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Sorren went to school the next day wondering where her father was. Jimmy was out all night and didn't come home. She had to worry about him. It was a new neighborhood. Not everyone was as accepting as those in the city were. She took her hastily created brown bagged lunch that Theo put together this morning and sat at the lunch table with the rest of her friends.

"Hey, Sor." Izzy smiled, throwing the girl the same dashing glance. "You look awful."

"Um…thank you?" Sorren answered, looking as confused as she sounded. "Where's Gloria?"

Izzy giggled and nodded her head towards the table in the corner of the room, occupied by Gloria and a cautious looking Christian. "They won't stop talking to each other. It's kind of weird."

Before long, Daniel had quickly joined them, tapping Sorren on the shoulder to get her attention. "So your dad crashed at my place last night."

"What?" She asked him, moving all her attention to the boy. "Why?"

"I dunno. It was like 4 am. The door flew open and I heard my dad talking to someone and then I recognized the voice as Jimmy's. He was crying. Something's up."

The girl stood puzzled. Why would Jimmy go to Andrew instead of his own partner? Was something going on between them? She didn't even want to think that Jimmy was cheating on Theo. It just would never happen. They loved each other a lot. She couldn't even imagine her father crying either…he was always the tough guy. But what would upset him to the point of tears? She was determined to find out.

"C-Could you hear what they were saying?" She asked cautiously.

"Something about a girl….It sounded like it was about you."

Her heart dropped into her stomach. "M-Me? But what did I do?"

"I don't know…I couldn't hear the whole thing…"

What could she have done to make her father so hurt? "I-I don't understand…I.." But her voice trailed off as her eyes did as well. They were stuck on an odd sight, one she thought she'd never see. There in the middle of nowhere was Kate, sitting all alone at a lunch table. Her emerald eyes were fixated on the ground, the food in front of her not even being touched. "Is that Kate?"

Izzy looked over at the drastically changed girl as well. "She looks like she's gonna be sick."

"I wonder what's going on….we should see if she's ok."

The other girl scoffed and glared at Sorren. "You're gonna give the bitch sympathy after what she did to you?"

"She needs it, Izzy." With that, Sorren got up and carefully inched her way to the table where the poor girl sat.

Kate was wearing a baggy black hoodie, presumably one that she stole from one of her boyfriends. She tugged on it, pulling the sleeves down past her arms as if she were ashamed to look at them. Her tearstained, bloodshot eyes refused to leave the floor, even when she felt the table shake as Sorren sat down across from her.

"Kate…are you ok?" Sorren asked worriedly, her large blue eyes staring at the girl with a sense of concern and compassion.

Kate just shook her head.

"What's wrong?"

She shook her head once more.

"I know something's wrong…I can tell."

Kate's eyes remained on the floor. She lifted her arm onto the table, rolling up the baggy black sleeve to reveal several black and blue marks down her arm. Sorren felt her heart skip a beat. She completely froze, just staring. The bruises varied in size, some were small, others were large.

"K-Kate…o-oh my god…."

She swiftly pulled the sleeve back down, hiding her battle scars.

"Who did this to you?"

For the first time all day, Kate muttered the softest response. "M….My f-father…."

Sorren's hands flew to her mouth in an attempt to keep her gasps of surprise silent. "Wh….what? Why?"

The other girl began to immediately sob. "I-I…I don't really remember…H-He found out I was using drugs and he flipped out at me…he dragged me to my room and he slapped me and….told me that no daughter of his was gonna end up some drug addicted whore….."

Sorren got up and rushed to Kate's side of the table, hugging her securely and gently, hoping she wasn't bruised in any other place. "You poor thing….you don't deserve that…"

Kate hugged her back tightly, sobbing into her shoulder. "Wh-Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because. No one deserves to be treated like that. No matter what they've done in the past." She rubbed the girl's back gently and rested her head against Kate's. "Why don't you come home with me? I'm sure my parents won't mind at all."

Kate let a small smile escape across her lips. She was going to see Jimmy again. Jimmy would protect her for sure. She nodded and muttered. "I'd like that a lot…"

That evening, Christian sat in the kitchen, working on his homework. He had a ton of calculus to do. Normally he'd have Gloria to help him, but her parents forced her to go straight home after school. He remembered her telling him about her brother. Her older brother Jason had joined the army, following in his parents' footsteps. In a few days, he was returning home from basic training before being deployed to Afghanistan. Her parents wanted her home to prepare for his homecoming.

