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October 10th. The day the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the hidden village of the leaf, Konohagakure no Sato, or simply Konoha. The great nine tailed demon had gone on a rampage throughout the Elemental Nations and Konoha had been in the way of that rampage. Their leader, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime (4th) Hokage (Fire Shadow), had gone and challenged the great beast, after it had killed more than 500 of their ninja. Minato had been with his wife, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, as she went through birthing twins in the Konoha hospital.

We currently see a giant toad the size of a 10 story building with a blue sleeveless jacket and a smoking pipe in his mouth. On his head was a blond haired male and a bundle in his hands. The man was around 5'11 with spiky blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. He had two bangs in his hair and was wearing a green flak jacket along with a pair of blue ANBU pants. He also had a white coat on him with little red flames at the bottom.

In this mans hands was a little girl with red hair that had streaks of blond. The man smiled grimly as he thought of what he was going to do. The giant toad then spoke.

"Minato," the giant toad spoke to the man, now known as Minato. Said person looked at the toad. "We are closing in on the Kyuubi. Get ready, for I'm going to keep it busy while you do the sealing." Minato nodded.

"Alright Gamabunta," the 4th Hokage of Konohagakure spoke to the toad. Gamabunta nodded before he jumped high in the air and came crashing down onto the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Said beast was now scrambling to get out of from underneath the giant amphibian. Minato was going through handseals at a very fast pace. He finished at the Snake handseal and clapped his hands together. All of a sudden, a spectral image of a horrible being came out of nowhere from behind the Yondaime. "Summoning: Death Demon Consuming Seal no justu." Minato called out as the Shinigami knew what was going to happen. Without being told what to do, the Shinigami had sealed the Kyuubi into the little girl in Minato's hands. Then it left, leaving a confused Minato. Wasn't it suppose to take his soul away to fight for the rest of eternity in his stomach. He then felt a piece of paper in on his head. He grabbed it and looked at what it said.

"I have decided to keep you alive, since this would be payback for what Yami did on my birthday. I can't wait to see his face when he sees that his favorite Bijuu was sealed away and I didn't do anything to the summoner. Ja Ne.


Minato sweatdropped when he read it, but thanked Kami for letting him live. He then went back to Konoha to announce the defeat of the Kyuubi and see what the damage was in his village.

Seven years later:

It had been a very peaceful seven years for the Namikaze clan. Well not for every Namikaze. After Minato had gotten back, he explained everything that happened and the villagers cheered when he announced that his daughter had the nine tails sealed away within her. He never spoke of his son however, and he was slowly forgotten by his parents. His sister, Naomi was very spoiled and arrogant as she always got whatever she wanted. The son, Naruto, never got anything at all. Most of the time, he had to go over to the Uchiha residents to get some food from Mikoto Uchiha, who was a very close friend of Kushina's. She was very disappointed that she would forget about her own son in favor for her daughter. She was very shocked though, when at the age of 5 he was kicked out of the clan, by his mother no less. She wouldn't speak to Kushina or Minato, unless it was very important (I.E a mission or something close to it), after that. She quickly adopted Naruto along with Fugaku, her husband. They even did a blood ritual and gave him the sharingan, the Uchiha's bloodline that allowed them to copy use any Nin/Tai/Genjustu that an enemy uses.

We currently see ourselves in the Uchiha Compound, where an exhausted Naruto and two others are sitting next to the docks of the lake that was nearby. Naruto looked like a carbon copy of his birth father though without the bangs and for some reason three whisker like marks on each side of his cheeks. The other two were Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha and the two sons of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. Sasuke was on a nearby tree stump with Naruto and Itachi on top of a tree branch. They were all staring at the lake that was being illuminated with the setting sun. Naruto sighed in happiness.

"You know, we should probably be getting back to the house now," Itachi suggested as he saw a seven year old Sasuke fall off of the stump asleep. Naruto shook his head 'no'.

