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Chapter 2 Spending Spree

"So- you want to here about the summer?" Sirius asked grinning, and Harry nodded eager to hear it.

"Oh- tell him about the first thing he bought when he got a hold of that money in Diagon Alley!" Remus said, suddenly just as eager to hear the story- that he had lived through.

"Okay, okay, be patient!" Sirius grumbled- but amusement was in his voice. "Well, once we got back to my house- James was already plotting ideas of what he could do with all that money."


Sirius and James sat in James' bedroom- James was observing it- what he could do with, and probably how much stuff he could fit in it, when his eyes lit up with an idea.

"Oh- oh Sirrrius!"

"Oh Jaaaames." Sirius answered, "What?"

"Do you think your parents would let me.expand my room?" James asked excitedly.

"Probably- if you pay for the extension wizards to come over." Sirius said.

"Good- now that I have $money$ I'm going to double the size of my room," Sirius gaped, James' room was already huge- but now it was going to be the size of a small house. "And then I'm going on a shopping spree."

"You are insane Potter." Sirius said, shaking his head.

"I know." James agreed, and took out a piece of parchment to plan his new room.


Three days later, James and Sirius stood in what used to be James' room. Now it didn't look much like it used to look- it was unrecognizable as James' room, besides the fact that his things were in it. It was mostly empty and bare but the few things there. Not to mention the size of a basketball court.

They were about to go to Diagon Alley.to buy stuff to fill up the room. By the way James was looking; they were going to need a lot of help getting all there things back here from Diagon Alley.

Remus and Peter were meeting them there.

"Hey, let's use my fire place to get there!" James suggested, nodding toward the very lonely fire place that only had a small desk near it.

"Great-let's go blow money!" Sirius exclaimed, and dragged James by the hand to the fire place.

Soon the two of them were dusting themselves off at the Leaky Cauldron. "Where first?"

"Find Remus.and Peter too." Sirius said, searching the crowd for the two of them. He spotted the sandy colored hair of Remus and then the blonde head of Peter's and soon the Marauders were reunited and Sirius was telling Remus about James' room.

"Hey Pete, I was thinking.Do you think I could buy a man eating plant-after all, you're the one who's best at Herbology." James said, knowing Peter loved compliments.

Peter grinned, "Yeah, you could buy a Man Eating plant.But the question is.why would you want something that would want to eat you?"

"Oh.I don't want it as a house plant.more like something to drop off at Snape's house." James grinned puckishly.

Peter grinned back, and they made their way to Gringotts, where James proudly handed over his key and they were rushed to his vault.

The four stepped into the vault and gaped openly. Money was.everywhere. In piles everywhere and it almost reached the ceiling. The goblin was sniggering at them, but they didn't care.

Sirius was the first to do something, he grabbed Remus and dragged him up on the gold and started running around on top of it, falling and tripping all over the place. Just like the boys they were, and soon James and Peter had joined them and were all putting galleons in their pockets at the same time.

Soon, all of them had about 20 pounds of extra weight on them, and they left, and the goblin was still sniggering at their immaturity. (A/N Don't tell me you wouldn't do that!? I would try and swim in the money just like that rich duck on TV, and then break my neck in the process.)

The four rich boys exited Gringotts and first went and bought a ton of ice cream and ate until they were ready to throw it all up. Then they decided to go and blow their money at Zonko's so they had to Floo their way to Hogsmeade.

When James got there, he noticed Remus and Sirius were looking at each other funny-just staring.He wondered what had happened---were they fighting?

"Moony? Padfoot?" James called snapping his fingers, and they jolted out of their dazes and looked at him.

"What Prongs?" Sirius asked casually as he could, walking out the door, and soon Remus followed with a shrug, and Peter came along last, still dusting soot off him self.

"Wonder what that was about.." James had an answer to his own question, but he didn't like that answer so he shook it from his head and pushed it away.his friends were like *that*.were they?

"Hey James, hurry up!" Remus called, as he and Sirius stood in front of Zonko's waiting for him and Peter to hurry.

"Come on Pete-we got to hurry!" James took off running and Peter ran behind.

The four entered the store and stared wondering what to buy-James mind kept screaming to buy the whole store, but he'd rather not. "Hmm.." Sirius said thoughtfully taking in all the things to buy.

"Let's buy one of everything and more of others." Remus suggested, they nodded and soon were throwing things on the counter and soon that pile had to go on the floor. They were going in a frenzy buying anything they could get their hands on, and still had half their money left when they'd paid for it.

"Send it to this address." James said, handing the cashier his register.

"Okay." The man said suspiciously, probably wondering if they'd robbed an old witch or something.

"Now where?" Peter asked, as they walked out.

James glanced at his watch. "Definitely Honeydukes!"

"Oh that's bloody brilliant!" Sirius exclaimed and they went to Honeydukes and did the same thing they'd done at Zonko's.

They left that store and decided to go back to Gringotts and get more money so they could buy things to put in James' room and also a Man Eating plant.


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