Hello, I'm your mind, giving you someone to talk to...

Hello, Evanescence

Day 1

Before the run: I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I swear, if Dick finds out... Well, here you are dear Dr. Wayne, I've started my journal and with it, my daily runs, as requested. How are my feelings before the run? Well, I'm fricking pissed (see, I'm trying to stop cussing) about this, honestly. It's completely stupid. I mean, I've heard how running helps calm anger and stuff, but how am I supposed to get calm when I know I have to come back to write in this? I'm betting against you when you say this'll work, pal.

Artemis closed the small leather notebook and tied her sneakers, getting ready for her first ever morning run. How exciting, she thought sarcastically. Rolling her eyes to herself, she closed the door of the small apartment she shared with her mother behind her and looked at her watch.

4:30 AM, exactly the time she had planned to go. Many people wouldn't be able to put up with the torture of having to wake up so early to do exercise of all things, but Artemis was a morning person and was also very fit. It wasn't the time that was the problem.

It was the fact that, a: she was doing something someone else had asked her to do. She had a small authority complex and hated obeying orders, but it wasn't like she had a choice; and b: She didn't have a choice. Unless she wanted to go to jail; and juvie had been bad enough.

That was the only reason she even went to her therapy sessions with Dr. Wayne, if she was being honest with herself. Although the man had somehow grown on her. Juvie had been the epitome of hell; having to follow orders all the time and forced to share her cell with a girl with no idea of the significance of personal space.

She wouldn't have been locked up in the first place if it weren't for... No. She pushed the thought out of her head before it could form completely. She couldn't start thinking about this or the rest of her day would be ruined. Although thinking about the journal writing waiting for her at home wasn't helping either.

She took in her surroundings. It was still dark, streetlights spotlighting almost everywhere except for the exact spot where she stood, just below her apartment complex. It wasn't really the safest place to be out during this time of the day, where she lived, but she took her chances. She knew how to fend for herself.

Starting slowly, she reviewed her plan in her mind. She was to run until the sun came up, however long that was. Since winter was approaching, every week or so the sun would take even longer to peek out. That way, she'd be able to increase her runs. She had this all well-coordinated even though she didn't want to do it. It was a habit from her childhood.

She picked up her pace, glad to see the streets were empty. She didn't expect good company if she ever met someone at this hour.

Lost inside her head, she ran and ran, not noticing how much time had gone by, and how the sun was nearly up. Suddenly she heard quick and strong footsteps, and she realized someone was running towards her, apparently also so lost in thought he didn't even see her. He had exercise clothes and running shoes on, so she didn't think he was a threat. She kept her guard up anyways, and decided to turn around then. She calculated she could make it back to her apartment just before the sunrise. So she turned her back to the red-headed man and ran away.

During the run: I have no idea. I just let my feelings run free (haha, get it?).

After the run: So I guess there was no space in my mind to think about how angry I always am. Mostly what occupied my head was 'Fuck I'm fucking tired' (woops, there goes the no cussing). That is, until I remembered what I had to do (write) and why I had to do it. So, yeah, fail.

Day 2

Before the run: Here I am, diligently writing and running like a chained dog obeying my master's every will. That comparison gives you no permission whatsoever to think of yourself as my master, by the way. But I bet you'll get a kick at how honest I was about the whole 'problem with control' thing. Maybe you'll even think the journal was a good idea. Sure, delude yourself.

There she went again, exactly at 4:30 AM, making her way out of her apartment and into the streets so she could run just like she was asked (ordered) to.

And after a while, she was also running towards the same red-headed man she had seen just the day before. She decided to go against her better judgement (the one that was imposed on her by her father) and think that this was the man's daily routine, something usual for him. So she ran by him, looking straight ahead at all times.

Not noticing how this time, the man did see her, and kept his eyes trained on her all the while they were side by side, which wasn't much, really.

Artemis was very aware of her surroundings, however, making note to remember them to see if she saw the man again at the same place.

Later that morning, just when Artemis was turning around to return to her apartment, the man zoomed by her, almost too fast for her to see him. He had been quick, she realized; very quick. She considered he must have stopped somewhere near where they met for him to have gotten back so fast and with the steady sprint he had demonstrated.

