Hey all! This is a story to keep you guys happy while I try to get through my writers block (and laziness). These are funny random PM messages with Tavia99 this wouldn't be possible without her. Enjoy!

Tavia: So? Aren't we all lazy? I update my story. Thank you for calling and telling me the mistake. GO NINJA! TRANSFORMERS! I'm watching the movie again. I'm bored. I wanna update my story, but the little piggy has been using it ever since we got back.
Jay: I like waffles.
Tavia: How the hell did you get here!
Jay: I'm not sure.
Tavia: Uhhhh... Bye?

Tavia: Carmen, will you PLEASE update your story or at least post the first chapter of your ninjago fanfic?
Jay: Hello
Tavia:… Will you stop coming from nowhere!
Kai: Who keeps coming from nowhere?
Cole: Who was screaming?

Tavia:Carmen, Transformers is now a small obsession for me.
Jay: What's Transformers?
Tavia: Shut up already!
Zane: I sense she is very annoyed with you Jay.
Tavia: Ya think!
Cole: Why is she mad?
Tavia: Ugh, I'm gonna go kill myself now.
Kai: Uh, bye?
Tavia: DIE!

Me:LoL!You my friend are hilarious I almost killed myself from laughing. And yes I am starting to type my third chappy...tomorrow.
Jay: Hi!
Me:o0 How did you get from Tavia's to my home?
All the ninjas: There was a portal

Me:Huh...Ground bridge
Jay: So what's a Transformer?
Blitzing random face: I'm a transformers blueie!(Tries to kill Jay)
Me: What the frag? How did you get here?
Blitzwing (normal):Ninjas aren't the only thing you hallucinate about(smiles wickedly at the me)
Me:(Looks at Kai) Run?
Kai: Nah I can take him
Zane: I sense you are annoyed with them?
Me: Crud I am
Me :( Looks at unconscious Kai) THATS IT BUCKO YOU DIE!
Blitzwing (random): Mamma?
Me: Talk to you later.

What do you guys think yes, no, ok? I crave reviews! Again thank you Tavia99!