Author's note: this story is based on a book with the same title by Sophie Kinsella, which is a chiclit, pretty much written romcom, sort of book - that's the mood for the fic as well. I want to thank Katie for being am amazing beta, doing the art and even putting together a playlist!

Kurt's thoughts
Kurt's memories or dreams


Some days were horrible from the start; like today. Today he forgot to turn up the volume on his alarm clock so he wasn't able to hear it when it was time for him to wake up, which made him late for school. He got dressed in a hurry, which he absolutely hated – at least he had prepared his outfit the night before. He gulped down a cup of coffee and drove to school as fast as he could in the downpour of rain that was falling over Lima. He arrived just in time, but, much to his dismay, his first class consisted of a surprise Trigonometry test that he had neither studied nor prepared for. Later, at lunch time, one of the jocks threw a slushie at him, which completely ruined his meticulously chosen outfit (luckily, he always carried spare clothes in his car). Now, Coach Tanaka had him running laps while the other students in the class lazily threw a football around. Not that Kurt envied them, but the grass was still wet from that morning's rain, and the damp soil beneath it was squishing with every step he took. Small holes had formed in the precariously-cared-for field and he tripped twice, the second time actually falling on all fours, which resulted in not only dirtying his knees, scraping his hands, and breaking a nail, but also in a sonorous round of laughter among some of the other boys.

Ugh! Great! What else?

He barely registered the sound of his name being shouted by Finn before everything went black.