((Good afternoon, fellow true believers! Once again, after many boxes of pizza and cans of root beer, I give you all another great re-telling of an epic tale! This time, "The Prince and the Pauper" mixes with Capcom's blue bomber, Megaman, and his friends. The version of the story in general is the re-telling by Disney (the one with Micket Mouse as both leads) but do not be fooled, for this is only loosely based and shall be a tad more mature rated then the average Disney movie. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this tale of adventure!))

A spiky, blonde haired young man sits in a large red comfy chair. Opening a green, leather bound book from his lap, he clears his throat and opens his mouth to speak:

"In the year 2000XX…

For many years, Abel City was ruled by Dr. Thomas Light, a wise and just king as well the genius scientist who created Reploids, robots who could think and feel as humans do. From his work and good will, the people and Reploids of the city flourished and were very happy.

But by and by, the good King became ill and a darkness fell over the country side. As Light's condition worsened, the captain of the royal guard, a Reploid by the name of Sigma, saw his chance to gain control over Reploids' minds as well as terrorize and rob those who didn't follow his vision. Under his command, the "Mavericks" ruthlessly spread chaos throughout the city.

And worst of all, in Lord Light's name!

It seemed no one could save the kingdom from the ruthless Sigma and his Mavericks. Until one day…"