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Title: Prehistoric Storm

Summary: A tug of war begins between the humans and a mutant dinosaur named Mesogog for the control for Earth. It is now up to Power Ranger legend: Tommy Oliver to stop him. With the help of three high school students and a reluctant Ninja student he just might be able to succeed.

This episode commemorates 500 episodes.

May The Power Live On Forever!

"This is bad," Kira said, looking from Aliyah to Connor and then, finally, to Ethan. They were stood in the underground base beneath Dr. Oliver's home.

"Way bad," Ethan agreed. "Worse than crashing after getting to level 9 in SNSW!"

"SNS - What?" Aliyah frowned.

"Space Ninja Space Wars," Ethan elaborated.

Aliyah blinked and shook her head, muttering something about 'where's Dustin when you need him.' "Whatever! Don't you think we're getting a little too freaked out about this?" she asked, looking at Kira, who was more worried than either her or Connor.

"Dr. O doesn't show up for my gig, we don't hear from him all weekend and then he misses a full day of school," Kira pointed out. "I think we've achieved the right level of freaking out!"

Connor glanced subtly in Aliyah's direction, as she shrugged indifferently. She too was worried about Dr. Oliver, but not to the extent that Kira seemed to be.

The yellow ranger sighed and turned quickly to Ethan for backup.

"I guess there's only one way to find out what the good doctor has been up too," the blue ranger shrugged, walking over to the computer and making himself comfortable in the chair.

"How's that?" Connor asked, as he and the two girls followed him.

"I'm in," Ethan grinned as the screen brought up a video transition of Tommy, who then sat down.

"Yeah," Kira nodded. "But where?"

"I'm Tommy Oliver. If you're not me, then something is seriously wrong," the video Tommy warned them, as Connor and Aliyah exchanged looks. "This video diary is a confidential record, only to be viewed in the case of an emergency. What you're about to see, is a history of my life..."

Connor rolled his eyes. "More dinosaur bone stories... Yawn."

"My history, as a Power Ranger," Tommy told the camera, taking all rangers, but one, by surprise.

"Okay, unyawn" Connor said, staring wide-eyed at the screen.

"My story begins in Angel Grove, when five teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight the sorceress, Rita Repulsa." The screen showed five friends becoming rangers. "The harnessed the power of the dinosaur to become Earth's first Power Rangers! Under the guidance of intergalactic being Zordon; Trini, Zack, Kimberley, Billy and Jason bravely defended Earth, which forced Rita to create her own Ranger."

"Okay, so where's Dr. O?" Kira asked.

The video showed Angel Grove High School, and Kimberley called out to someone. The guy turned to reveal a younger Tommy Oliver.

"I'm Tommy,"

Aliyah smirked at the look in Kimberley's eyes as she shook hands with the teenage Dr. Oliver. "Someone has a crush!" she teased, earning smirks from Connor, Ethan and Kira in the process.

The video quickly skipped from the school to that of a deserted alley way, as Tommy stood in the middle of it as a heavy wind picked up. "What's going on?" he was yelling.

"Tommy! I have chosen you!" Rita screeched. "Her evil magic was too strong. I couldn't fight it."

The video then showed Rita's hideout on the moon. "This boy is truly the one to become my evil Green Ranger!" the woman cackled.

The video then showed Tommy, morphed in a Green ranger suit, and fighting the other rangers. "She commanded me to destroy the other rangers, and I almost succeeded."

"I know you're the Green Ranger!" Kim hissed at Tommy, who stopped working out and gave her a dark smirk

"Well then Pink Ranger," he told her, taking her by surprise. "You should also know that you, and the other Power Rangers, will soon be destroyed." "But my friends never gave up," Jason knocked the swords from Tommy's hands. "They helped me destroy the power sword, and I was freed."

"Rita's spell is broken!" Zack cheered happily as Jason knelt down beside the green ranger.

"What happened to me?" Tommy asked.

"You're no longer under Rita's power. Fight by our side and we can defeat Rita." Jason told him.

"After everything that's happened?"

"Tommy, we need you. It's where you belong." Tommy looked to the others, who nodded. "Will you join us, Tommy?" Jason asked hopefully. Tommy shook his hand with a smile. "And that's when I joined the team. But not for long. We soon discovered, the green ranger powers, were only temporary."

