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Caroline's heart began to slow, it no longer pounded in her chest with excitement. She had never felt rejection before, and it was in this moment that it engulfed her. It hit her like a wave, tossing her heart around and then leaving it on the sand to dry out. She couldn't even organize her thoughts, they scrambled around in her brain; she tried to find her sanity, but it appeared to be lost.

Caroline turned around, so she wasn't facing the door Klaus had only went through moments before. She looked out the window recognizing the familiar dark clouds that hung over the ominous kingdom. Although now it appeared that rain was falling from them, and she saw streaks of lighting fill the sky. As the first sound of thunder boomed around the room, Caroline heard a soft knock on the bedroom door.

"Caroline," Bonnie's voice said. Caroline slowly turned around, so that she was facing Bonnie. "Are you ok?"

Bonnie's voice was soft and caring, a rarity; and she appeared to be worried. Caroline tried to compose herself, to try and burry the aching feeling that was rising in her chest, but it would not have it. It rose up and up, until the words 'I'm fine' that were supposed to come out of her mouth, came out more as a slur, accompanied by a sob.

Bonnie immediately made her way over to Caroline, wrapping her arms around her human friend.

"Wait," Caroline said, pulling away from Bonnie. She then turned to look back, glancing down at the floor in front of her. There lying where she left it, she saw the note from King Fell, her name dancing across it. Klaus had left it for her before he abruptly left, had he read it? Caroline walked over to it, and picked it up. It felt light yet heavy at the same time; what could king Fell have wanted to tell her in such a private manor?

"What is that?" Bonnie asked behind Caroline.

"It is a letter from my father," Caroline said, although her words came out more bitter than she expected.

Bonnie shifted her weight from foot to foot as she studied Caroline.

"Are you not going to open it?" Bonnie asked, watching as Caroline lowered her arm so that the letter dangled from her fingertips.

"I already know what it says," Caroline said, making her way over to the small fire that had been going all night. She knelt to the floor, grasping the letter in both of her hands.

"I can't-" Caroline began to say, another sob escaping her lips.

"Caroline what is going on?" Bonnie asked, kneeling next to her friend. "Please, tell me. That is why I am here, to advise you, to help you."

"And it has nothing to do with the fact that you are my friend?" Caroline said through tears. She looked at Bonnie, who turned away quickly. Caroline looked back at the fire, watching it glow brightly, thinking about how a horrible day had only gotten worse. She then lifted the letter, glancing at it briefly before throwing it into the fire. It immediately caught; the letter was engulfed in a matter of seconds.

Caroline signed as she watched the letter curl in on itself, knowing that she had to leave, there was nothing for her here, no one for her.

"I have to go Bonnie," Caroline said, fiddling with her hands.

"Go where?" Bonnie asked, as she watched Caroline begin to gather clothing.

"Home," Caroline said, as she frantically began walking around the room.

Bonnie froze in place, holding her hands close to her chest.

"Caroline," Bonnie said, moving forward so she was blocking Caroline's path. "You can't."

Caroline tried to push past Bonnie, but she gripped her arm so hard that she had no choice but to remain where she was.

"If this is about sir Niklaus…" Bonnie said, her voice trailing off.

"This is not about Klaus," Caroline snapped, her eyes locking with Bonnie's. "It's about my family."

"King Fell?" Bonnie asked, confused. "What does-"

"Not him," Caroline said, cutting Bonnie off.

Bonnie rose an eyebrow, releasing Caroline, who turned away. Caroline made her way toward the fireplace, feeling the heat against the fabric of her dress. There were so many secrets, some she knew and some she didn't. Could she trust Bonnie? Probably not, but she was the closest thing she had to a friend.

"If I tell you something," Caroline said, her voice suddenly dry as she realized the risk she was taking. "Do you promise not to tell anyone?"

Caroline turned back to Bonnie, who tilted her head to the side, her eyes full of curiosity.

"Of course," she said, her hands intertwining. "You can tell me anything."

Caroline opened her mouth, searching for the right words that could explain this mess that she had gotten herself into. But could she trust Bonnie? The witch had never given Caroline a reason to trust her, but she knew that there was no one else left in this kingdom that she could talk to, especially not him, so on impulse she spoke.

"I'm not-" Caroline fumbled over the words. "I'm not royalty."

The words came out in a rush, and Caroline wondered if she had even said them at all, but by the look on Bonnie's face, she knew they had been uttered from her lips.

"What?" Bonnie spat, her eyes growing large. Suddenly it seemed that Bonnie was panicked, and although Caroline expected shocked, it seemed that those few words had shifted some bigger plan that had been growing in Bonnie's head.