"Nah, I'll stay here a little longer," Naruto answered Itachi who just nodded in understanding. Itachi took a sleeping Sasuke and left for the Uchiha district. Naruto continued to look at the lake as he thought over what had happened in the last few years. He was currently in the academy with his brother, Sasuke, though many people wondered why. He was considered a second prodigy, just like Itachi. He just wanted to graduate with those his age. He was brought out of his thoughts, when he saw something in the distance. He ran on the water towards the disturbance and saw that it was a wierd looking portal thing. Naruto looked into the tear and saw a strange looking creature.

The creature looked to be an equine being similar to a Qilin or Centaur. Its body color is white with a gray, vertically-striated underside, the pattern of which has similar recurrences on the underside of the creatures mane, tail, and face, and it's four pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves. Its mane is quite long, jutting away from its head, and its face is gray, with green eyes and red pupils, and a green circular pattern below its eyes. The creature also has a streak of gold coloration on its head, and ears that point upward. Its neck is fairly long, with two pairs of extrusions to the sides, and a flap-like feature on the neck's underside that is colored white like much of the body. It also has a golden cross-like wheel attached to its body by its round abdomen. The wheel also has four jewels attached to it. The pattern of striated gray of the creature's underbelly resumes past its waist, the underside of its limbs also being gray in coloration, and with extrusions at the tops of the legs. Its tail is fairly like its mane in shape and coloration.

"What are you," Naruto wondered out loud. Naruto may be a prodigy, but he still had a child-like personality. The creature appeared to have heard him, because its eyes glowed before Naruto heard a voice in his head. It had an angelic tone to it.

"How can you see me boy," the creature asked in Naruto's head, which surprised him. It gave out a laugh at seeing Naruto's confused face as he looked around trying to find out where the voice was coming from. Yup, still child-like. "I am the one who is speaking to you boy." The creature had an amused gleam in its eyes. 'Maybe he's the one, after all he CAN see me,' it thought to itself. When it saw that it had the child's attention, the creature spoke again. "I see that you are confused, please come in." Naruto went in with an awed look on his face.

Inside the tear in space, the place looked like a vast void of white. Naruto looked around before looking at the creature again. "This place is lame," he told the white horse looking creature, who facefaulted at that remark. It knew the place was lame, but what can you expect when you were dying. Speaking of which...

"Yes I know that young one," the creature told the Uchiha. "However, this place was once full of life. You are actually in another dimension. In this dimension, there were many creatures called Pokemon. I myself am one, the God of all Pokemon and humans in this planet Arceus." Naruto was shocked that he was meeting a powerful creature like that. "We Pokemon had the power to use attacks, much like your people do. However, we require no hand signs since some of us don't have hands, so to speak. Also, we had much more power in our attacks, that it would make your Grand Fireball no justu look like a small ember." Naruto was now blown away at this bit. He then asked a question that he had been meaning to ask.

"Then what happened here, and why are you telling me this," Naruto asked as Arceus chuckled before sitting on his haunches. Naruto sat in between the large creatures legs as he shrunk down to let the boy get more comfortable.

"Well you see Naruto-Kun, when this world still had life, there was an evil organization called Team Rocket," Arceus began explaining. "They were truly diabolical people, whose goal was to control the entire world. However, I had picked, out of over 2 million people, a Chosen One. He would bring peace to Pokemon all over the world, since he would be able to calm even the most dangerous ones. That worked for many years, until the day when the Chosen Ones friends betrayed him and got him killed. The Pokemon were suddenly in a deep depression since he was the only one that could truly connect his heart with the Pokemon. My children then pleaded to me to seal there entire being within special plates that I hold. In grief, I did as they told me to, and the Pokemon were gone by the next day. Team Rocket's leader, in his anger, told everyone within the organization to kill everyone and to not hold back. I grew disgusted at this and announced the end of the human race." Naruto grew wide eyed at that. Arceus smiled sadly (Or as much of a sad smile as he could, since he doesn't have a mouth) before he continued. "Yes, I know it sounds horrible, but I did it for the rest of the good people in this world. They don't have to see the ugliness known as war. However, when I killed all of the people in the world, I was actually killing myself." Naruto was both concerned and confused at this. "You see, I used my powers to create the life on this planet. So when I killed off the humans instead of sealing them like with the Pokemon, I was actually killing myself, since the humans were like an extension of my soul. After I figured this out, I looked through all of the dimensions, hoping someone with a pure soul would be able to see me, and if possible help me out and become my next Chosen One." Naruto stayed quiet before he connected the dots.

