Many threats have been made towards the planet Azulantia. Azulantia, composed of the gravity control medium know as Hi-G, a very explosive material, would put the galaxy in grave danger due to its explosive nature. Fortunately, the ES teams of the GOTT, as well as many space fleets, have been sent to protect and monitor the planet at all times. Yet the GU and GOTT are doubtful that such attack can be avoided, but perhaps the explosion can.


The young woman, yet young only in appearance, looked up at the Chief. They sat on the bridge of the La Muse, more formally, the Calliope. Eclipse was there to pilot the ship nowadays, so she and Lumiere usually sat in the back, ready to jump on Donnershlag at any given moment.

"Yes, Eclipse," she said quietly, her tone melancholy.

"I can bring the Calliope to your house if you…need to say goodbye. Before we leave orbit."

For a moment, Eclipse was worried that Éclair would refuse, that Éclair would be too heartbroken if she saw Che again. Before she left to a mission like this one. But Éclair stood up, pulling at her dress, and walked towards the hatch.

"Thank you, Eclipse. I'll be quick."

Eclipse smiled sadly as the hatch opened, and Éclair stepped out into the fresh grass of the well-kept yard that belonged to Éclair's son, Che. They were not related by blood, but they were just as close as any mother and son. Éclair cared for him deeply. Leaving him would not be easy. Eclipse turned to Lumiere. The two were concerned for Éclair. Her ties to her son were important. Lumiere and Eclipse had no family. They had no one to say good-bye to. Eclipse wasn't sure which was worse.

Éclair walked along the yard, towards the quiet white house. Her boots crunched on the dew covered grass, the day was cloudy, and there was little sun to dry the lawn. The house before her was simple, yet beautiful. It was an old house, farm property really. With long, grassy hills, fences covering the perimeter, even mountains in the distance, a stable in the back. Beautiful. The house itself had a blue roof, while the rest was white. There was a small porch, on which Che enjoyed reading out in the cool weather. She could see him now, with his book, sitting peacefully, absorbed in his book. The breeze blew softly, rustling the trees. She now stood before the porch, looking up at her son. Perhaps for the last time.

There was a lump in her throat, tears about to spill over. She swallowed hard and blinked rapidly. She took a moment to compose herself, and then she smiled.


He looked up, mouth open in surprise.

"Mother," he stood up, placing his book on the table, walking forward to see her. "I thought you were on mission today. What's the occasion?"

Éclair closed her eyes. What to tell him? That she was going on a mission that she might not return from? A mission that protected a secret that could put the whole galaxy in grave danger? That this might be the last he saw his mother?

"You know…I just wanted…to see you. You know, I…"

"It's okay, Mother."

She brushed hair away from her face with her gloved hand. She tried to maintain her composure. She didn't want to frighten Che, but she could barely keep herself from sobbing. She wanted to be sure he would be okay. She wanted to say good-bye without really telling him good-bye.

"Take care, Che."

He looked startled, and she knew he could sense something was wrong, but he didn't ask. There wasn't anything to ask. She smiled at him the best she could.



Éclair turned when she heard Eclipse's voice. Eclipse stood with Lumiere outside of the Calliope. Eclipse and Lumiere had apologies written on their faces, from what she could see, but there was no need. She knew it was time to go. The all knew.

"It's time," Eclipse said quietly. Eclipse regretted tearing Éclair away so soon, as did Lumiere, but they Éclair would come. They took their job seriously. All of them. Even at a time like this.

"We have to hurry," Lumiere called, as if she was trying to explain why she and Eclipse were taking Éclair away from her son.

"I know," Éclair called, trying to tell them in her voice that she forgave them. The job wasn't easy for any of them. Even if it was especially hard for her.

Éclair turned back to Che, her eyes closed, once again blocking the always-threating tears. Che couldn't see her crying, it would only make it harder for him in the long run. She had to be strong.

"Fine…ES members need to protect the galaxy and everyone's future after all." Éclair found she was trying to convince herself of that fact more than anything. That it was her duty to leave her son, to protect his future, and everyone else in the galaxy. Maybe her statement would explain to Che why she couldn't stay. Why she couldn't come back. She waved good-bye, trying to remain strong as she turned and walked away.

"Mother! Éclair!" She heard him cry behind her, as she continued to walk away. She heard him running after her, his feet trampling the grass in his attempt to catch up to her. This caused her to stop, to listen, which she shouldn't do.

"What is it, Che?"

"Come home."

Éclair's mouth opened, then closed. She smiled sadly, and tunred around. She looked up at him. The sad smile was still on her face.

"One day, Che. But today…I have a mission."

He lowered his hand, which was upraised as if in attempt to keep her from leaving once again.

"Of course, Mother. Good-bye."

"Good-bye, Che."

He nodded, and returned slowly to the house. She turned towards the ship and Lumiere and Eclipse. This was for him. This mission was to protect his future even if hers was not. The three women stepped into the ship. The ship would be their home for a while, where they would protect the planet until the inevitable happened. An attack on the planet Azulantia.

Eclipse sat down at the helm. Wirbelwind's A.I. screen popped open as the ship started up. Lumiere tapped Donnershlag, alerting him to go into standby status, to be ready the instant he was needed. Éclair sat down in the back, sighing. She looked out of the window, down at the house, as the ship began to rise from the property, and shot upward, towards space. Perhaps it was the last time she saw him. As the ship rose into space, the cool darkness around the ship, Éclair braced herself for the mission to come. She hoped her efforts would not be in vain. She would save the galaxy's future.