Noticing she had slowed down, she pushed the thoughts of the man away and picked up her pace, her mind on the warm bath that was waiting for her and, oh, that stupid journal.

She didn't turn around and see how the man had stopped turned around when he realized it was her, the blond he had admired earlier. Hesitated when she slowed down, wondering if he should go talk to her. Almost smacked himself in the face when she picked up her pace, thinking he had missed his chance.

During the run: I saw someone today. He was also running; he was running yesterday too. And I'm only writing this down because I'm suspicious, and this is all about my feelings, right?

After the run: I'm feeling alright. Not very different, but alright. Or whelmed, as Dick would say. Curious, though, about the red-head. The man, I mean.

Artemis took her bath and got ready to meet her best friend Dick Grayson at the small cafe that was their usual place.

She had met him a few years ago, at Dr. Wayne's office. His parents had died in a terrible acrobatic accident, and he had been traumatized. Dr. Wayne had taken such a liking to the poor orphan that he adopted him as well as helping him with therapy.

When she began her sessions with Dr. Wayne, Dick was already fine and over his trauma. He just hung out around there, and so they had met. Artemis was usually a very reserved person, but there was something about Dick that made her feel at ease with him. Maybe it was the fact that they both had a dark past.

"I'm late, I know. I got carried away with my bath," Artemis said as she sat on the booth where Dick was currently reading something on his phone.

He raised his eyebrows suggestively at her comment and looked at her, and she glared as she realized the double meaning of her words.

"You're a perv," she said, and he laughed. It wasn't the first time she'd called him that.

"So how's the running going?" Dick asked. He knew about the running, it was the journal she didn't want him to discover.

"Oh, you know. Maybe an hour of only having my mind for entertainment, probably why the doc assigned it. He's clever, that one."

Another laugh from him.

The whole next hour was spent in unimportant chit-chat, until they reached the tipical conversation, the one Artemis always tried to avoid.

"So how are the boyfriends?"

"So how's Barbara?" she asked after a pause, changing the subject in a not so subtle way.

"Barbara's great, as always. So how are the boyfriends?" he inquired again.

With a roll of her eyes, Artemis answered, "What boyfriends?"

"Exactly. You do realize that other than me there are no men in your life, right?"

No answer.

"Artemis. You can't let what your father did-"

"I'm not, Dick. We've been over this before, my lack of relationships has nothing to do with what my father did and didn't do. Now drop it."

Dick looked as if he was going to continue arguing, but knowing that it would be useless, he told Artemis how Barbara was dying to see her.

"I still don't know how you managed that one, Grayson. Barbara is too good for you. But yeah, I really want to see her too."

"Yeah, I know. I'm lucky to have her," he said with a goofy grin, and Artemis felt happy for her closest friend.

"I'd better run, though. I'm supposed to meet her in about 20 minutes. She wants me to go shopping with her." Sighing, he stood up and took care of the bill. Since this was already custom, Artemis didn't argue.

"That's what she needs girlfriends for, Artemis. Don't deny her of that!" he said with mock anger.

"Oh, you know I'm not the friend she's looking for if she wants to go shopping with someone."

"Better you than me," he said, and with that and ignoring her finger, he left.

Day 3

Before the run: I'm getting bored of this whole consistency thing. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. I guess that's the whole point of a routine, though.

And so Artemis's third day of running began, same as always.

She ran and ran until she heard the footsteps she'd already been expecting, those that had become somewhat familiar, and looked around. It was the same place as the last day; the man had a routine as well.

Daring to sneak a peak at the red-head, she was surprised to see he was already looking at her. Not just that, but he was slowing down. With a frown, Artemis quickly looked away and hurried her pace.

And suddenly, he was right in front of her, so unexpectedly she almost crashed into him.

"Hi," he said with a grin. "I'm Wally."

Hi guys! I always try to write my ANs at the end of my stories. I just want to say that this'll be a short story, consisting of short chapters (yes, sorry for all the shortness). I hope you find it interesting, I'm really motivated with it since the idea just came to me and I thought it was great. The songs used for the titles are not necessarily good ones (haha), they are just related to the chapter or story. I'll mention if I think a song is good whenever. Pardon the grammatical errors, and hey, before I forget: I DO NOT OWN either the songs or any characters I am using from the Young Justice cartoons. Well, that's about it.