That's the second part of being our princess," he said, his face serious, and voice low. "You won't just be a Fell princess, but also a Mikaelson princess."

Caroline stared at him for a moment, her mind refusing to compute what he was telling her.

"I don't-" Caroline began.

"You will be wed," the queen interjected, her eyes glowing. "To the Mikaelson's youngest son, Sir Kol Mikaelson."

Caroline caught her breath. Wed? Caroline found herself shaking her head back and forth.

"No," Caroline whispered. "No, I can't."

"You will," the king said, his voice was loud and stern. "You must, for your kingdoms sake."

Caroline was still shaking her head as he said this. She had woken up this morning, planning on doing what she always did, which was water the flowers, and prepare for supper. Now though, she was a princess, and she would be preparing for a wedding.

"We are on the brink of war, Miss Caroline," he said, in all seriousness. "If you do not wed, then our kingdom could fall."

Caroline couldn't remember a time when all five kingdoms weren't fighting. Although, it was usually all four royal families, against the Mikaelson's. Somehow the Mikaelson's managed to always win the mini battles, but that was because they had a secret, and everyone knew what it was.

The king stood up, once again walking over to Caroline, seeing the fear in her eyes, he placed a hand on her shoulder, like a father would to his daughter.

"This kingdom has suffered enough already, there is no need to bring more hardship down on it." He whispered to her. "Do it for your family, your real family."

Caroline felt tears well up in her eyes, as she bit her lip.

"Besides," the king said, smiling as he stepped back. "Do you know how many girls would kill to be in the position you're in?"

"But the Mikaelson's are-" Caroline began to say through her cracked voice.

"Yes, we all know what they are!" the king said quickly, his patience getting short with Caroline. "Why do you think we are doing this little arrangement?"

Caroline knew the Mikaelson's kingdom was far stronger than theirs; after all, the Mikaelson's were all vampire's. Why not build an army so strong, no one dares challenge them?

"This is the best way" the king said, turning to his queen and smiling. "To make sure we all make it out alive."

Caroline took a breath, knowing that this was true. The Mikaelson's could easily take down their kingdom without even blinking, wedding the families was a way to ensure that no harm came to the kingdoms.

"And to persuade you even more," the king said, moving back to his desk. "I'll be sure that your family is well taken care of."

Caroline's eyes brightened at this, she tried to imagine her sisters finally eating well, and her mother able to buy yarn so she could knit. If she was going to do this for anyone, it was going to be them.

Caroline suddenly found herself nodding.

"I'll do it," She said, her voice finally strong.

The king smiled brilliantly up at her.

"Good," he said, then he motioned for Stark to take her away. Caroline curtseyed, before she turned to leave.

"We will have none of that," the king said, as he gestured at her curtseying. "You are royalty now."

The words rolled off his mouth and into Caroline's ear. They were words that shook her core, and made her wonder what would become of her in this new life.

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