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So everyone has kids now :3

Here is a list of the kids and parents for future reference.

Jimmy/Theo: Sorren Rose Stockman
Johnny/Rebecca: Piper Jones (in college) and Katrina "Kate" Foreman
Tunny/Christina: Jason and Gloria Clarke
Will/Heather: Christian Carraway
Andrew Call: Daniel Call (adopted)

Ratings may go up. Expect some violence in future chapters and mild sexuality!


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Monday morning. No matter where in the country you are, no one seems to enjoy it. Full of tiresome treks to work and to a new year at school. Mondays are hated by everyone. Everyone but Sorren Stockman, that is.

Sorren was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed sixteen year old who was new to the Jingletown area. She had moved here from a place known as Murder City with her family.

She sat in her room, writing softly in her journal that she had gotten for her thirteenth birthday a long time ago from a family friend. She had severe social anxiety and was nervous about starting a new school. She scribbled as neatly as she could.

I hope this school is better than the last one. The town seems nicer here but maybe that can be dangerous. Dad keeps telling me to make new friends and to be confident. It's really hard to be confident when you've been teased your whole life. Daddy says it's ok if I take my time. I mean, but how much time are they gonna need before they realize-

But before she was finished the door to her room opened slightly. "Sor? You almost ready to go? You're gonna be late."

She quickly closed the journal and jumped. It was her father, Jimmy. Well….one of her fathers. Jimmy, being the cunning con artist he was, had faked his own death to run away with Johnny and start a family away from the pressure and danger from the drug dealing world. Unfortunately, things didn't work out for them and Jimmy left him only to become romantically involved with Theo, his friend from his Saint days. The two eloped and had Sorren via surrogate mother, leaving Jimmy's double life behind for good. The family had lived in the city for 16 years and decided to move into a safer part of Oakland.

"I'm ready, Daddy, just let me get my stuff." She smiled as Jimmy left the room, gathering her books and a card whose envelope read 'To Dad and Daddy. Please use it.' Inside was a gift card to a high class restaurant. It was her parents' anniversary today. She had been begging them to get out of the house because she knew perfectly well what went on during the night of their anniversary.

She booked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen where Jimmy stood giving a seated, coffee-binging Theo a shoulder rub. She made a face and handed the card to Theo. "Happy anniversary. Dad, are you ok?"

"Mhm…" Theo mumbled, chugging his coffee. "Long night…not enough sleep."

Jimmy kissed his cheek and hugged around his neck. "You better rest then because I won't have you falling asleep on me like you did last week."

"Gross." Sorren gagged, grabbing a Poptart from the pantry. "Can we go? I don't want be late today."

Theo nodded and got up, kissing Jimmy as he went along, grabbing the car keys and heading out the door. They decided to take her to her first day at her new school to make her more comfortable. Little did they know that she was dreading it. One of the biggest reasons why they moved and transferred schools was because of the bullying and hate messages and prejudice that Sorren received for having gay dads. She didn't want to start off the new slate with threats against her.

They finally reached Ralph Waldo Emerson High, Jimmy's alma mater. She got out of the car and grabbed her books, smiling at her dads. "Well…here goes."

"Don't be nervous. Just go in and be yourself." Jimmy smiled, kissing her forehead. "Call if you need anything, ok?"


"See you later, baby girl."

She smiled and waved at them as they drove away, sighing deeply and walking into the building. People were already staring and making comments to each other. The girl just kept walking, trying to find her locker assignment. After wandering the halls for a bit, she found it, soon getting herself settled. As she was putting things away, she couldn't help but to overhear the conversation coming from the group next to her. It was a small group of a few girls and a boy, chatting it up.

"Ok, so did you guys hear? Christian Cervantes is coming to Emerson!" A girl in cheerleader getup squealed.

"Who the hell is that?" Another girl asked

"Duh. Miguel Cervantes' son? You know, the singer? Yeah! Apparently they sent him to Jingletown and he's coming here!"

"Why on Earth would he want to come here?" Another girl asked, her voice not amused. Sorren turned around slightly to get a look at the group. The girl had long dark hair and really tight clothing on. She looked interesting. She noticed Sorren staring and glared. "What the hell do you want?"

Sorren silently blushed and turned back around to her locker before being grabbed on the shoulder by the girl and spun around. "Answer me when I fucking talk to you."

Sorren couldn't get a single word out, she was frozen. Another girl was passing by. She had perfectly straight blond hair and a very conservative wardrobe. "Leave her alone, Kate…you're a sadistic freak."

The first girl, named Kate, glared at the blonde. "You're not one to judge, Gloria the saint."

Gloria, the blonde, shook her head. "She's the new kid, dumbass. Now don't talk to me. I'm going to class…" she walked off, leaving Kate and her posse alone with a frightened Sorren.

"Oh….you're the new kid." The girl smirked. "The one with the faggot parents."

Oh no….Sorren though, clenching her fists "D-Don't…..don't call them that…"

"Or what? Is your faggot daddy gonna come and save you?"


"Leave her the hell alone, Kate." This time it was a new voice. Sorren looked up at the girl standing between her and Kate. She was a beautiful black girl with a short black bob, standing with her arms crossed.

"Oh look, new kid, you have a dyke to protect you now."

The girl just stood there and punched Kate in the face, causing her to fall over, into the arms of her latest boy toy. She didn't even say anything. She just glared at the girl and walked away, her posse following. The girl laughed and turned back to Sorren, smiling.

