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Klaus sat on the edge of the rock, looking out at the lake. He had come here many times as a young boy; it was one of the only places that reminded him of a simpler time. Where the only war, was between him and his brothers, and the only time he had to kill, was when his family needed to eat. They were the first family to settle in this land, and his mother was determined to make them the last.

Klaus watched the setting sun's light dance across the lake, it reflected off of the water, onto his face. The brightness reminded him of Caroline, who he had tried again and again to push out of his mind. Although she always seemed to crawl back in, and it frustrated him to the point that he now took up a rock and thrust it toward the water. It skipped across the lake forty-seven times, before hitting the shore on the other side and flying off into the forest.

He had always been a clever man; constantly one step ahead of everyone. But her deceit was something he had not seen coming. Perhaps he had been blinded by the soft look in her eyes, or in the way her blond curls fell around her face, giving her a glow; as if she were an angel. He had known she was different than other princesses, there was always a wild look in her eye; but he had misinterpreted it for a longing to be someone else than who she was born to be. When in reality, she was just a peasant; born into a peasant life, before forced into gorgeous dresses and taught manners, and all the meanwhile taking on a new persona.

She could have been anyone she wanted to be with the life that she was offered, but instead she chose to serve someone other than herself. Those were the weak people, the ones that always seem to choose the easy way out.

Still though, he remembered how eager she had been to escape, to be set free from the palace walls that surrounded her; like he once had been. Like Finn had been, but he had found a way out. Although Klaus knew what his brother leaving had done to his family, to his kingdom. It had given his family weakness, and dishonor; something he was sure not to repeat.

"Evening brother," A voice said behind him, and as Klaus turned around, he saw Elijah's eyes, meet his own. He couldn't remember the last time him and Elijah had been alone together, perhaps it was because he had an odd sensation that his brother knew what he had done all those years ago, to Henrik. "May I sit with you?"

"Please," Klaus said, gesturing to a rock that lay next to his own.

"The entire palace is in a bit of an uproar," Elijah said, as he sat down on the rock, his eyes steadily on Klaus. "Due to you and Caroline's mishap with mother."

"I did nothing," Klaus hissed, looking at Elijah. "The peasant girl defended herself, and ran free."

"I hear a different story," Elijah said, but didn't press the matter more.

"Peasant girl?" Elijah asked, after a moment of silence. "Is that what you call her now?"

"Ah, but Elijah that is what she is." Klaus said, as if he were lecturing someone. "Wielded from the Fell kingdom, to use against us."

"So you believe King Fell knew what we were up to?" Elijah asked, cocking his head to the side.

"I don't know what to believe anymore," Klaus whispered to the air only.

"You killed her then?" Elijah asked, although there was something in his tone that suggested that he hoped his brother hadn't.

"No, I told her to leave," Klaus said, anger in his tone. "She has no business in royal matters."

"You must have cared for her then," Elijah said, watching his brother." For I know no man or woman that lives to see another day once they have crossed with you, Niklaus."

Klaus smiled at this, although he wasn't sure if he was smiling because Elijah was right, or because of his weakness in letting her go.

"She seemed to have bested me," Klaus said, his voice sounding far off. "But she is gone now, and all is as it should be."

"Is that so?" Elijah said, his voice becoming sterner. "Because it seems we now have a war on our hands."

Klaus looked at his brother, who was staring back, his eyes on fire.

"Not only do we have the Petrova kingdom to conquer, but we also have to diminish the Fell kingdom." Elijah said, now standing. "I'd say things are not remotely close to how they should be."

Klaus had turned away from him brother as he looked out at the lake, his attention now elsewhere. Elijah turned away, beginning his journey back toward the palace. But suddenly he stopped, and as Klaus turned his head to see what his brother was up to, he saw him bend down and pluck up a small Daisy.

"Did you ever notice," Elijah said, as he twirled the flower in his hand and looked out past the lake, at the land. "How things began to grow around here when Caroline arrived?"

Klaus looked away from his brother, out toward the forest, and in that moment he saw a sea of daisies out covering the hills, there were millions of them this way and that. Daisies that hadn't been there four months before.

Although he had noticed the abundance in growth; he had seen the maids bringing in flowers from the rolling hills, and watched them gush over the purples and reds, colors of flowers they hadn't seen in these parts before.

"For a woman, who you claimed to have poisoned you," Elijah said, as he let the flower fall to the ground. "She seems to have given this land life, it hasn't had before."

Klaus didn't say anything in response, as he considered this.

"I wonder what will happen now that she is gone?" Elijah whispered, turning away and taking one-step forward, crushing the daisy that lay in front of him.


Caroline pushed through the thick brush; her dresses skirt getting caught on the branches that surrounded her. They clawed at her thighs and calf's, but she took no notice, her mind was elsewhere. She tried not to think too hard about what Klaus had said to her, because she knew how betrayed he had felt. But wasn't she allowed to feel betrayed also? For the secret he had also been carrying around with him?

