It was a typical day at Hogwarts. Harry, Hermione and Ron were sitting in the great hall enjoying lunch. There were no class that day thanks to the fact that it was Saturday. Not that it stopped Hermione from carrying around a stack of books. As normal a large spread of food lay on the table before them and voices rang through the hall as students chattered about class, homework and the latest gossip.

Ron and Hermione were once again arguing, as per usual as well and Harry wondered for the thousands time whether he should just lock them in a closet until the admitted they liked each other. He wasn't even sure what they were arguing about this time, he had grown so use to it he tuned them out.

Scanning the room in boredom, Harry reached for the pitcher before him and poured himself a cup of pumpkin juice. Much to his surprise Draco Malfoy was no were to be seen. Normally he could be found sitting in the middle of the slytherin table surrounded by his cronies. Harry signed, no doubt Malfoy disappearance would bit him in the butt later on. After all the tormenting Harry was of Malfoy's favorite hobbies.

Biting down on his sandwich Harry turned his attention toward the staff table. Most of the teachers were chatting in between bites. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he tried to draw Professor Snape into a conversation despite the death glares the man kept sending him. Harry smiled slightly as he watched Snape finally respond. Judging by the look on McGonagall's face it had been rather biting.

Harry couldn't deny the fact that he envied the snarky professor's ability to speak his mind. Often times during Order meetings the man echo aloud Harry's own thoughts. While Harry would received shocked gasps of horror, Snape's comments were accepted even expected.

Not that the man hadn't earned the right to make such comments with the way he constantly risked his life spying on Voldemort. Despite how it seemed Harry deeply respected Professor Snape. How could he not, Snape had saved his hide on quite a few occasions.

Continuing to watch his Professor he reached down and took a sip of his drink. Harry frowned slightly. He drank pumpkin juice regularly, how for some reason this tasted bitter.

"What's wrong mate?" Ron asked, seeing him stare into his cup with a frown.

"It tastes…bitter." Harry replied feeling worried. He could think of several reasons and people who might slip something into his cup.

"You don't think its been tampered with?" Hermione asked, echoing his thoughts. Harry shrugged, it wouldn't be the first time someone had added a little extra something some of the edible gifts he had received, valentine's day had been especially bad. Girls and quite a few boys had sent him chocolate laced with love potions. There had also been some more serious incidents where he had been sent items laced with deadly poison. Spiking his drink wasn't that big a leap however had never had a problem with the school food. He had thought that safe, but apparently that was not the case.

"We should have this tested," Hermione declared grabbing up the cup. Standing up she strolled purposively toward the head table. Sighing Harry followed her, trying to ignore the sudden outbreak of whispers and the eyes that followed them, boring into his back. Ron trailed after them.

As the approached the table Hermione made a be line towards Snape much Harry's horror. While he might respect the man it wasn't even close to being a mutual feeling. Sighing Harry gave into the inevitable as the dark eyed teacher glared at them.

"Professor, would you check this for tampering?" Hermione asked thrusting the gold goblet under the man's long nose. Despite the glare he sent at them, long potion stained fingers wrapped around the cup. Strains of ebony hair fell across the man's face as he leaned down to sniff the liquid. A slight frown marred his face as he swirled the orange liquid He dipped a single white finger tip into the juice and brought it to his lips. A pink tongue sneaked out behind the thin lips, tasting the now stained finger. Harry suppressed a blush at the sight. For some reason it was strangely erotic.

At last Snape sighed. He stood still holding the cup. Drawing his wand the professor banished the whole thing.

"It seems someone has slipped Mr. Potter a truth serum," he murmured, his silky baritone voice, dripping with distain. Harry paled, so it had been tampered with. He would almost rather have a fatal poison. Snape fixed the teen with a glare, yet despite the dark look Harry had the feeling that man was trilled about something.

"If you follow me Mr. Potter, I believe I have the antidote in my lab," Snape sneered. Harry nodded respectfully, feeling uncomfortable under the scrutinizing stares of the rest of the staff.

Professor Snape stalked out of the main hall, robes billowing after him. Rolling his eyes Harry followed him. As he left the hall he caught sight of Malfoy smirking triumphantly.

Much to Harry's surprise Snape didn't lead them to his classroom instead they went deeper into the dungeon, not to far from where Harry knew the Slytherin common rooms were located. They stopped in front of a portrait of a magnificent giant snake curled around a boulder.

Professor stepped forward and muttered something that Harry didn't quite catch. The painting swung open revealing what appeared to be a living room.

Looking around the comfortable room with black leather furniture and green throw pillows and carpet, Harry realized this must be the Professor's quarters. While the room was done in Slytherin colors it had a homey feel to it Harry wouldn't have expected.

