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Chapter 3

Miss Martian POV/Phoenix

The moment I opened my eyes I could feel the severity of a pounding headache. I felt so strange like I wasn't myself. The last thing I remember was having the session with my uncle and teammates, and then nothing. I was in the infirmary on the moon base, which surprised me. I thought I was on Mount Justice. The chirping of birds started to irritate me for no reason at all. The door opened and in walked my uncle, Artemis, Wally, and Connor. Along with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Now I was confused. I was okay with them bringing my former teammates, but why bring the JL? I swung up from the bed in a rush, and felt the pounding grow stronger. Then I noticed my hands. They looked more…womanly? I could not explain it but I felt older than what I was, more powerful. The three Justice League members looked at me in surprise and I returned a grimace. But it wasn't as if I did it on purpose. It was like I was being controlled and I was not fond of it.

"What's wrong?" I questioned in sincerity. As I looked around slowly I noticed my image in the glass window, and gasped silently. They all nodded in unison seeing I had recognized my change. My feet led me to the long glass mirror and I examined myself. Full breasts, tight torso, longer legs, but my face it looked…different. It was more angled and mature and my lips were plump and well-shaped. I placed my fingertips in the middle of my stomach, and felt abs. My hair was fuller and had more volume and it reached to my waist. Thankfully my uniform was still intact, but it was like my new body was going to burst the seams, due to my new formed curves. I looked like I was in my thirties! What was going on?

"M'gann you…evolved." My uncle explained probably sensing my shock and surprise. I nodded in understanding, but how could this happen? Connor's blue eyes met with mine and I went back to how much we thought we would be together forever, but that was years ago. Past love, and my former love is dead. The thought made me grow dizzy and I suddenly felt myself drop to the ground. My body was shaking with a newfound rage that I could not contain.

They killed the one thing you truly loved!

W-Who was that speaking in my head? More voices?

No my dear, I am you. Together we can surge power to each other, as a team! They all think you're crazy especially considering how much we have evolved!

You did this?

I am Phoenix Force my dear and you are powerful woman. Now think they are keeping you locked away, from finding the men that took your lover away? Are you going to stand for that? Or can we fight?

Would La'gaan want that?

Of course he would. You at least owe him that much…since you practically led him to his death!

That's not true! You're crazy!

Maybe so, but let me have control. I can actually help you. Get you what you need, what you must have. Trust me. We are one!

I listened to the voice and felt myself slipping. I let go.

Regular POV

The team looked at their former teammate shake violently on the ground, on her knees, murmuring to herself. Suddenly all objects in the room began to rise, and they noticed their friend was now standing. Her eyes glowing the scary fiery orange, that they had only seen once, which was a couple hours ago. She had a hateful look on her features, but still looked beautiful.

"You think you can keep everything from us?" the deep female voice had returned, coming out of M'gann's mouth.

"We know who you are, Phoenix! Let her go!" Connor growled out.

"You fool! She actually welcomed my help, considering you bastards were unable to help her find what she truly wanted…needed!" the phoenix stressed the word 'needed' and it came out raspy. The others looked in question of what she meant.

"REVENGE!" she finally yelled. Her hands rose in the air-fire glowing around her body. Instead of the uniform that the phoenix considered "crass." It was still a body suit but more revealing. The suit had a deep v-neck that went all the way down to her belly-button. The sides of her emerald breasts revealed. The sleeves of the black body-suit were sheer, but had black flowered lace on the sleeves as well. The boots came up to her ankles and had a three-inch heel on them. Instead of her pink lips, her lips were a burgundy color. Finally her nails were painted black, and she had a tattoo of the phoenix on her stomach, that you could easily see, thanks to the deep v-neck. The fire disappeared and they stood there looking at the now green seductress who was being controlled by her new counterpart.

Connor could no longer stand to see the brink of sanity being lost in his former girlfriend. She was gorgeous but her power was no longer under her control, and that made him grow angry at her. He gained closer footing and immediately a telekinetic wave of energy blasted him to his original spot.