These thoughts consumed her as she stared down at the worn map. She had been traveling for what felt like hours; her legs were already starting to give out, and her entire body felt bruised. She also felt that she was nowhere near to a way out, the forest seemed to go on forever, although Klaus had been correct on his markings of where the guards stood watch. She had yet to run into any of them, that weren't marked on the map.

Caroline suddenly heard voices ahead of her; she looked up immediately, seeing two people walking toward her a few yards away. She immediately ducked into some thick bushes, wincing as the thorns dug into her skin. She knew they couldn't be guards because it wasn't marked on the map. And she couldn't make out whom it was, until they were only a few feet away from her.

The first thing she saw was wild dark hair, and then she found herself peering into the soft brown eyes of Katarina; although Caroline did not recognize her companion.

"So once I give it to you," Caroline heard the male voice say. "And you kill him, you will have your freedom?"

"We will have our freedom," Katarina said, placing a hand on the young mans arm.

"And what if they come after us?" The male said, moving in closer to Katarina.

Caroline watched Katarina place a hand on the mans face, and kiss him lightly.

"They have a war on their hands," She purred in his ear. "They won't have time to be hunting us, while others are hunting them."

"Yes but we will be killing their son," He said, grabbing her hands in his own. "I would say that deserves some form of revenge."

"Not if he betrayed them," Katarina said, licking her lips, as if she were hungry. "You heard how he helped the blond peasant out, after what she had done to Esther."

Caroline felt her breath quicken, once she realized they were speaking of Klaus.

"Katarina I still don't think-" The man began to say, but Kataina brought a finger up to his lips.

"Shh, Trevor," She said, removing her finger. "You made me into a vampire for a reason, so that I could be strong enough and quick enough to kill Klaus."

"And also so we could be together," Trevor said, his eyes pleading. "Forever."

"Of course," Katarina said, although Caroline could tell, even a few feet away, that she didn't mean to stay with him forever.

Caroline tried to shift her weight slightly, to get her knee off one of her fingers, but as she made the movement, she felt a stinging pain in her right arm. She tried not to gasp too loudly, as she watched a thorn from the bush dig into her arm, drawing blood.

Caroline watched Katarina move suddenly; she had turned her body around so that now, she was facing Caroline's direction. Caroline knew that if the vampire's found her, she was as good as dead. She couldn't run, and she had nothing to defend herself except wood, and she knew she wasn't strong or quick enough to kill them both.

"Do you smell that?" Katarina asked, peering into the forest. Caroline saw Trevor nod, as he crept up next to her.

"Blood," He said, licking his lips. Suddenly a shot rang out, and it was so loud that it defend Caroline momentarily. She saw both Katarina and Trevor look around frantically, Caroline then saw her say something to him; a moment later he handed something to her, it was large and white but that was all Caroline could make out before Katarina disappeared into the forest. This left Trevor alone, and dazed. Caroline slowly began to regain her hearing, although there was still a ringing in her ear.

Trevor was still looking around, as if he were unsure of where to go, now that Katarina had left him. For a moment, he seemed to have picked back up on Caroline's scent because he was looking in her direction again, his eyes beginning to grow a shadow as he walked toward her.

Caroline looked around her, spotting a somewhat thick stick; she immediately grasped it, ready if he were to find her. He continued forward at a slow pace, and when he was not only five feet away, Caroline heard a soft whizzing sound. Suddenly something shot Trevor in the back; he gasped in pain as he fell to the earth floor, cursing the world around him.

"Hit him again," a voice said, somewhere far in the distance. Then another piece of wood struck Trevor's chest, although Caroline knew that this one had hit him in the heart; he stopped moving and his face took over a grayish color.

"He dead?" Someone asked, as Caroline watched two men walk over to the vampire.

"Yeah," the other replied, leaning over Trevor's body and retrieving one of the stakes. The other held proudly onto the contraption that had shot Trevor; it looked to be some strange bow. "Let's get him back to the queen."

Then one of them hauled Trevor's lifeless body over his shoulder, and began to head back toward the palace.

"Now we just need to find Katarina," One said, his voice becoming faint. "Then all this business will be done and we can go home, right Cal?"

They were so far gone now that Caroline couldn't hear the other man's reply. After a few short minutes, Caroline finally emerged from the brush. She dusted herself off and examined her wound, which wasn't too deep.

After a minute Caroline looked out the way the men had left, and then down at the map. She had two options, and she knew that they could men life and death. Klaus was in trouble, and whatever that white object Trevor had given to Katarina was, it could be used to kill him. She could go and warn him, because she now understood what her dead Alistar had been predicting, she had thought it was her family; but it was really Klaus. If she didn't help him, warn him, he was going to die.

Or she could keep going, she had the map in her hand, and was healthy enough to carry on. She would be back with her family, and at a kingdom that accepted her for who she was, and what she represented. She wouldn't have to fight anymore if she went back home.

Caroline clutched the map to her chest, and breathed out slowly. There was only one obvious decision, but was it the right one?

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