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Chapter 2

The Voices in My Head




Trying to Justify yourself.

The young martian sat in a wooden chair in the kitchen as she was being quizzed by her uncle. Her amber-colored eyes were only focused on her warm foreign tea that she enjoyed. La'gaan used to get it for her all the time. Her uncle had questioned for hours and she never gave a solid response. She only nodded, or shook her head. The thing was it was harder to process things now. Trauma had overcome her mind, and she had to focus on something to keep herself together, even if it meant not talking to anyone. Her uncle gave a look of sorrow to her fellow teammates, and was about to pack up until M'gann finally raised her drooped head, and spoke something.

"Voices, the voices in my head." She whispered. Connor looked more disturbed than anyone. He clenched his jaw tight and looked at his former girlfriend with worry etched into his strong Kryptonian features. The truth was that he still had a soft spot, and he honestly still loved the green woman. He was happy that she was happy with the "Fish jerk" as he so please put it, but now she was falling apart. Artemis gave a small smile to her friend and walked over.

"Maybe you should get some rest. Your uncle is taking you back to your planet, to…help you more thoroughly." The blonde explained softly. The red-head looked up into her friends' eyes and knew exactly what they were thinking. She wasn't crazy and she didn't need help. She stood in a quick motion and threw them looks. Her tea began to swirl in the cup, unknown to her knowledge. Her mouth was dry and tears began to fall.

It is your fault you let me die!

You let me die!


"NO! I didn't!" she screamed in agony. The taunting was replaced with La'gaan's screams of torture and pain. She saw Artemis walk closer to help her, but instead M'gann stretched her palm forward, and Artemis crashed against a wall.

"I'M NOT CRAZY! IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" she screamed again. Wally clearly angry that his wife had been thrown back was about to deliver a blow, but M'gann caught on, and she raised both hands. Everyone in the room was floating in the air under her control. Every object in that room also raised off the ground, as well. Sweat was on the emerald woman's skin as she tried to fight for control. She heard more taunting and screams.

"Miss M. We just need you to think for a minute!" Nightwing urged.

"NO! I don't need to think! I need these voices out! If you want to help, help me get rid of them instead!" she screamed.

They think you're crazy. Insane and mad! Teach them a lesson.

"YOU ALL THINK I'VE LOST MY MIND?! I HAVEN'T!" she cried out again. Her uncle began to form a telepathic link and connected with her easily, due to her vulnerability. He put up a mental barrier to block out the voices, for an amount of time. The young telepath moaned in pain and exhaustion, and finally fell let the grip on everything go. She took in deep breaths and finally fell to the ground; luckily Connor caught her in his arms-falling to the floor with her.

"What's was she talking about?" Artemis questioned rising from the floor with Wally's help. He looked at her with worry, as he placed a hand around her waist.

"I heard them as well. I fear that she is battling with feelings, including the inner-sanctum of her telepathic powers. We may be up against something, big." Martian Manhunter explained putting everything back in the right place with his telepathy.

"How big?" Connor questioned looking at the beautiful woman lying in his arms.

"We are battling another entity that now resides in Miss Martian, we may need the help of Jean Grey. The Phoenix used to inhabit her, but unfortunately it found a stronger target." He added and looked directly at M'gann.

"I have to run tests, first. Superboy I would appreciate it, if you would take her to the infirmary."

Superboy nodded and quickly left the room. The others followed closely behind the boy of steel, as he placed the unconscious martian on the bed. He placed a strand of her hair behind her ear, and gave a small smile. He made a silent promise to always protect her no matter what happens. He backed away as her uncle sat in a chair, beside the head of the bed, and placed his two fingers on his temple. His eyes began to glow, and he was immediately etched into her mind. They all watched warily as he began to moan in pain, almost instantly. All hell broke loose. The wind began to speed up, and broke the glass in the windows. Martian Manhunter began to scream, as well as the still unconscious martian. Her body began to glow an ethereal white, surrounded by flames.

Martian Manhunter quickly removed the link and told them to evacuate the room. They all watched as their friend suffers agonizing pains and screams.

"You have to help her!" Connor screamed on the verge of going into an angry rage.

"I-I can't there is something in there, it will not let me in!" her uncle cried. Finally the glow went down, and they were in shock. The woman had evolved. Her shortened hair was now fuller, and went to her hips. She was still in her original suit, but you could tell her body was now more womanly. Her lips were fuller, and her eyes were now opened. She looked around confused.

"La'gaan, where are you?" she questioned in confusion. The images of death flashed in her mind and she stood angrily. Her eyes now glowed a bright orange and she stood in a fighting stance.

"Who the fuck are you people?" she questioned. But instead of M'gann's soft voice, it was a strong and determined-deeper- voice. It made her sound like a seductress, but she was deadly. She stood waiting for an answer, while the rest were shocked an awestruck.

Who was she?

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