"Me," he said simply. Arceus nodded before wincing in pain. Naruto grew worried and his hands started to glow green, before he put them on Arceus's body. A green glow surrounded him and when it disappeared, Arceus was looking a little bit better.

"Thank you, Naruto-Kun," Arceus thanked the boy who only nodded in response. "However, that won't work for long, or forever. Look, I'm just going to beat around the bush. I need you to take my plates and become the new Arceus." Naruto looked at Arceus in shock. He was about to ask a question before Arceus beat him to it. "Please, Naruto-Kun. You are the only one that has seen me, and I don't think I'll live long enough if there ever is another pure souled person. Besides, I can't have my children dying inside the plates. I need someone to take over, and your the only person who fits the job." Naruto contemplated the choice in his mind. On one hand, he could leave and pretend that this never happened. On the other hand, he couldn't let someone be saddened or let that someones children die. With a sigh, he nodded.

"Fine, but will I turn into a Pokemon or will I stay the same," he told the Alpha Pokemon. The Alpha Pokemon nodded in thanks before it answered his question.

"Yes you will become a Pokemon," Arceus told Naruto, saddening him. "However, you will be able to take on a human form. And don't worry, you'll still be related to those Uchiha foster parents as well as have the Sharingan still." Naruto nodded and Arceus started to chant. "Brace yourself, for it will be painful." Naruto nodded again before an intense pain hit him. It was like driving a mountain the size of five Hokage Mountains up your ass (Though how someone would know that is beyond me). When it was done, another Arceus stood there, however it was blonde in color instead of white. Its golden pinwheel were now a darker gold and its eyes were blue with a red iris. It then shifted into a seven year old Naruto before sixteen glowing objects floated above him, before they were absorbed into his being. He then had flashes and realized that they were what he could do now, as well as all of the Pokemon that were in each Plate. There was two of each Pokemon that could evolve, male and female, as well as two of every Pokemon that didn't evolve, except the legendaries, also male and female. Naruto nodded to himself before turning to Arceus. He saw the white horse looking Pokemon on the ground panting as his skin turned grey. Naruto ran over to the Legendary Normal type as he hugged it.

They stood there for about ten minutes before Arceus started to disappear into small particles. Naruto noticed and gasped softly. The legendary was really dying.

"Thank you Naruto-Kun," Arceus rasped out as he was disappearing more and more. "You've made an old Pokemon very happy. Please take care of my children with the most care you can. To release them from the plates, just call out the Pokemon you want out. I wouldn't suggest calling them all out at once, unless your in a very secretive are, such as a dense forest. You can also meet them within your mind by meditating. Please take care Naruto-Kun, and live a very wonderful life." With that, the old Legendary fully disappeared into small white particles that scattered across the endless white void before they were absorbed by Naruto. Naruto smiled sadly but then smiled at getting to continue the old Pokemon's task of taking care of his children. He exited the void and saw that it was dark out. He cursed as he ran towards the Uchiha compound. He had a lot to tell his adoptive family, though they felt more like real family to him.

The next day:

Naruto woke up in his room to see that Sasuke was already dressed ready for the academy. Naruto smiled as he remembered everything that had happened the day before. When he got home, he had explained to his Kaa-san and Tou-san why he was late. They took it better than he thought they would, but asked for a demonstration before he left for the academy. Afterwards, he meditated before he felt himself in a different place. It was basically the Pokemon world before it was destroyed, except without the humans. There he spoke with the other legendary Pokemon. They were saddened that there father was dead, but rejoiced that he lived on within Naruto. That's when he got another surprise.

