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Number 1:English is not my native language, Spanish is MY mother tongue, however, I write in English because I need to practice a lot, so if you notice something wrong, please let me know, I´ll be very grateful!

Number 2: Sasuke is my favorite character for some odd reason, so don´t bash him, I will NOT appreciate it!

Number 3: This story is about Sasuke but Karin and Sasuke pairing is implied, so if you don´t like it go back.

Hay que hacer una raya en el cielo

He was running through the Death Forest when he heard an animal´s howl. Normally, he would not care; who was he to stick his nose into other people´s business? But, for some strange reason he thought it was a good idea to see what was going on. The most probable scenario was a team fighting a huge animal like those snakes and weird things he fought days ago. If that was the case, it meant that he had a chance to get one precious scroll. Oh, yeah, he hoped to find such a thing!

However, he never expected what he found.

And that was the first time he saw her; a petit defenceless girl whose red hair was so bright and striking not to notice it. He liked what he saw and would have spent more time watching her and her delicious read hair if a giant bear had not been there ready to eat her. He did not think twice and knocked out the hungry animal.

Having the bear taken care of, he waited for the girl´s reaction. She looked both, confused and surprised of what had happened.

He wanted to say something, but he had no idea how to approach a girl. Girls always were the ones that talked to him. His job was to ignore them or tell them to go away. To ask her about her wellbeing was cliché and besides, he saved her already, didn´t he? Thus, the only thing that got out of his mouth was:

"You got the scroll of earth too, huh…?"

And that was not even a sentence, much less an appropriate way of saying hello.

She clumsily put her glasses on. In some odd way and totally opposite to what he always thought about anyone, he found himself thinking she looked cute. Besides, she looked at him like anybody else had done before. Only seconds had passed, thought it felt like an eternity, when he did realize the meaning of his previous words. Did he say scroll of earth…? Well, that was good news since he would not have liked the idea of fighting this girl he just met.

For first time in his life, he did not want to be an asshole. For the first time it felt good to be the hero, it was not like those times when he wanted to show off his cool abilities to Naruto to prove who the best was.

That feeling was enough to quiver his lips into a wide smile. She was the source of that odd, yet pleasant feeling and hence of that smile. He had not smiled or felt happy for ages. He needed to keep going, but he hoped to see her again.

So, contrary to his not so good choice of greeting, he opted for a better thing to say.

"See ya…!"

…And not very far away from that place Naruto noticed a long weird line on the blue sky.

Finally I write warnings, hehehe. I wanted to do that long time ago.

If anybody read this, and is interested in knowing what the tittle means, well ...

When someone does something he never or usually never does, people say: hay que hacer una linea en el cielo (literal translation: let´s make a line on the sky) to remember the day he or she did that thing. This expression is used like a joke to show surprise for the things that a person usuaslly never does. For example;

"Did you notice? Kate wope at six in the morning!"

"really? Well, let´s make a line on the sky!"

Of course this is just a literal translation from Spanish since I don´t know if there´s a expression like that in English!