"My father, isn't king Fell," Caroline said in a low voice. "I'm not a princess, my family is from the poor side of my kingdom."

Bonnie remained silent, waiting for Caroline to finish.

"King Fell needed a daughter to send off to Mikael, so that our kingdoms could be at peace," Caroline said shaking her head. "But they didn't have one, so they picked me, and told me to pretend."

Bonnie was now shaking her head, as if none of this was computing in her head.

"Do you understand what I am saying?" Caroline said, her voice rising.

"I understand," Bonnie said, her voice more calm. "But if what you are saying is true…"

"Bonnie, what?" Caroline asked, reaching for Bonnie's hand. Bonnie pulled it away, as if Caroline had shocked her. Maybe she had been wrong to trust Bonnie, it seemed that Caroline's words had shook her more than she thought they would have.

"Then you must leave," Bonnie said, quickly standing up. Suddenly lightening danced across the sky, and a loud boom of thunder followed. "But not tonight, a storm is here. But tomorrow morning you must go home."

"I know that," Caroline said, standing up so that she could face Bonnie. "But I don't know how-"

"I will help you," Bonnie said, cutting Caroline off. It seemed now, that she had become a zombie. Her facial features were expressionless and her voice was monotone. "But not tonight." She repeated.

"Bonnie," Caroline whispered, drawing closer to her witchy friend. "Have I upset you with this information?"

Bonnie turned to look at Caroline, sadness was now in her eyes, it was small, but Caroline could see it.

"I am not the one you should be worried about Miss Caroline." Bonnie said, picking up a flameless candle. She walked over to the fireplace and lit it. She then turned to Caroline, her eyes full of darkness; so much darkness that it seemed as if she were possessed. She then made her way toward the door as the room began to darken, the ominous clouds hovered above the kingdom, giving it a gloomy appearance.

"We will continue with our plans tomorrow," Bonnie said, nodding slowly, gesturing that Caroline should head back to her room. "For now, just sleep."

As if it was that easy.


A loud clap of thunder awakened Caroline; it shook her room, and her body from head to toe. She sat up straight in her bed, looking around her bedchamber; it must be getting close to evening because the dark clouds outside were getting darker. She had somehow managed to fall asleep through all of the chaos that was swarming her life. It took her a moment to remember what she had told Bonnie, and how the witch had responded. She had been cold and lifeless, but she had agreed to help Caroline escape the following day. Caroline wondered if she had been right to trust Bonnie, she knew she had to tell someone though. It would have eaten her up inside if she had kept this knowledge to herself for too much longer. What if Bonnie couldn't be trusted, and she told Esther or Mikael? Caroline would be dead before she even stepped a foot outside her bedroom.

As these thoughts ran through Caroline's head, she couldn't help but wonder about Klaus. He had been in her dreams, although now she couldn't remember what he had been doing; she had felt a sense of comfort though, even if she didn't completely trust him.

It took a moment, but then images of their kiss and then his departure entered her mind, reminding her that he hadn't wanted her, that she shouldn't think about him anymore. Forget; she tried to tell herself and she crawled out of her bed and peered out her window.

The storm was rapidly growing more violent, as tension grew; the leaves began to do a dance as the wind tossed them around. Caroline looked around the room, even if it was treacherous outside, that didn't mean she had to stay cooped up inside her room. Caroline made a quick movement toward her dresser where she slipped off the night gown she had been wearing for over 24 hours, and pulled a light slip around her, she then grabbed a light yellow morning gown Once she had fluffed her hair in the mirror she made her way toward her bedroom door. Easing it open, she peered out, hoping that no one was watching her.

Once she saw that the coast was clear she slipped out of her room into the cool hall; because of the storm, it made the palace seem darker than it should be. The walls seemed to crawl with dancing shadows from the trees outside that threatened to break free from their roots. A few windows were open, allowing the wind to escape into the rooms, blowing out candles and making a soft whistle sound. Caroline didn't know where she was headed, but she knew there was more to this palace than met the eye. She wondered why Bonnie had seemed so scared, and had told her that she should be worried, she wanted to know more, and staying in her bedroom wasn't going to fix anything. She had all night before her departure in the morning, and she was determined to figure out the mystery that surrounded this kingdom.

Suddenly Caroline heard a noise; it was a gurgle, although it sounded more human-like, as if someone were choking. Caroline continued down the hall slowly, as the noise began to get louder. As she moved forward she began to make out a shape in front of her through the darkness. It was a person, but they were hunched over, grasping the wall for support. Caroline stopped a few feet away, unsure of what to do.

