Newspaper Clippings: Behind the Bar

A Rizzoli & Isles drabble by Gigi

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Long, black hair fell in waves down to the middle of her back. Shorter layers framed an olive-skinned face with dark eyes and a bright smile. She was taller than Maura, despite the doctor's three-inch heels.

They were talking. Just talking. Maura stood behind the bar, flashing that smile that so often drew in everyone around her. She flipped her blonde curls over her shoulder and picked up her tray. As she walked out from behind the bar, dark eyes followed her as a starving man's eyes followed a hot meal.

"So how did you do it?"

Jane's focus snapped back to the face of the woman sitting across from her. How she even let herself be distracted…"Um…"

"Can I get anything else for you ladies?" Maura's voice sounded right next to her ear. Grateful for the opportunity to evade the awkward coming-out question, Jane looked in the direction of her voice.

All she saw for a second was Maura's cleavage.

Sure it startled her.

But part of her wanted to cock her head to the side and contemplate the sight.

Jane's brown eyes darted up to the doctor's questioning expression and looked back at her "date."

She tried to go back and focus on the woman currently vying for her attention, but her eyes kept wandering back to the tall woman leaning on the bar talking to Maura.

It bugged her.

It was like an itch in the middle of her back. No matter how hard she stretched, she couldn't reach any sensible explanation for why the woman at the bar bothered her so much.

Calling a woman by the wrong name, Jane was never that careless. She really needed to focus on the case. Not on what was going on at the bar.

Nothing was going on.

And there was no reason for it to bother her.

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