I could literally feel her breath cascading across my face as my heart pounded rapidly in my chest. It was as if I was on the brink of my death and yet I felt more alive than ever all at the same time. Monique inched even closer to me, her exotic lips oh so close to my own. I could not breath, holding it within my chest as if I could do nothing else. I was stunned to the point where I could not even move. Her fingertips of her right hand began to caress the exposed skin of my left arm. This sent chills throughout my entire body. Why was she doing this? She had to stop. I must stop her.

"Relax." She said softly, so softly that I barely heard her. "It is okay."

Her assurances did nothing to settle my nerves and slow my heart. In fact, it made it even worse. I watched her move even closer, tilting her head to the left slightly before she did something I never thought she would do. Her lips made contact with my neck. She was kissing me. Monique allowed her lips to linger there, kissing me for what felt like eternity. I started to feel her lips moving towards my lips, and she kissed me, right on my lips. My head was spinning. This could not be happening. This should not be happening. Oh hell.

"So beautiful," She murmured to me between kisses.

Did I kiss her back? No. I was too conflicted. A part of me wanted to so badly it hurt not to. But then there was still that other part of me, the part I was beginning to hate more and more by the day. It was the part which was chastising me for how immoral this was. Monique must have noticed something was up, for she pulled back and looked into my eyes again. She stroked the side of my face.

"Ziva, kiss me back." She told me. "I know you want to."

Her voice was so titillating and tantalizing that she made it even harder for me to resist her, it was damn near impossible. She pressed her lips into mine yet again, going slowly. I took a brief moment to relax myself before I did what I had always wanted to do. I kissed her back. I felt her lips move even faster, pressing her body into mine. I could not help but moan out in response to this. She kept me pinned into that wooden door, having complete control over me… and to be quite perfectly honest I did not mind it. Her hands were roaming my sides, tugging at the hem of my shirt but she did not make it obvious she wanted to take it off.

Kissing her, I moved my hands to my jacket, practically ripping it from my body. My arms and parts of the jacket hit the door, creating noise. I allowed the jacket to go to the ground and we kept kissing, my breathing erratic. My sporadic heart pounded even faster and then I remembered the food. Did I really want to stop this just to worry about food? Perhaps. I did not know. Her hands kept wandering around my frame but mine stayed on her cheeks as I kissed her. I wanted to touch her body, yet I did not. I was so conflicted then that I wanted to play it safe, however safe one can play it in a situation such as this. Monique gripped onto one of my legs, wrapping it around her hip. I moaned at the contact, becoming even more aroused. Was I supposed to be liking this this much?

"Ziva," Monique whispered seductively.

That voice, that accent, it made me so utterly insane that I could not help but fall in love. Her hands sneaked beneath my shirt, feeling the skin of my taut abdomen. As Monique did this her lips traveled down to my neck, sucking the skin there. I could not help but say what I was thinking in that very moment.

"Fuck!" I moaned out, which caused Monique to stop kissing me, flashing me a sly smirk.

"Okay, if you want." She replied with a wink.

I watched with sheer confusion as she separated from me and went towards the bed, where our food sat. She picked up the plates and put them atop the dresser before coming back towards me. This time she took a hold of me by both of my thighs and lifted me so suddenly from the ground that it caused me to shriek. I gripped her shoulders, my heart beating faster than it ever had. She lied me down onto the bed roughly before climbing right on top of me. She vehemently kissed my lips as her hands pushed up my shirt. I was so nervous in that moment, and utterly emotionally lost. I had no idea what to make of this, but my body was reacting just the way Monique apparently liked. Her hands went down to my belt, unhooking it. This was happening.

"Oh God!" I moaned, thinking out loud again.

"Do you like that?" Monique asked in a teasing voice.

"Uh-huh." I moaned in an overwrought voice.

She smiled down to me before kissing me some more as her hands worked blindly to unbutton my pants. She pulled them off, along with my combat boots and my white blouse. My stomach was in knots and my body was now bare to her. My stomach was so tied up that it almost hurt. Was this a good thing, or bad? I bit down on my bottom lip somewhat roughly as her eyes scanned me up and down. It was then when it must have clicked, how nervous I was, how I was not touching her so much. She smiled softly.

"Ziva, let me ask you something. Is this your first time with a woman?" Monique asked me.

I did not want to tell her the truth…not really. I did not want her to know that I had not ever had sex with a woman and how nervous she and the idea of it all made me.

"Why do you ask?" I retorted, lying there.

"You are nervous." She whispered to me right into my ear as she peppered kisses along my jaw line.

"I am not." I lied.

"You are too… and you are also…" She started, pausing to kiss me right on my rosy lips. "…are a bad liar."

I laid there, my hands not touching her no matter how badly I wanted to. She looked in my eyes as if she could see that want.

"Here, Ziva." She said, taking my hands in hers. "Where do you want to touch me?"

The question sent my heart racing even more.

"Everywhere." I replied, my voice barely there.

I saw this smirk on her face that I would never forget. She put my hands on her hips and kissed my neck gently. Her hands left mine and went to my breasts. I let out a tiny moan, arching my back slightly. She continued to kiss my neck. Meanwhile, my mind was spinning, a whirlwind of contradicting wants and morals. I wanted to keep feeling Monique, explore her but there was still that now annoying part which told me to stop while I still could. This was wrong, forbidden. I could not do this.