"Hello?" Caroline finally asked, in her sweetest voice. The head of the person moved upward so that now their face was exposed. Caroline gasped as she saw the pale and frail face of Katarina staring back at her. The noise was coming from her mouth, although now it sounded more like a wheezing; suddenly a whisper escaped her lips.

Caroline couldn't make out what she was saying so she stepped closer, listening as Katarina repeated the phrase over and over again rapidly.

"I'm so…" Katarina said, her voice growing deeper. "Hungry."

"What?" Caroline said, shaking her head. "Katarina, are you-"

Caroline didn't have time to finish her sentence before Katarina fell to the floor. Caroline rushed forward, grabbing her by the arm, and trying to pull her up. Katarina may have not been the kindest to Caroline, or even acknowledged her half the time, but Caroline was civil, she wasn't going to leave Katarina to suffer.

"Katarina," Caroline said, as she struggled to hold her up. Eventually they were both on the ground, Katarina was now sitting up, facing Caroline, they were both on their knees staring at each other. "You look…"

"Hungry?" Katarina hissed, as her eyes grew wide.

"Lost," Caroline said, and this was true, Katarina had a look in her eye that Caroline had never seen before. She seemed distant as if she were in another time, as if she were just born in this world and had no idea how to function.

"On the contrary Caroline," Katarina whispered as the blond girl tried to hold her upright. "I know exactly where I am."

Caroline frowned, watching as a smile began to dance across Katarina's face, was this a trick? Caroline began to move backward from Katarina, but just as she did Katarina grabbed her arm.

"You are the one that is lost," She said, as Caroline struggled under her grip, she seemed stronger. "You have no idea the danger you have walked yourself into."

"What danger?" Caroline asked, as she stopped struggling briefly.

Katarina only smiled though, her perfect teeth glistening through the night. She then leaned forward, pulling Caroline in at the same time.

"Better you die than I," She whispered in Caroline's ear; then in what felt like a split second, a sharp pain shot through Caroline's neck, and a second later a hot sensation filled the right side of her neck. Caroline gasped as she saw blood trickle down onto her bright yellow dress, dissolving into the fabric. Caroline looked up at Katarina, who she saw not only had a smile on her face, but one of her hair pins in her hand; on it was her blood, dripping slowly down it, the cause of Caroline's wound.

Caroline tried to scream but Katarina's hand silenced her, it came down hard on her mouth, and her other hand grasped Caroline's shoulder. She then felt another pang in her neck as she now realized Katarina's teeth were digging into her skin. Suddenly Katarina stopped, an animal like sound come from her mouth as she screamed in pain. Caroline saw with horror, as she opened her mouth, a full set of fangs exposed, growing longer as they extended through her gums.

Caroline tried to back away but Katarina had a good hold on her, she looked around for anything to defend herself, but there was nothing. Suddenly Katarina's eyes grew dark, and a smile grew wider on her blood red lips as she prepared to attack again, although this time, as Caroline closed her eyes, waiting for the pain and her inevitable death. But she felt Kataina's grip on her loosen as she was flung back. Caroline opened her eyes, seeing Katarina a few feet away, hissing as she looked up at the cause of the disruption.

Klaus was standing above Caroline, but looking at Katarina with a neutral expression, although hidden under those features Caroline saw confusion. As soon as Katarina realized who it was, she was gone, so fast Caroline didn't even have time to blink.

It seemed like forever that Klaus stood there, watching the way Katarina had left, as Caroline tried to bring herself to stand. Caroline held her neck as she was finally brought to her feet, staring at Klaus with a bewildered expression. Klaus didn't seem to see her though, instead it appeared that his thoughts were elsewhere.

"Klaus," Caroline whispered, finally bringing Klaus out of his trance. He shook his head before turning to look at Caroline. A boom of thunder echoed throughout the halls as the two stared at each other. Klaus eyed Caroline from head to toe, twice, something he did often, and it made Caroline shiver with passion. His face was expressionless, and it was the first time that Caroline couldn't sense an underlying emotion. As if he was just there, barely existing.

"Come," He said, waving his hand for her to follow. He then turned to leave, expecting her to trail after him. His voice had been flat too; it was as if the entire palace was under some kind of spell. Caroline felt her legs wobble under her from fear, she could be dead now, a second more and Katarina would have killed her. Caroline swallowed back her fear though, knowing that she ventured out just for this reason, she wanted to know more. Although the fact that Katarina was now a vampire had Caroline's head buzzing with questions, one concerning Klaus. Had he turned her? Caroline suddenly felt jealousy rise in her as she imagined his answer as yes, even if she didn't know why. He had made it clear he didn't care for Katarina, but then again he also made it clear he didn't care for Caroline either.

