"Oh, Brothah Benjamin, I just HATE living in this dreaded Boxcar!" screeched Violet in a terrible British accent.

"Damn it, Violet! Why don't you just move back in with Grandfather then?" Henry yelled as he pointed to the house a few feet away where their grandfather lived.

"I was not speaking to you, my dear Henreh" replied Violet with falsely posh inflections.

All of a sudden, Jessie looked up from the corner of the boxcar that she normally rocked back and forth in while streaking eyeliner down her face. Prior to her sudden interest in the conversation, and really anything in general, she was examining her long toenails with an intensity that could melt the ice caps (well, more quickly anyways).

"Violet, everyone hates you. Even grandfather, even the dog, and especially Benny." Jessie's expression was as cold as her soul as she glared at Violet. Violet who always had everything perfect in life. She had the looks, the talent, the lack of responsibility. Oh, how Jessie would kill for such a life.

Jessie rung her hands around the voodoo doll of Violet, all the while singing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

Benny, the wee youngin' of all of the boxcar children grew annoyed and couldn't stay quiet any longer. He got up on the only chair in the entire scarcely furnished boxcar and yelled, "The only thing I hate as much as Violet is all of you guys fighting!" He then proceeded to walk out into the pouring rain, and set fire to it. The fire then caught onto the boxcar. The intricate fire alarm system in the boxcar went off and fireworks started erupting with each screech of the alarm.

Henry ran to Jessie's corner, and lifted her onto his back while she watched the only home she ever knew burn to ashes. Except for her grandfather's home. But that didn't count.

Then, as Henry, Jessie, and Benny all watched that dreaded boxcar die a miserable death, the dog suddenly remembered that Violet was trapped inside.

"Lock it! Lock the door!" Yelled the dog.

They did, and then all proceeded to live a happy life in Grandfather's house.

Without Violet of course.