"Are you done gawking yet?" Snape sneered as he headed toward a door near the end of one side.

"It suits you," Harry said quietly looking up at his Professor. A single eyebrow rose, yet Snape refrained from commenting.

The door led down a set of stairs, into what was no doubt Snape's own personal lab. There was a large table set up next to several pewter caldrons. A set of shelves in the back were lined with potions and a cherry wood cabinet stood to the other side of the table, probably holding ingredients.

Pulling a stool out Snape gestured for Harry to sit. He didn't bother to hide the glee Harry had glimpsed earlier. Oh crap Harry thought, I'm in trouble. Really one would think that he would have the sense not to go off with a man who loathed him while under the influence of a truth potion. He resisted the urge to beat his head against something.

"Well Potter its seems I now have you at my mercy." Snape smirked, looking down at the teen.

"What to ask first? Ah lets see, Potter have you ever broken into my storage?" Professor Snape asked, his dark eyes boring into Harry's emerald ones.

"No," Harry answered coolly, silently begging for Snape not to ask if he knew who had.

Much to his relieve and surprise, lady luck decided that he was suffering enough for the moment and Snape just frowned.

"Then tell me Mr. Potter how do you feel about all your fan girls throwing themselves at you? Any of them caught your fancy?" Snape sneered as he circled the Gryffindor.

"I AM Not interested," Harry answered tightly, "I'm gay." he spat unwilling. Snape's eyes widened in shock and stopped his pacing.

"Oh? Then what about Miss Weasely, it seems like she's always throwing herself at you." Snape asked at last, sounding somewhat thrown by his last response.

"She's like a little sister to me," Harry replied, closing his eyes. He felt kind of guilty about the whole mess with Ginny. Though he had never actively encouraged her he hadn't told her he was gay either and he had over heard even when he had overheard her telling one of her friends he was just shy.

"And why hasn't Mr. Weasely informed his sister she is wasting her time?" Snape asked, his voice softening slightly.

"He doesn't know that I'm gay, no one does," Harry whispered staring at the floor, feeling humiliated. He had no doubt that the whole would know by tomorrow. God Ron was going to kill him.

Stepping behind the teen he leaned down, casting a menacing shadow as hew asked, "Potter tell me, how did you feel when you invaded my pensive and saw your wonderful father humiliate me? Did you think it was as funny as he did? Perhaps you were proud he tormented the greasy git? Snape asked bitterly.

"No," Harry stated firmly, turning to look his professor in the eye, " I was ashamed and sick. You had done nothing to him he attacked you, out of boredom no less." Harry hissed, starting to become extremely angry. It was bad enough that his professor was abusing his powers and thanks to the truth potion he was powerless, but to accuse him of supporting such bulling was too much.

"And how is that any different then how you treat Malfoy?" Snape snapped, glaring at the younger man.

"I've never started anything with Malfoy, and I've never attacked him unprovoked. What's more its him that seeks me out unprovoked in an attempt to humiliate me. I'm not the only one he bullies either." Harry snarled, returning the potion master's glare. The truth potion might force him to answer questions and speak only the truth but nothing stopped him from adding his own two sense.

"Then tell me this Mr. Potter, I've heard rumors that your relatives don't treat you well. Is it true Potter, have they ever stolen your teddy bear, or as you as spoiled rotten as you appear?" Snape demanded. Harry froze and all the color drained from his face. Of all the questions the man had to ask that one. It was bad enough that the Snape had found out he was gay, he hadn't even told his friends. Why was it necessary to bring this out too.

"I'm waiting Mr. Potter," Severus murmured gleefully into his ear. For a few seconds he struggled uselessly against the serum. It was far too powerful and finally he surrendered to the enviable.

"I've never had a teddy bear to steal, Professor," Harry whispered, trembling in fury, "I've never received anything from my relatives except my cousin's hand me down clothing which were 6 to 7 sizes to big or a beating. I spent the first 11 years locked in a cupboard under the stairs only being let out toe do the chores or to go to school since the law required it," Harry spat, slamming his hand down on the table next to him.

"I got blamed for everything that went wrong, never knowing why. I was told I was a freak, that I didn't deserve what they did for me. It wasn't until Hagrid showed up to give me my letter and told me I was a wizard did I understand why I got beaten for every unusual thing that happened!" Harry continued his voice rising. Green eyes flashed with rage as he glared at the silent professor.

"I was seven when my Uncle lost his job. He came home and beat the shit out of me, broke my arm and a couple of ribs. Told me it was my fault and then locked me in the cupboard for a week with out food. Well Professor, tell me, still think I'm a spoiled, brat?" Harry asked bitterly.