Before long, the door flew open, startling Christian completely. It was Will, carrying two large bags of groceries into the room, an unfamiliar woman trailing close behind him. Will set them down gently onto the table where Christian sat, panting and looking at the woman.

"Thanks, Will." She smiled, heading towards the table to pick them up herself.

"No problem, Chris. That's what I'm here for." He smiled and patted her back gently.

The woman giggled and took a look at Christian, pausing and smiling at him. "Christian, right?" The boy nodded carefully, staring at the woman's deep brown eyes. "I'm Christina Clarke, I'm Gloria's mother." She reached out and shook his hand, quickly nudging Will in the side. "This one and Gloria have been telling us a lot about you. Do you two wanna join us for dinner?"

Christian looked at his math book and shut it immediately. Another chance to see Gloria…"Sure. Sounds great."

"Fantastic." She smiled, picking one bag of groceries up as Will hurriedly got the other, the three of them walking out of the apartment. "I could've gotten that, Will."

"Well, yeah but…you're pregnant." He used as an excuse, carrying the bag into the Clarkes' apartment.

"Will, I'm a big girl. If I can join the army, I can endure childbirth one more time."

Will rolled his eyes and shuddered. "How do women do that? It's so….gross. I mean, I watched this one being delivered." He said pointing at Christian. "I felt like I was watching a Halloween movie. And Heather's uterus was Michael Meyers."

Christian looked sick to his stomach, backing off a bit. "Thank you for that….image?"

The man giggled and pulled his son in, ruffling his hair. "Yes, but you were the cutest little murder victim baby."

"Daaaaaaad…." Christian blushed, giggling a bit.

Will just giggled again and turned his attention back to Christina. "Where's Tun-Tun?"

"In the kitchen…" She replied with a smirk. "Finally got him on kitchen duty and I can just relax."

"I heard that…" Another man's voice came from the kitchen, causing the other two adults to burst into laughter.

"Tun, come out here and say hi to my baby." Will giggled running to the kitchen to pull him out. He dragged the man to the small group of them. "This is my son Christian. Christian, this is my best friend Tunny."

Christian stared cautiously at this Tunny as they shook hands. Such an odd name…he had Gloria's sweet face and radiant blue eyes. But the first thing his eyes saw was a prosthetic leg where his left one used to be. He felt awful staring, but he couldn't help it. He had never seen an amputee before.


Tunny kind of blushed, knowing exactly where there was so much tension. "Lost it in the war…" he blurted out as if he could read Christian's mind.

"G-Gloria told me…" the boy blushed as well, inching away from the little group. "I'm gonna go see what she's up to…" He quickly took the opportunity and booked away from the adults, into Gloria's room.

"Keep the door open!" Tunny shouted at the teenagers, rolling his eyes.

"Relax, Tun…they're just friends." Will scoffed, plopping himself down onto their couch.

Christina smirked and started unloading the bags of groceries. "Not for long…I mean, listen to how they talk about each other. It's like they're soul mates."

The boys gave her and odd look and simultaneously looked back at the room with the door wide open. Gloria had done nothing but talk about Christian. How nice he was, how down to earth he was, how sweet he was, how bright he was. She was more excited about going to school and seeing Christian than seeing her own brother who was about to go to war. And Christian did the same. Christian loved how sweet Gloria was, how calm she was around him, how she treated him like an equal, not the son (well….stepson) of a famous singer. Will and Tunny both saw the signs. They could see exactly what Christina meant.

"Dude! We're gonna be like brothers!" Will shouted, getting overly excited and smiling, hugging Tunny tightly.

"Um…you mean in-laws…." He pushed Will away from him gently, giggling. "And come on. They're still young. Don't go pushing them."

Will shrugged and wrapped his arm around Tunny's shoulders. "Hey….they're young, they're horny, shit happens."

Christina and Tunny both paused, stopping everything they were doing. "Gloria's not like that…" Christina butt in, starting to chop vegetables at the counter. "Neither was her brother."