"As you are aware, the green ranger powers were completely decimated by the last few battles. Alpha and I tried to create an even more powerful ranger, to battle Lord Zedd, and his diabolical evil," Zordon to the other rangers. "And now my friends, I present to you, the White ranger!" A light went on and everyone looked around, they watched as the new ranger landed gently, and lifted his helmet to reveal Tommy.

"Guess whose back!" Tommy smiled.

The video was suddenly paused, and the Dino rangers looked at Ethan quickly.

"What did you do that for?" Kira asked.

"'Cause I'm so bugging I can't even deal," Ethan exclaimed.

"Our teacher," Connor whispered. "Is the oldest living Power Ranger!"

"Not the oldest," the Rangers froze and spun around to find Hayley standing behind them. "Just the best!"

"Hayley?" Aliyah asked as the four walked slowly towards her. "How did you get in here?"

"More to the point," added Kira. "What do you know about any of this?"

"I know that Tommy is in trouble," Hayley sighed, "and you four are the only ones who can help him. I've been helping Tommy prepare the ranger energies since Grad school. Who do you think built the morphers? I mean, Tommy's good with dinosaurs and fossils, but a rocket scientist, he ain't..."

"And lemme guess, you are?" Connor asked.

"Among other things," Hayley nodded.

"Wow," Aliyah said, brightly. "You're like the female version of Cam,"

"Who's Cam?" Hayley frowned, her face taking on a curious expression, was it the same Cam that she knew?

"My boyfriend," Aliyah shrugged.

Hayley nodded, before turning to Kira who had more questions that needed answering.

"So, you know who we are and you know what we are," the Yellow ranger said, trying to balance everything out in her mind. "Do you know where Doctor Oliver is?"

"I think I have a pretty good idea," Hayley nodded, reaching into her bag and pulling out a disk, she sat at the computer and entered it into the CD Drive. "This is the surveillance tape from the day of your gig, Kira."

They watched as Tommy was attacked by several Tyrannodrones and disappeared.

"Why didn't he just morph?" Connor asked. "I mean, he's a Power Ranger."

"Not anymore," Hayley said. "Or didn't you get that far?"

She turned back to the video and allowed it to play once more for them.

"Try to escape this, Power Rangers!"

"A new villain, Lord Zedd, was destroying Earth. And with three rangers leaving, a new power source had to be found."

"The sword of light will allow your powers to be transferred to create new Rangers," Zordon explained as three new people appeared in the Command Centre. Tommy recognized them and smiled brightly.

"Rocky! Adam! Aisha!"

"Isn't this incredible?" Aisha smiled. "Trini, Zack and Jason passed on their powers, and the three new rangers stepped forward." The video showed Rita and Zed combing their powers to make a monster grow. "And just in time, as Rita and Zedd teamed up to form our most powerful enemy yet, bringing with them a new terror: Rito. The new team fought bravely, but it wasn't enough. Rito destroyed our Zords."

Kim was held back as their Zords were destroyed.

"Looks like we lost more than our Zords. We've lost our powers!" Tommy sighed as he looked around the wasteland.

"Your journey is about to begin," a blue figure with a large 'N' on his chest stepped forward. "A ranger never gives up. Zordon sent us on a quest to find Ninjor, a warrior from the past who showed us the secrets of the ancient Ninja."

Aliyah snickered. "That's a Ninja?" she asked. "I've seen better!"

The others paused and glanced at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Where have you seen a Ninja?" Connor asked, suspiciously. Did he know more than he was letting on?

Aliyah narrowed her gaze at him. "Like I've said before, McKnight, there is more to me than meets the eye! Some secrets are meant to be told... others are meant to be kept. But don't worry; i'm sure you'll find out in time!"

She returned her attention to the video as Hayley pressed 'play' and they continued with more Ranger history.

"Our quest complete, we gained new weapons, new Zords, and new enemies," The video showed the Ninja rangers fighting Tenga warriors. "But along with new enemies, came new friends."

"I'm Tommy," Tommy shook the hand of a blonde, who smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you, Tommy, I'm Katherine,"

"When Kimberley chose to leave, Katherine was the only choice," Kat smiled as Kim gave her the pink power coin. "Katherine assumed the pink ranger power, and just in time..." the command centre exploded, and the six rangers were teleported out. "We got out just as Rita and Zedd destroyed the Command Centre."