Caroline followed Klaus down the dark hall, the night was close, it was dark enough where a candle was almost necessary to travel with. Then, suddenly, Klaus stopped in front of a room; he grasped the door handle and pushed it open. It wheezed with his push, and a whole new coolness swarmed Caroline as she followed him into the room, closing the door behind her.

"Why did you bring me here?" Caroline finally asked, as Klaus made his way around the room, lighting each candle. As he did so, the room began to grow bigger, exposing its continents. It looked like a drawing room; there was an oval shaped rug in the center of it, with table on top, and many chairs surrounding the table making a circle. It seemed old and out of use.

"So that no one can hear us," he mumbled, barely looking at her. Although Caroline was sure that anyone could see them if they were to pass by. Half of the room was made out of windows, and two double doors that led to the storm outside. "Here," he said, biting his hand and extending it out to Caroline. "It will heal you," he said, as Caroline bent down, sucking the small amount of blood, it took everything inside her not to throw it up.

"We have nothing to talk about," Caroline said after a moment, following his last remark. Although she knew her words were wrong. But she couldn't help but be bitter, he had hurt her, and even now looking at him it stung.

"We have everything to talk about," he snapped, turning to look at her. He was right and they both knew it. The tension in the room grew as Klaus lit the last candle, before turning to look at Caroline.

"What was that?" Caroline asked suddenly, biting her lip. "With Katarina…is she…?"

"A vampire?" Klaus said, his voice sounded as if it had more life to it. "Yes, but you already knew that."

"Did you turn her?" Caroline asked, she couldn't hide the bitterness in her voice.

Klaus studied her, his eyes narrowing.

"No," he said simply, as if it were the obvious answer. He seemed even tenser now, as if the thought of Katarina as a vampire had shaken some part of him.

"Then who?" Caroline asked, moving toward him.

"That's what I would like to find out," he said, turning his attention to the storm outside, which was now in full swing; rain poured from the heavens like it would never cease, and lighting lit up the sky, illuminating the whole room, showing off a glisten in Klaus' eye. It seemed that he was thinking about something deeply, and it drove Caroline crazy with rage and confusion.

"Klaus," Caroline said, her voice soft despite the fire that burned inside of her. "I know you don't care about me, but we have to work together, at least this once, you have to tell me what's going on."

Klaus' eyes were on Caroline's in a second as if she had just said something that had hurt him from the inside out. When he looked at her she saw the emotion, he no longer looked distant, he was present and a mixture of anger, hurt, and desperation filled his eyes.

"Don't look at me like that," Caroline said, her voice soft again. Under his gaze at that moment she wanted to shrivel away, he had the same expression that had been on his face when she had kissed Kol.

"Like what?" Klaus said, his voice angry as he snapped at her.

"Like what I'm saying isn't true, like I'm the one at fault here." Caroline said, although it felt more like she was screaming at him, her emotions filling her body.

"You really think I do not care for you?" Klaus said, moving toward her his arm extended out. His eyes weren't full of love, they were full of hatred and bitterness, a look you would give your enemy.

Caroline breathed in, her breath shaky as she tried to form her next words.

"When I tried to kiss you…" Caroline said, that was all that came out, but that was all she needed to say.

"When I spared you in the forest, when I stopped you from running away into a certain death-"

"I was no-" Caroline began to say in defense of herself, but Klaus held up a hand.

"When I stripped you from my brothers drunken grasps," Klaus said, his voice rising as he grew closer to Caroline. "When I picked you up off the floor, brought you to my bed last night and wiped away your tears, was that not caring enough?"

Caroline didn't know what to say, she tried to speak, but no words would come out.

"Does only a mere kiss show my affection for you?" Klaus said, his voice was soft now as he was only an inch away from Caroline's face. "I did not do those deeds because I am an honorable man, Caroline."

Caroline felt her cheeks grow red, perhaps she had looked past all of that, and had only considered the lack of physical interaction as a sign of his lack of affection for her.

"But you pulled away-" Caroline began to say, trying to win the same fight she always felt like she was losing. He was shaking his head though, grasping her shoulders in between his hands.

"We are always under eyes Caroline," Klaus said, his voice was a whisper now, more tender. "And there are things you don't know, things I can't tell you."