"Oh come on…They're kids. We all know they're gonna do this kind of stuff. They're smart. They'll protect themselves."

"Will, shut the fuck up." Tunny shouted defensively. "Just because your son is like that, doesn't mean my daughter is too."

"Relax…dude, you're overreacting."

"I'm not gonna relax if you're gonna sit here and allow this to happen! You're forgetting who his parents are."

Will angrily got up from the couch and glared at Tunny. "Don't bring Heather into this."

"I already did! If this is the way you're raising your son, then I don't want him around my daughter!"

"What, you think he's gonna fuck around with her and get her pregnant or something?"

It was Tunny's turn to stand in anger this time. "His parents kind of have a long history of it."

"Jesus, Tunny, it was a long time ago! Why should anything I did affect how you treat my son?"

"Don't you get it, you stupid fucking idiot!" Tunny shouted as he punched Will in the face.

"Tunny!" Christina gasped, throwing down her cooking supplies and running to Will's aid. "That's enough!"


The three adults looked over to find a terrified looking Gloria clutched in the arms of a similarly confused Christian.

Tunny clenched his fists and stared at the ground. "Gloria, I don't want you to see that boy anymore."

"B-But Dad, he-!"

"I said you're not seeing him."

Gloria looked up at the boy whose arms she was wrapped in. "I guess this is goodbye…" She hugged him tightly, watching as he slowly walked over to his father.

Will clutched onto Christian's shoulder as he came closer. "We're going…we're done with these assholes…"

Christian looked longingly over at Gloria and felt tears welling up. "O-Ok…"

The Carraways soon slammed the door shut, leaving the Clarke family in dead silence.

"Gloria…" Christina muttered sympathetically, going over to hug her daughter.

"No!" She yelled, pushing her mother away. "He told me he loved me, Dad! And I love him too! You always ruin everything!"

Tunny forcefully turned around and shouted back at her. "I only did it to protect you!"

"I don't need protecting! You know, sometimes I wish you would've just died in that fucking war!" She ran to her room and slammed the door shut, even louder than Will had.

Sorren walked into the house with Kate at her side, smiling as she held the door open for the girl. "Here we are. Just make yourself comfortable. We can go to my room if you want. I think Dad already has dinner ready too."

Kate just nodded. She wanted to be polite and accept Sorren's offers but she just wanted to see Jimmy. She wanted to tell him how cruel her father had been to her. She wanted him to care about her.

"Have you seen Daddy anywhere?" Sorren asked Theo, walking into the kitchen, kissing his cheek and hugging him.

"He's out with Andrew. Who's this?" Theo asked cautiously, looking at the obviously depressed girl.

"This is my friend Kate!" Sorren smiled, pulling Kate into a gentle hug. "Can she stay here tonight? She's having some family problems."

Kate blushed when Sorren said "family problems." She didn't want the whole world to know. "I guess she can." Theo shrugged, sighing and going back to finishing dinner. "You guys do your thing. I'm gonna wait up for your father."

Sorren nodded and took Kate to her room, smiling comfortingly. Kate's cold heart was filled with the slightest bit of warmth now.

Meanwhile, Jimmy sat in Andrew's apartment, huddled up on the couch. Andrew sat next to him, hugging him gently. Ever since that night at Johnny's place he hadn't been the same. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't talk to Theo. Andrew was the only not biased one he had.

"Calm down, Jim….you're gonna make yourself sick." Andrew sighed, hugging him tightly.

"H-How can I calm down? I mean…I can't just go home and go back to normal….not after this…" Jimmy mumbled, starting to cry again.

"You need to go home at some point, ok? Theo misses you, Sorren misses you…"

"I can't look at them….I feel so guilty…"

Andrew sighed even deeper and pulled away from him. "Look, so what if some stupid piece of paper said something? It doesn't mean it's true."

"But she said it was…" Jimmy dejectedly pointed out, laying down, his head on Andrew's lap.

"But it's not possible…."

"Yes it is…."

"Johnny….is she for sure pregnant?"

"Yes. She called last night, Jimmy."

Jimmy smiled and hugged his boyfriend tightly. "God, we're having a baby."