"Explore me, Ziva." Monique whispered to me temptingly.

Her hands started moving lower and I had no idea what to do. I then started to do what I would have wanted to have done to me. I move my hands up and down her sides, feeling her as I had never felt her before. It was so intimate… there was so much love surrounding us in that moment. I felt truly happy. My hands went to the hem of her shirt and she helped me peel it from her frame. I inhaled sharply upon seeing her torso, and how magnificently crafted she was.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked me, stroking the side of my face.

I could not help but nod, an absolute look of awe in my eyes.

"That is good." She spoke again, that accent of hers thickening even more.

My hands felt her lightly tanned skin, going to her rounded breasts. I sucked on my bottom lip as my eyes fixated on them. Monique watched me, and my facial expression. I just kept my hands on her breasts, not doing anything but holding them. My heart still raced. She then sat upward, back onto the heels of her feet and smiled down to me.

"Ziva, dear, you are so beautiful." She complimented, putting her hands on top of mine. "Let me show you what to do."

"Okay." I said in a shy sounding voice.

I watched as she gripped and released my hands over and over again, moaning at the stimulation it caused. Now getting that she wanted me to massage her breasts, I began to do so on my own. Her hands then again left mine again and she began to soothing stroke my thighs. She then spread my legs a bit more and I grew apprehensive. Could she tell how nervous this was making me? Monique then began to skillfully stimulate my extremely sensitive clitoris.

"Ah!" I cried out, tilting my head back as I moaned.

She kept going, not daring to stop. My hands moved to her back as she positioned herself above me. My life was completely changing in that very moment…and I knew this to be true. I dug my nails into the bed as she kept doing what she was doing. I moaned loudly, starting to enjoy this.

"Ziva, I want to go farther. Is that okay?" She asked, wanting to make sure things were not going too fast for my liking.

"Yes! Please!" I practically moaned, begging to be touched even more.

Her finger slowly trailed down my folds and went inside me. I instantly reacted, still extremely responsive to all of this newness. Her finger began to move in and out of me in a precise and steady pace. I grew even wetter for her, which seemed truly impossible. Her lips moved back to my neck, and she sucked the skin there. She was so tender yet so passionately brutal, ruthless, like she had done this several times. Instinctually, my back arched up from the bed on which I lie as Monique's finger moved faster.

"Oh, fuck!" I moaned out, tossing my head back vehemently as she pleasured me.

This allowed Monique's lips to traverse towards the center of my neck as she added a second finger. My tightness adjusted a bit but then tightened around her digits. I dug my nails deeper into the mattress as I screamed out in sheer ecstasy. As her hand moved faster, my entire body became more reactive. Everything within me seemed to tense up, and I knew I was getting close. I began to desperately reach out behind me for the headboard yet I could only feel the pillows. I grasped at them as if somehow they were a lifeline. My cries were of a mixture of pain and pleasure, and they filled the hotel room as Monique essentially took complete control of me. These were feelings I was not familiar with but I welcomed them, I welcomed all of it with open arms.

"I love you." She murmured into my ear oh so softly.

I smiled at her words.

"I lo-oh-ve you, too!" I exclaimed between moans.

I was able to tell that she was stifling a laugh and she kept moving her hand, faster, harder, deeper than before. She began hitting my g-spot with each thrust and I could not help but groan louder, squirming underneath her touch. The look in her eyes was of mischief yet they still held that sultriness I fell for all those years ago. Monique then did something I was by no means prepared for. Before she entered me again, she added a third finger, testing my limits.

"AH!" I screamed out, unable to help myself.

Monique bent down to kiss my lips, momentarily silencing my scream. I did not maintain the kiss for long for I could no longer hold back my noises.

"Ah! Uh! Oh!" I grunted out, painful pleasure evident in my voice.

What neither Monique nor I realized at the time was right as I let out those screams Tony and Castro were walking into the hotel. They were both instantly alarmed by it.

"Stay here!" Tony said, going for the bedroom door.

He opened it just as Monique was pounding into me even harder than she had before that evening. When we heard it, we instantly looked to him. Her fingers were still inside me, but shielded from his view. Tony blushed a bright red color.

"Uh... sorry. I, uh, I did not mean to barge in on you… uh, ladies. Sorry." He stammered, backing slowly out of the room, shutting the door.

I watched as Monique buried her face in my stomach, trying hard not to laugh. I ran my fingers through her hair, blushing myself. She kissed my stomach and allowed her eyes to look up at my face.

"Would you like to continue?" She asked, trying her hardest to maintain her composure.

"Yes, please." I replied, stroking her hair.

I let out a loud moan as her fingers continued to move inside me, bringing me that much closer to my edge. Meanwhile, Tony was out in the front room, looking at Castro. He did not speak. It was as if he could not perform the act. Castro tilted her head a bit, confused as to what was going on.

"Well, is everything all right?" She asked, setting down her bag.

"Uh…" Tony started. "Yeah. Um… let's just… um… pretend this never happened, okay?"

"Alright," Castro agreed, not entirely sure of what was going on behind the closed door.