"Why not?" Caroline asked, biting her lip. She wasn't going to make it easy for him to win her over. She had felt exposed when she tried to kiss him, and when he turned her down she felt anything but confident; she didn't want to believe he cared for her, because if anything, it would make leaving that much harder.

Klaus shook his head though, and she knew he wasn't going to tell her.

"If you care for me," Caroline said, taking a breath. "Then you will tell me."

Klaus didn't say anything though; he just stared at her, emotionless again. Caroline bit her lip in anger, lifting her arms and pushing his to the side. She then walked toward the two double doors, and grasped the handle, a second later she pushed the doors open, heading out into the dying storm.

There was still rain and wind, but the worst of the storm had passed, the dark clouds had moved towards the mountains. Caroline could see the moon poking its head through the clouds as she walked through the rain and away from Klaus. She couldn't wait until her departure tomorrow, to leave this kingdom and to save the people that really mattered to her.

Caroline felt him though, he was behind her, walking as steadily as she was. Once she made it to the base of the staircase she turned around, and there he was in front of her. Emotions danced through Caroline's heart, right and wrong, bad and good, what she wanted to feel versus what she really felt. Caroline had gotten so used to pretending that she hardly knew what was real anymore, but as Klaus brought his hand up to her face, his index finger brushing a raindrop from her cheek, she had never felt more real in her life.

"I care," he whispered, but it was so quick and so low, that Caroline wondered if he had said it at all; but she had no time to respond because his lips were on hers in a matter of seconds.

Caroline gasped as his lips briefly left hers, but that was only because he was now pushing her into the side of the staircase, under the green vines, away from eyes. As soon as her back was against the cold ivy she felt his hand grasp her neck and pull her toward him. His lips were like a wave crashing against her own, a refreshing one, that made her want more. She reached her hands up until they met his hair; she wound her fingers around the base of his neck and the back of his head as she deepened the kiss. She felt his tongue press against her lips, and she invited him in with eagerness, feeling his tongue dance with her own.

A voice broke through the night though, making the two of them pause and listen. It was one of the guards, but he didn't appear to be talking to them; the guard moved past them quickly without even glancing in their direction.

Caroline looked back at Klaus, who unwound one of his hands from her lower back and stepped away from her. She thought that he had changed his mind that he was just now realizing she wasn't worth it, worth the risk. But instead, he moved the hand that was on the ivy behind her, to her hand; he grasped it hard and leaned in close to her.

"Follow me," he said, pulling her after him. And she would, she always would.


"Where are we going?" Caroline asked as they pushed through the brush, deeper into the forest. The trees were now blocking the rain, but Caroline was completely soaked; her silk yellow robe began to get too heavy, so she removed it, now only wearing her light white gown.

"You will see," he said, she could hear the smile in his voice, and she couldn't help but smile back. It seemed that they were running forever before Klaus finally stopped and looked up. It took Caroline a moment, but then she recognized where they were.

"Your tree house," Caroline whispered as Klaus helped her onto the ladder. She climbed up and up, until she reached the entrance; she pushed the wooden door open and then climbed in, smiling as she noticed it had stayed somewhat dry. A moment later Klaus was inside also, closing the door behind him. Caroline examined all of his drawings along the walls again; it seemed like a forever since he had brought her here, a far off memory.

Caroline turned around, back to Klaus who had removed his soaked shirt so that now only his bare chest was showing. Caroline swallowed, she found herself walking over to him hesitantly. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her as she ran her hands down his shoulders, then to the middle of his chest, and stopping at his beatless heart. She couldn't help but wonder what it was like to be living and dead at the same time; to only be half of something, not completely whole. Caroline had never really felt completely whole; she had always felt love in her life, from her family, but there was always something missing, a part of her that hadn't really felt alive, at least not until now.

"You know," Caroline said, licking her lips. "We are going to ruin your childhood." They both looked around at the tree house he had built as a child, and sighed.

Klaus smiled at this, as he grabbed Caroline's hand that had been resting on his heart.

"And I'm stealing your virtue," he whispered, bringing her close so that her lips were inches from his. "Now we are even."

His lips then engulfed hers, as he grabbed her legs and brought them up so that they wrapped around his waist. He then lowered her to the floor, pushing books and branches out of the way. Caroline felt him trail kisses down her neck, then to her chest; she didn't know when it happened but suddenly her corset was undone, and her gown tossed to the side. Caroline groaned as Klaus kissed her stomach, and then trailed his lips back up to hers. Perhaps he was taking something good from her, a part she would never get back, but in that moment, she had never felt more confident, more alive. And at some point that night the rain stopped, the storm ceased, and all was quiet.

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