Tommy lifted a large crystal from the wreckage of their command centre.

"It's all here. This is incredible," Tommy breathed just before the ground beneath the six suddenly disappeared and they fell. "Beneath the ruins, we found the Zeo Crystal; a mystical power that guided us into the next chapter of our lives as Rangers,"

"Oh, My God!" Aliyah cried. "How long were they Rangers for?"

"The Mighty Morphin were Rangers for about three years," Hayley answered, causing the current White ranger to groan, and the video to continue playing.

"Rangers, the power of the Zeo Crystal now resides within you," Zordon explained. "They will bestow you with powers beyond your imagination." "The Zeo powers were awesome, but when we needed reinforcements, we turned to an old friend."

"The new Gold ranger is right here," Tommy smiled, and Jason walked out of the shadows, removing his sunglasses. "Jason returned, and assumed the power of the Gold ranger." The video showed Jason fighting with ease, before it changed to graduation. "After high school graduation, we were ready to face the world."

"Three years?" Aliyah said, glancing at Hayley. "I thought you said Dr. O was a ranger for three years... this is what... his fourth ranger team?"

"Turbo was his fifth," Hayley explained. "But don't worry, it was also his last!"

Aliyah sighed and turned her attention back to the screen as they watched as Tommy and his friends passed on their powers to a new full team of Turbo Rangers.

"I wouldn't be standing here today, TJ, if it wasn't for your courage and strength, I choose you, to lead the team, as the new Red ranger!"

Hayley paused to the video.

"After that Tommy went to college where he met yours truly," she explained. "But when he found the Dino Gems, he knew he knew he could never escape the power for long."

"Seeing as I don't want this to be the end of the line can we get back on the subject of finding Dr. O?" Ethan asked

"Hey, I just thought of something," Kira stated "What about Invisiportals? They're all over the city, if we could find one we could get into Mesogog's lab!"

Aliyah groaned. "Do I really have to go there again? It was hard enough getting out the last time!"

"I've been on working on that very thing," Hayley informed them. "Unfortunately; I need just a little more time."

"Okay, so what do we do when you're doing that?" Connor asked.

"Here, watch more of your heritage," Hayley said. "You might learn something!"

Aliyah shifted comfortably as an uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. "Um, Hayley, is there footage here of every ranger team until now?" she asked.

"Yes," Hayley nodded. "Why?"

"No reason," Aliyah answered, her stomach tightening uncomfortably, at the prospect of what was to come.

~*Prehistoric Storm*~

Aliyah chewed her lower lip all throughout the clips of the Space Rangers, Galaxy Rangers and the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, before Hayley quickly paused the video.

"Hey, I was watching that!" Ethan exclaimed in annoyance.

"Sorry, but I've got something," Hayley told them, without looking away from the computer.

"What, you found him?" Connor asked hopefully.

"Almost, I've got a lock on the backdoor to Mesogog's firewall. In theory, it should lead us right to an Invisiportal," Hayley explained.

"And then what?" Aliyah asked.

"Uh, I'll let you know when I get there," Hayley shrugged, replaying the video and going back to work.

Aliyah's stomach dropped nervously.

~*Prehistoric Storm*~

"What's happening?" Connor asked, as the screens all turned back and the words 'search failed' flashed across the screen in red.

"Either I'm losing my touch, or Mesogog is really smart," Hayley said, before adding, "for a mutant freak!" The screen suddenly turned fuzzy, before showing another video.

"What's it doing now?" Kira asked.

"It's retrieving more ranger history" Hayley explained, watching the video.

"My friends and I came from the year 3000," Jen explained, holding a morpher in her hands.

Ethan suddenly paused the video again.

"Hold up, rangers from the future?" he asked in surprise.

"They're down with time travel and everything, right?" Kira started, and everyone looked at her quickly. "Couldn't they take us back to the moment when Tommy was kidnapped?"

"Why? So we can watch it happen all over again?" Connor asked, earning several looks. " we can stop them... got it..."

"It's worth a shot. Let's see if it tells us how to reach them," Aliyah pressed play.