"I'm glad we both decided to donate. Fair shot to see who the baby's daddy's gonna be."

Jimmy looked up at him and smiled. "I want to be able to say the baby's mine…."

Johnny looked at him, puzzled. "But it's ours."

"You have a kid. You have Piper. I want to father a child too."

"And what if it's mine?"

"Then I guess that's how it is."

Johnny sighed and scooted away from Jimmy. "She said she'd call when she gets more details. I mean, she's a surrogate mother, not a miracle worker, so we'll just see what happens."

Jimmy looked down at him dejectedly and sighed. "I guess so…"

"Andrew…..what if it's true? What do I tell Theo?"

Andrew shrugged and looked into the poor boy's eyes. "I don't know…the truth."

Jimmy sat up and wiped the tears from his eyes. "I should go…."

Jimmy threw the phone down, two months later.

"Jimmy…." Johnny asked, hugging him tightly. "What's wrong?"

"I-I….I can't do it."

"Can't do what?"

"I can't have this kid!"

Johnny froze but couldn't help the fact that he had a stone cold glare on his face. "Was that her on the phone?" he watched as Jimmy nodded gently. "She told you, huh?"

"T-Told me what?"

"Jimmy, we both know you're upset because it's not yours."

Jimmy stopped what he was doing and glared at Johnny. "WHAT?"

"You're obviously upset because of that. Why else would you be?"

"I'm upset because I'm not read-!"

"Stop it with the excuses! Why can't for once you just accept your flaws?"

"My flaws?" Jimmy angrily got up, glaring at Johnny dangerously. "You don't know me! You don't know what I'm afraid of!"

"I already know, Jimmy!"

It was at that moment Jimmy realized this. Johnny didn't know him. Johnny didn't understand his fears. Johnny didn't understand how terrified he was about raising a kid. He wasn't ready.

"I'm done…."

Johnny shot up from where he was sitting and grabbed onto Jimmy's shoulder harshly. "Do you think you're running out on me?"

"I just can't stay anymore…."


But Jimmy was gone.

By the time Jimmy got home it was nearly one in the morning. His eyes were bloodshot from crying. He slowly made his way into the house, trying to quiet himself down. It was late and he didn't want to wake anyone up. He gently sat himself down on the couch and was about to lay down when the lights suddenly switched on. There, standing with his hand still on the light switch was Theo.

"Where were you?"

Jimmy groaned and laid down on the couch. "I drove around….it calms me down."

"You have your daughter worried sick."

He sighed and got up, rubbing his weary eyes. "I should check on her, huh?"

Theo nodded and hugged him to himself tightly. "What's going on with you? What has you so upset?"

"I-It's…so complicated…."

"Is there anything I can do?" Jimmy shook his head softly. Theo gently touched his cheek and kissed him. "I don't want to see you like this anymore…"

Jimmy gave in and hugged Theo tightly. "I just…I'm confused right now, Theo."

The other man nodded and kissed him right now. "Go say goodnight to Sorren. We can talk in the morning. You need some sleep."

Jimmy nodded and listened to the commands of his partner. He quietly snuck into Sorren's room, finding her and kissing her cheek and stroking her hair as she slept. "I'm sorry….I'm sorry Daddy hasn't been here…but I promise I'm going to be here for you. I will never leave you….Daddy loves you so much…"

He found himself smiling and kissed her again. He went to get up when his eyes trailed off only to find an unfamiliar figure sleeping on the floor next to Sorren. He carefully looked at the ace of the person and nearly fell when he saw who it was.


The tears began almost instantly as he ran from the room, running back into Theo's arms and sobbing.

"Jimmy…what's wrong?" Theo asked with a concerned tone, kissing him.

"Wh-What is she doing here? Th-That girl…."

He thought a moment to remember her name. "That's Kate. She's Sorren's friend. Her dad beat her….so she's staying with us tonight."

"H-He…." Jimmy's tears only increased. "She's Becca and Johnny's daughter! I-I mean she's… Johnny goddamn beat her…..h-he hurt her….I-I couldn't stop it…"

"D-Do you know this girl? Jimmy, I'm confused…."

Jimmy took a long minute or two to get the tears out before shouting. "THEO'S SHE'S MY DAUGHTER!"


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