Newspaper Clippings: From This Moment On

A Rizzoli & Isles drabble by Gigi

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Neither of them remembered getting out of their seats, nor did they remember the act of approaching other. They simply treasured the feeling of each other's lips on theirs, their hands in each other's hair, the giggles that bubbled out of them both. They loved each other. They finally said it to each other, and the giddiness, the rush of it all was just too much to contain.

Jane snaked her arms around the blonde's waist, pulling her flush against herself. Her fingers crept under Maura's flowered blouse and caressed the soft skin of her back. A shudder ran through the detective when Maura arched into her, hands going to tangle themselves in her raven curls and fighting to get closer to her. Intense waves of heat kept crashing over the pair, and it wasn't until the back of her legs bumped into the couch that Jane realized they had even been moving.

Breaking the kiss, black hair mixed with blonde as a panting Jane half-sat on the back of the couch and leant her forehead against her girlfriend's. Liquid brown met hazel and smiles bloomed on both their flushed faces. "I love you." Jane almost laughed in relief at the sound. Those three words were going to her head and making her feel dizzy, but she repeated the phrase in a whisper, "I love you."

Maura was beaming, and she punctuated every word with a soft peck. "I—kiss—love—kiss—you—kiss—too," she murmured against Jane's lips. They were grinning against each other's mouths, but soon the final kiss became enough to encourage Maura's hands to play with the buttons on Jane's shirt. The fingers on her back clenched into the muscle momentarily before they began to slide upwards, sending shivers cascading down her spine with every inch of her skin that was exposed to the air. Maura only took her lips away long enough to look into Jane's dark eyes and breathe, "Bedroom." In response, Jane raised her hands over Maura's head in one fluid motion, taking the silk blouse with it and tossing it onto the couch behind her. One hand went back to its original position wrapped around Maura's now bare waist and the other firmly pulled her face back towards hers for a searing kiss as she led her girlfriend into her bedroom.

The journey toward the bed was a halting one littered with discarded clothes. Soon detective and doctor stood next to the bed in just their underwear. Their kisses transformed from frantic to sensual, their touches no longer confident. They stopped to look at each other, to take in the enormity of the moment, just like they had before their first real kiss. This was it.

Maura stepped in and let her hands fall around Jane's waist, her thumbs rubbing the bronzed skin lightly. Without the interference of a shirt, she watched in fascination as Jane's abdominal muscles contracted and shuddered underneath her touch. Her gaze trailed upward, her hands following and fingering the lace on the detective's black bra. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss against Jane's sternum. When she heard the small hitch in the other woman's breathing, she slowly pressed butterfly kisses across her chest, memorizing the taste of her skin, gradually reaching the swell of her breast. She glanced up to see Jane's eyes closed, and only then did Maura notice the feeling of the tight grip on her shoulders.

When the sensation of Maura's mouth getting closer and closer to her breasts ceased, Jane opened one eye slowly, hoping the medical examiner wasn't having second thoughts. She just found a fond expression on her face as she straightened. Her hands dropped to take Jane's. "You ready for this?" Maura asked, her voice already a little huskier.

Jane sat down on the bed behind her, scooting backward and shifting until they both kneeled on the bed facing each other. "I'm ready if you are," she declared, not a trace of fear in her eyes. There was absolutely no going back from this moment on.

But they were both perfectly okay with that.

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