"We're trying to recapture a gang of mutants that escaped through time and take them back with us," Jen sighed as she turned to face Wes. "We think you may be the only one who can unlock these morphers so we can defeat them."

"It's yours."


"DNA confirmed!"



"That was sick... but not helpful!" Ethan said.

"Okay, so what about all the other rangers," Connor asked. "I mean, there must be hundreds of them all over the place. Couldn't we team up and scout all over the city?"

Hayley shook her head.

"It's not that easy. Most rangers don't have their powers anymore" she said, going back to trying to find a way to find Tommy, while the video played clips of the Wild Force Rangers. "Some didn't even want them at all."

Aliyah made a small agreeing noise, one that went unnoticed by her new team-mates, but she knew the feeling of not wanting the ranger powers all too well.

"Cole joined, and the Wild Force Rangers used spirits of the ancient animals to fight the evil Org, creatures determined to conquer Earth, through pollution and destruction. The final member to join the team was Merrick, the Lunar Wolf."

As the Wild Force rangers morphed, and their Zords appeared behind them, Ethan paused it.

"Meanwhile, back in reality, we have no way to find Dr O!"

"I know that there's at least one more group of rangers out there," Hayley sighed. "They had a guy named Cam, he was even more of a genius at this stuff than I am -" she broke off, as they each turned in Aliyah's direction, as the girl in question avoided eye contact with them.

"Cam?" Kira repeated. "As in your Cam, Ali?"

Aliyah glanced at her. "What makes you think it's my Cam? There has got to be a hundred people in the world known as 'Cam',"

"Maybe so," Ethan nodded. "But you did say that your boyfriend was a male version of Hayley!"

"Thanks for pointing that out, Ethe," Aliyah groaned, although she was thankful that no one knew the name of her previous team, at least, that was until Connor spoke up.

"Try typing in 'Ninja Storm'," he spoke, and everyone looked at him quickly. "What? My twin brother went to this 'super-secret' ninja school. Everyone there knew a few of the students got chosen to be rangers!" Connor explained.

"Your brother was a power ranger?" Ethan questioned Connor, who shook his head with a laugh.

"He couldn't even finish ninja school. He's like a total airhead. We are so different," he laughed, but it quickly died as the others looked at him in amusement. "Guys?" Connor frowned a little.

"Look, I found them!" Hayley exclaimed in shock, turning their attention to the screens, and Aliyah's insides squirmed even more.

"These are your Power Ranger Wind Morphers," Cam opened the box to reveal their morphers. Dustin laughed, clapping his hands together as Tori scoffed.

"Yes! See? I knew it dude! I was right!" Dustin laughed. "Power Rangers are real!"

"From this point, you will be known as the Wind Power Rangers," Sensei told them in his Guinea Pig form. "Three unlikely ninja students commanded the power of Earth, Air and Water. But it was the power of Thunder that gave them their biggest challenge," Hunter and Blake drove away on their thunder cycles after defeating the three rangers. "Not long after becoming Rangers, another ninja, who wielded the power of Lightning, joined the team!"

"Theoretically she didn't 'join the team'," Aliyah said, with a small shrug. "She just showed up!"

Hayley paused the video as the others turned to their friend.

"How do you know that?" Connor asked.

Aliyah grinned sheepishly.

Ethan's eyes widened as realization dawned. "No..." he gasped. "No way!"

"Just play the stupid video!" Aliyah muttered, lowering her gaze and pressing 'play'.

It showed Aliyah, Tori, Dustin and Shane entering Ninja Ops bent on telling Sensei about Aliyah's survival.

"Hey, Cam, where is Sensei?" asked Shane. "We found another Ninja survivor - this is Aliyah!"

Connor paused the video. "Dude..." he exclaimed, turning to the female beside him. "You were a ranger before?"

"Hardly," Aliyah answered. "I may have a morpher attached to my wrist, but that doesn't mean I used it!"

"With Aliyah's refusal to join the team, a new ranger arrived to help!"

A large eagle swooped in to attack Hunter, he was knocked away from Aliyah, who rolled onto her stomach, clutching her neck and gasping for breath.

"What is that?" asked Dustin.

"I don't know," answered Shane.

As the eagle disappeared, the four rangers looked around as a new Ninja joined them. She was wearing a White Ninja suit with black accents and a face mask.

"Lightning Storm! Ranger Form!"

