Was this really happening? Bolin stood in disbelief at the general before him. They were in his office talking and then suddenly the mood changed. Iroh had grabbed his hand and kissed it.

The teen was blushing madly, but the man didn't let the hand go anytime soon. His tongue slipped out and began to lick a circle around one of the knuckles.

Bolin immediately got hard at the sensation and grimaced. This was improper, but it was just making it that much more of a turn on. The man continued his ministrations for the next two minutes until he had the earth-bender breathing heavily.

"You like that?" he whispered across the flesh in front of his mouth.

The teen could only nod as he gazed on, transfixed as the general put his tongue back out and this time lapped at that same knuckle, back and forth.

Oh, spirits. He hadn't even been touched below the belt and he was so close to his release. A moan passed his lips.

"Are you ready to cum?" the general teased.

He nodded again. Oh, did he want to cum so badly now. Those amber eyes stared him down as moved his tongue over the next knuckle and flicked his tongue against it. This finally set Bolin off.

Thankfully, he wasn't very expressive at orgasm or he would be dreadfully embarrassed. He simply shut his eyes and let out a whine. His hips bucked once and then twice as the semen shot out into his pants.

Bolin's breath was labored as he tried to come back from such a strong peak. He looked down to see the general right where he had left him, but this time there was a different look in his eyes.

There was no teasing or lustful gaze, just one that was soft and loving. It made Bolin forgive the man for acting so sudden and rash.

Iroh gave a final kiss to the two knuckles he had licked and then dropped the hand.

"I, unfortunately, have paperwork to do…but you're welcome to stay here…if you want to."

Bolin could see the nervousness in the once strong-seeming individual. The teen would stay and he wasn't just doing it because of the guilt.

The general turned and sat back down at his desk. Bolin then got a brilliant idea as he followed the man over. He was basically ignored as Iroh was sorting through his papers. Slipping behind the desk, Bolin picked up one of the man's arms.

"What?" Iroh asked, confused.

The teen sat down in his lap and the man was shocked at the forwardness.

"Can I sit here?" Bolin questioned, trying to look as cute as possible.

The general sighed, "Just be quiet."

Bolin nodded as the man wrapped an arm around him, doing his work with just one hand.