"Stay back you incompetent boy!" Phoenix screamed in anger. "You and your weak teammates are no match for a woman of her strength, and power! Don't you understand we are unstoppable?" Phoenix screamed in delight. She felt a small prickle in her mind and gasped seeing Martian Manhunter trying to break in through the mental barrier to reach M'gann, but Phoenix blocked him easily, without any trouble. She placed her hand on her hip and smiled wickedly.

"You must think I am keeping this girl against her will. I'm not. In fact you may speak with her yourself. It's your decision. But know this. I came here as a plea for help, and she got it. We can no longer be separated. I have waited for this opportunity ever since I left Jean Grey. Now this body, this is all mine! M'gann shall only be the voice of reason in my thoughts. But I am allowing you to speak to her for yourself!" Phoenix said in one breath. The orange glow in her eyes vanished and they were happy to see the amber colored orbs of their friend. M'gann finally stood full footed on the ground, holding her hand to her head, and took in a shaky sigh. Connor was the first to run over to her aid, until she slapped his hand away. His act of kindness was being frowned upon and her look was bitter.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she questioned angrily now standing straight and defiant. Her fists clenched by her sides.

"We're trying to help you! Are you willingly letting this…thing, manipulate you?!" Connor asked putting his hands over hers, his face filled with concern. For a moment she felt the connection she used to with Superboy but she shook it off, and by indicating that she pulled away from his kind grasp, and snarled. For a moment she took a good look at her friends around her and sighed sadly. Her fists became unclenched and she swallowed hard before answering Connor's question.

"Yes I did and I am allowing the Phoenix to help me."

"Why?! You know what she was responsible before! She consumed planets M'gann!" Wally yelled suddenly. She glared at his outburst.

"You would never understand any of you. Do you know how it feels to lose someone you love? No you don't! I lost La'gaan and they will pay!" M'gann promised stubbornly.

"I know how it feels to lose someone you love!" Connor muttered loudly looking directly at the woman he had planned to spend the rest of his life with. At this she turned feeling her cheeks become wet with her tears. Her eyes seemed to turn pleadingly at them, and her eyes became that glowy orange once again. Her arms raised above her head and a look of pure evil on "her" face.

"Goodbye you fools! Don't bother to follow us!" she screamed. Fire began to consume her body as she laughed evilly. She turned into a large phoenix bird, and blasted through the rooftop. After that act Green Lantern quickly used his ring to put a cover-up on the damaged spot.

"Let's go we have to find her!" Connor growled. The rest followed in tow until they reached the transporter room, looking on the computers. Only seven people were going on this mission. Superboy, Nightwing, Zatanna, Rocket, Batgirl, Superman, and Bumblebee while Artemis and Wally were going as extra reinforcement. The rest of the team was just observing the new image of M'gann on the picture, and most of the new male recruits had drool coming out the side of their mouth, and Rocket easily slapped all eight of them.

"So what's the plan?"

"We just have to locate her. I'm sure Zatanna can pick up a wave, with her magic." Nightwing said indicating his girlfriend who was chanting an incantation. Suddenly the people meant for the mention disappeared in thin air. The place they arrived at was practically littered and almost destroyed. They saw an angry Phoenix glowing her signature flame orange, and she was moving things, crashing them to destroy it. She walked around with both hands on her hips and a small smirk formed on her face, as she turned around, met with nothing. Even though she could not see, she could feel the presence of seven people around her.

"Oh dear, you must learn you cannot sneak past me. Do not worry I shall not attack since it is M'gann's wishes…for now." Phoenix promised. With a wave of her hand Zatanna's invisibility spell wore off, and revealed the seven surrounding her. "I hate feeling entrapped." The entity muttered and clasped her hands together. The seven heroes were suddenly pulled to the ground, wrapped in roots.

"Now I will listen to you willingly."

"We want you to let go of our friend!" Rocket yelled out.

"Ugh you humans always whine, and want. So ungrateful!" Phoenix scolded tauntingly. She suddenly made the vines on Superman grow stronger, and smiled. "Don't try to escape Clark Kent. I know you quite well. So I beg of you don't move." She whispered and smiled again. Even though Superman did not make a move she blasted a telekinetic force his way, knocking him to the ground.

"This is war. I swear with every breath that I have, if you come after me again I shall not be lenient." She promised and with that she disappeared.

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