Flashback: Within Mindscape:

Naruto had just finished talking to the legendary Pokemon when he felt another presence in his mindscape. He felt a pull and followed it, with the other legendary Pokemon following. When he got towards the pull, he saw a young boy that looked to be 15. He had on a red button up shirt, blue long jeans, and a cap on his head. He currently had a Pikachu on his shoulder, as well as about forty Pokemon behind him.

"Excuse me, but who are you," Naruto asked politely. "And how did you get into my mindscape?" The teenager smiled before he held his hand up in a handshake motion.

"Names Ash, Ash Ketchum," the know named Ash said as Naruto shook his hand. "As for the reason I'm here, well my soul was sealed in here along with the other Pokemon when I died." Naruto connected the dots and gasped.

"Your the previous Chosen One," Naruto asked in a quiet voice at seeing the one that Arceus's children (Well they were his children now) looked up to. Ash smiled as he explained why he was there. He was going to help Naruto by teaching him everything about Pokemon, including battling, contest, and many other things.

End Flashback: Kai

Naruto was taken out of his thoughts when he heard his Kaa-san call him from the back. He quickly finished dressing before he ran out the backdoor. He saw his mother and father next to a training dummy and smiled when they waved him over with a smile of there own. He ran up to them and waited for them to speak.

"Okay, now I want you to show us these 'attacks' and 'Pokemon' that you were talking about," Mikoto told her adopted son. Naruto smiled as he nodded. He then ran half way across the field and looked at the training dummy as his adoptive parents walked off to a safe distance. Naruto concentrated before he called out an attack.

"Razor Leaf," Naruto shouted as hundreds, if not thousands of leaves appeared before flying at the target as they mercilessly cut the training dummy apart. Mikoto and Fugaku were shocked. They thought that he was just playing around with them about that. But what he did next, surprised them even more. A strange orb covered Naruto's hands before it disappeared leaving a red and white ball in them. Naruto then threw it in the air. "Come on out Ninetails." A beautiful platinum blonde nine tailed fox came out of the ball with a 'pop'. It had platinum blonde fur with nine equally blonde tails, however the tips of the tails were orange. Mikoto looked afraid before it was replaced by relief when Naruto petted the fox causing it to purr. Fugaku almost freaked out before he to calmed. He may have been good natured, but if something dangerous came he would snap if meant to protect hi family. "See, I told you." Fugaku and Mikoto nodded, before Fugaku looked towards the house.

"Sasuke, Itachi, you two can come out now," he said as the aforementioned came out of hiding. Sasuke looked at Naruto in awe while Itachi had a face of awe, pride, and shock all combined into one and that was surprising since Itachi barely showed emotions at all, well unless he was inside the compound that is. He was an ANBU though, so it was probable. Mikoto looked at Naruto before sighing. Fugaku chuckled before he too looked at Naruto, only to see that said person was ignoring everyone and was instead hanging upside down on a tree branch while complaining to the Ninetails in the same position about cheating cause she had nine tails. The Ninetails chuckled before Naruto brought out the same ball and returned it with a beam of red light. "Naruto, we'll talk about this after you come back from the academy." Naruto nodded before he remembered.

"Shit, Sasuke, were going to be late if we don't haul ass right now," Naruto said only to be bopped in the head by Mikoto.

"No cursing young man," Mikoto shouted as she held a ladle in a menacing pose, and made it even more menacing with a genjustu that showed the Shinigami behind her. Naruto nodded shakily before he and Sasuke left for the academy. She sighed before looking at Itachi and Fugaku, only to see them cowering before her. She smirked. "Do you two have something to say?" That did it. They scrambled around trying to escape as she just laughed her ass off on the lawn. "I think I've been hanging around Anko for to long," she said as she calmed down. She then stood up and went inside the house.

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