"Sorry about her. She's a bit of an ass." She held her hand out to Sorren now. "I'm Izzy. Izzy Moore. President of the school's GSA and self-proclaimed flaming lesbian."

Sorren as a bit shocked at how open the girl was. She weakly shook her hand and mumbled. "Sorren Stockman, um…flaming straight girl?"

Izzy giggled and sat next to Sorren as she shut her locker. "I guess the whole school kind of knows about your dads. You're welcome to join the GSA. It's kind of nice to have people who can stand up for you and who go through the same thing."

Sorren smiled and looked at her schedule. "Thanks. Um…I should get to class…"

"Want me to help?"

"Yes please…"

Izzy giggled and grabbed onto her hand, dragging her off to her first class.

After school, Sorren sat outside with Izzy, quickly meeting her group of friends. There was Gloria and a boy who looked slightly familiar to Sorren. She approached them with Izzy, noticing the boy's curly brown hair, smiling immediately. Only one person she knew had hair like that.

"Danny? Danny Call?"

The boy looked up as his eyes widened. "Sorren?"

The two embraced and laughed like idiots, leaving the other two to be confused. "Um…" Gloria began, confused as to where Sorren even came from.

"Oh my god! You're here!" He shouted, smiling at her.

"I know I'm here, Danny!"

"Call me Daniel."

"Oooh. Sophisticated."

"Hi." Gloria interrupted. "But can some explain please?"

"This is my friend Sorren. We were friends when we were kids." Daniel began.

"His dad was friends with my dads and then he moved and now I moved!" Sorren finished, smiling as well.

Izzy giggled her signature giggle and threw her arms around the two. "That's so cute. Sorren, we were gonna go out and get some food, you in?"

She backed off from her newfound friends and looked at her feet. "It's my parents' anniversary and they're staying at a hotel tonight so I have to watch the house and stuff."

"You sure? It's fun." Gloria smiled. "And besides, being out of the house is a wonderful thing."

"I-I just have to go…."

"Ok then. We'll see you tomorrow. Tell your parents I say hi." Daniel smiled, hugging her again.

She nodded and quickly bid farewell to her new friends, quickly heading back to her new home in her new environment. And suddenly it didn't feel as scary anymore.

Sorren sat doing her homework at home alone. It was about eleven at night. The winds outside were causing the branches of the nearby tree to scrape against the window pane, causing a horrifying screechy noise. She had to admit she felt a little nervous.

This was one of the only times her dads let her stay home at night alone. Back in the city, it was always too dangerous, but in Jingletown it was much safer. She closed her book and yawned, getting up and stretching, heading to the kitchen to make some tea. Suddenly, she heard a loud, banging knock on the door, causing her to jump and drop the tea cup, shattering it.

She grabbed a knife from the counter and quickly opened the door. There was a little man standing outside, nervously looking around.

"Where's the Saint?" he asked loudly.

"E-Excuse me?" She asked, completely confused.

"This is his house, isn't it? Where is he? I need him!"

"U-Um….I think you're lost." And mental.

"B-But I know he's here! Let me in!" He tried to push past her and get inside, but she screamed and wielded her knife, causing him to back off. "My research is correct. I know it is….tell him Gerard was here. Tell the Saint I was here."

She oddly nodded and grabbed her knife tighter. "O-Ok…now go." He nodded as well and scurried away, leaving her with a wink and a smirk.

Sorren quickly bolted and locked the door shut, running to her room to hide in her bed. Who was that? why was he at their house so late?

But more importantly…..who was the Saint?

Meanwhile, 18 year old Christian Cervantes was in limo, riding down the streets of suburban Jingletown. He had grown up all his life in the spotlight, having a famous father and all. He'd spent his life on the road, going to from state to state and country to country. His father was always onstage while he stayed with his mother, Heather.

Christian sighed as he remembered why he was even here in the first place.

Christian sat in his room on his father's tour bus. It was his eighteenth birthday. He sat reading the texts and Facebook wall posts congratulating him. But before he knew it there was a knock on his door. He opened it and smiled to see it was his mother. "Hey mom…what's up?"

Heather sighed and sat on his bed with him. "Look, I have something to tell you…and I wanted to wait until you were ready and I think eighteen is ready enough."

"Wh-What's going on?"

She sighed and looked into his brown eyes that brought back so many haunting memories. "Christian, when I was younger….I made some stupid decisions and I ended up getting pregnant and…"

"What the hell are you trying to say, mom?"

"I'm trying to say that Miguel isn't your father."

He froze. Unable to move, unable to think. "Wh-What?"

"Y-Your real father lives in California. His name is Will Carraway."


"I want you to go and meet him. Please. I made a mistake by taking him away from you..I just want you to know the truth."

He was still frozen and confused. "B-But…"

"I'm sorry Christian…"

But sorry didn't even begin to cover it.

"We're here, Mr. Cervantes." The driver said, pulling in to the parking lot of an average looking apartment building.

Christian cringed at the name, knowing it wasn't even his and nodded. "Thanks…" he got out, grabbed his things and walked inside. His mother had given him the apartment number on a small piece of paper. He followed it and found himself in front of the door, knocking gently.

It soon flung open, revealing an exhausted looking man with dyed black and blue hair and excessive five o'clock shadow. He had the same matching eyes as Christian.

The boy looked at his feet then at the man. "I'm looking for Will Carraway."

The man looked up at the boy cautiously. "Well you got him. Why?"

"I'm your son. Christian."


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