There was a crash overhead as the sky darkened, lightning flashed and streaked towards the ground, it hit the new ninja earning a collective gasp from the others present. When the lightning faded, the new ninja was dressed in a black suit, with a pair of wings on either side of her helmet and a white lightning streak down the front of her costume.

"Power Lightning!"

"However, their greatest enemies..." Hunter put his hands to his head as it hurt.

"I remember..." he muttered, demorphing and falling to his knees. "... Proved to their greatest allies."

"Do you know who we are?" Shane asked.

Hunter nodded and looked up at them.

"Yeah, my friends!"

Aliyah scoffed. "Yeah, because friends try to kill each other!"

The video paused again.

Aliyah sighed and glanced at her new friends. "What? Just because he was a ranger doesn't mean I have to like him too! Hunter and I didn't get on... and we still don't, even to this day!"

The others shook their heads and Hayley pressed 'play' once more as the scene changed to Aliyah fighting against Metropolis.

"With their Ranger powers taken, Aliyah, finally, joined the team..."

"Lightning Storm! Ranger Form!"

The sky darkened and a crash echoed over the speakers, lightning flashed and streaked towards the ground, hitting Aliyah who braced herself for impact. When the light faded, Aliyah was dressed in an all-white body suit, with a pair of ears on top of her helmet, and a black lightning strike down her chest.

"Power of Lightning!"

Kira paused the video. "I thought you said you never used the morpher?" she frowned, looking up at the female between her and Connor.

"I was bullied into it," Aliyah muttered.

"Like you were bullied into coming to Reefside?" Connor asked.

"Something like that," Aliyah nodded, pressing 'play.'

The video changed to show Cam in the past, where he put on his Samurai amulet to face a younger Lothor.

"Sorry to spoil your fun!" he yelled.

"With Earth on the brink of destruction, another friend, Cam, went back in time, to retrieve the one power that could save them all. The power of the Green Samurai." Cam demorphed to reveal his identity, and the scene changed once again. "In their final battle against Lothor, the rangers made the ultimate sacrifice."

"I have your ranger powers!" Lothor smirked as he held up the stolen samurai amulet.

"We may not be Power Rangers, but we still have power!" Shane yelled. "Power of Air!"

"Power of Earth!"

"Power of Water!"

The wind began to pick up around Lothor. "Ninja powers!" the three called, and fired their own energy beams at Lothor. The combination of Earth, Air and Water lifted the space ninja off his feet, and forced him into the Abyss of Evil with a horrified yell, before there was a huge explosion and the cracks in the ground sealed themselves shut.

"Whoa! Ninjas are real!" Ethan exclaimed in excitement, earning a cold look for Aliyah.

"You believe them now?" She asked. "Where was that excitement a few minutes ago when I questioned about the MMPR being Ninjas?"

Ethan blushed sheepishly. "Sorry!" he mumbled, before Connor grinned.

"My brother taught me some of his moves. Watch!" He stepped back, before firing several punches and then ended up kicking a computer, causing it to spark.

"Please tell me that did not just happen?" Kira said, as the main screen disappeared.

"I think we just lost our last hope of finding Tommy" Hayley breathed, and the others stared at her.

~*Prehistoric Storm*~

"Anything?" Connor asked hopefully after a few minutes of silence and Hayley worked on regaining the system.

"Got it!" she exclaimed happily, as the screen changed back.

"We are so lucky you're a genius," Ethan grinned, and Connor sighed in relief.

"Even geniuses need help sometimes" Hayley grinned brightly. "That little jolt must have done something to the wiring, because I'm getting something!"

"With the return of Mesogog, it became necessary to invoke the power of the Dino Gems," Tommy was saying from the video feed. "Should anything happen to me, these four are in charge of protecting the planet!"

"It's us," Kira breathed as she saw clips of the four receiving their powers not that long ago.

"He really trusts us," Connor mumbled.

"He does," Hayley nodded.

"We have to save him," Ethan stated. "We owe it to him!"

"The whole world owes him," Aliyah nodded, before the computer beeped.

"It worked!" Hayley exclaimed happily. "I've got a lock on an Invisiportal."

Connor clapped his hands together.

"Time to go save a teacher!" the red ranger grinned, looking around at the others who nodded in agreement.

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