He hadn't been joking when he had said to Blaine that he was determined to be happy – he was making the most of his life. From what he could see, he had nearly lost his life twice. Once, with the accident, when he could easily have died. Twice, with the amnesia, that nearly cost him all his precious memories. He is better now, months after the accident, his memory pretty much restored (as much as it could be, it was impossible for him to remember everything). And if there was one lesson to be learned from all that had happened, was to seize the day, cherish what you have and have people you love around you.

He smiles as he picks up the box with the rings from where he hid it, inside one of the boots he didn't wear that often, which in turn was inside one of the many boxes around the guest room (he should just get it over with and turn it into his closet). Dave and he had talked about getting a bigger place, but they hadn't gotten around to doing it yet, both being extremely busy with work. Not that Kurt was going to complain, though – it makes him happy that despite the scandal that his separation was, it hasn't affected his job whatsoever. He knows that being Blaine's husband did open some doors for him, and he'll be forever grateful, but it was his own talent and sweat that kept him going. It does leave little time for anything else, really. Plus, Kurt would much rather allocate what little free time he did have to spend with his boyfriend… Partner… Soon to be fiancé… Basically, the love of his life.

He puts the box in his pocket and goes back to the dining room, where Dave's finishing the risotto Kurt made for dinner, which had appropriately been washed down with copious amounts of champagne to celebrate his divorce being final. He goes in just as Dave is getting the white chocolate mousse they're having for dessert from the fridge. He grins and Dave grins back at him. He can't remember ever feeling so happy – and for once he's totally fine with not remembering something.

He sits down while Dave serves them, still grinning, and the taller man eyes him suspiciously.


Kurt shakes his head. "Nothing. Just… Do you remember that time when we took some strawberries and chocolate sauce to bed with us?"

Dave bursts into laughter and Kurt joins him. "Of course I do! That was… Well, we tried."

"It was such a mess!"

"Yeah… Well, it was good, just… Maybe not for us."

Kurt is still chuckling. "What about that time when you tried to bake me a birthday cake and nearly set the kitchen on fire?"

"Hey, that wasn't my fault! There was something very wrong with that oven!"

"Oh, and remember that other time when we somehow thought it would be a good idea to have a picnic in the park because it was a very sunny day, except it was freezing cold outside! We were sitting in the grass and none of us was saying anything because we were both too stubborn to admit it had been an awful idea, until I started rattling my teeth and we just gave up and went home. We ended up having a picnic in our living room."

Dave is looking at him with tenderness in his eyes and a small smile on his lips. "What's with the trip down memory lane? I get it! You got over your amnesia!" He's still smiling, not half as annoyed as he sounds.

"It's just… I'm really glad I have those memories back. I love them, every single one of them. I love you."

"I love you too."

Kurt nods and stands up, circling the table to stand next to David. "I know… And I want us to make a million other precious memories like those. Which is why…"

He gets down on one knee and pulls the ring box from his pocket, pulling it open. Dave's eyes widen and his jaw drops.

"David Karofsky… Will you marry me?"

Dave gasps, unable to form a reply, then suddenly he's crying, tears glistering in his eyes.

"Damn you for always making me cry!"

Kurt winces. "I didn't think you'd get so upset over a proposal," he jokes.

Dave chuckles, laughing and crying at the same time. "I love you so much." He tenderly holds Kurt's face between his trembling fingers and kisses him softly. "Of course I'll marry you. You didn't even have to ask." They exchange rings, unable to stop smiling. Then Dave's lips are on his again and Kurt decides that the whole world can wait. This is the man he loves, the man he'll always love. Destiny was bound to bring them together. Space couldn't separate them, time couldn't separate them, not even amnesia could separate them, and he's sure nothing ever will.

Here's a playlist made for this story. I suggest taking a look at it, it's great! Here's a playlist made for this story. I suggest taking a look at it, it's great!