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It had been 1 month since L'gann's death, after fighting Black Manta and lost the battle. He was killed right before M'gann's eyes, and the league was so close to retrieving him. She lived with guilt for the past month; ignoring her team members, losing control of her powers, and the extreme pain of guilt overwhelming her. She had stayed locked in her room on Mount Justice, her emotions void and dark. Dreams of L'gann haunted her in her sleep. She could still here his wails of pain and distress.

"If I was only there." She cried loudly to herself, she hugged her knees up to her chest and wept uncontrollably.

…. …

"Wally this is Miss M. we're talking about here." Dick Grayson shouted. Wally only rolled his eyes. Dick had invited them, to Mount Justice to check on M'gann's progress, with the death of L'gann.

"Why does it concern us? Do we have to polish your shoes too?"Wally mocked. Artemis gave a look of disbelief toward her husband. Her icy cold glare could freeze over a volcano and he chose to avoid it. He had changed so much, so over protective of everything. Of course they had given up the super- hero life to raise a family, and enjoy regular civilian life. But this was a friend in need and in trouble. Artemis turned from her husband and looked at Dick, with a warm but concerned smile on her heart shaped face.

"She's our friend, Wally." Artemis snapped back. "and at one time you did like her. The League isn't asking us to join the team, and if you're not coming that's your problem." Artemis led her finger to poke him hard in his chest. Wally only grabbed her hand and smiled. Nodding in agreement. The three had walked quietly throughout the halls of Mount Justice, and finally arrived at M'gann's room.

"Back up, we're bustin' in!" Wally declared in a deep confident voice, while he struck a super hero pose. He grabbed the door knob and twisted it, not getting any output. He growled in anger, as Artemis laughed. But inside he was filled with joy that he could still look like an idiot, and his wife laughed.

"It's locked… genius." She managed to say. She easily picked the lock with her hair pen and opened the door. M'gann was still crying loudly unaware of her visitors. She looked up hearing footsteps, and saw three smiling faces. She sniffed, and swallowed the lump in her throat. She was calm for a few minutes until Wally, showed pure insensitivity.

"So how are things?" he asked. He noticed he said the wrong choice of words, as M'gann's eyes glowed a green.

"You still have that big mouth." Dick groaned in annoyance.

"Yep." Wally said proudly.


-10 minutes later-

"Nice job with that super slam, Superboy." Blue Beetle complimented as they walked into Mount Justice. Superboy still needed to get things out of his room. Zatanna and Onyx walked through the teleport as well. Their interactions and praises for each other ended when they heard a crash. The four heroes ran down the corridors and were met with a groaning Artemis and Dick ( that sounds weird… oh well) on the floor.

"Calm down, I'm sorry!" they heard Wally yell from the room, they heard a large sound come from the room, and Wally was thrown from the room into the wall. He stood weakly rubbing his now bruised jaw. They all suspected in that little amount of time Wally had said something wrong.

"Do you think you can calm her down until we contact her Uncle?" Superboy asked in concern, as he waited for Onyx's answer. She only smiled and nodded, running into the room, seeing an enraged M'gann.

"Okay, let's hope I get this right." Onyx muttered quietly. She pointed her hands toward M'gann and they instantly glowed purple along with Onyx's eyes. She focused deeply on M'gann's hurt and pain.

"Manere Placida Audire Corde Potestate Te" Onyx chanted. She continued the method once more as M'gann's began to calm down. She finally made it over and helped M'gann out of the room. Blue Beetle was busy talking quietly on the phone to Martian ManHunter. M'gann only stayed calm after seeing SuperBoy's loving and concerned expression on his handsome face. She calmed down from him and with the help of Onyx's incantations.

Blue Beetle finally closed his phone and turned toward everyone. "Miss Martian, we should get you ready to see your Uncle. He should be here… in 27 hours."

M'gann snorted. " You all think, I'm insane." She stated bravely.

"Do you know how it feels, to have guilt after your special someone is killed…. Right before your damn eyes!" she cried in frustration. They were all taken back surprised M'gann would use that word.

"It's all my fault. I just stood there-" she started through sobs.

"No it's not, it was on all of us." Wally blurted. They all shot angry glares at him, but M'gann gave a soft chuckle.

"I understand what you meant… but your big mouth isn't good in some cases. And you need to work on communication skills." M'gann joked. Superboy smiled as he finally saw M'gann sharing small chuckles and laugh with her friends. She met his gaze and smiled at him. The two still shared a connection but left it alone. She realized that Superboy could never love her after what she did causing them to break up, and her smile turned into a frown.

'This is going to be a long journey' Superboy thought.


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